Monday, March 24, 2014

Real World Jewelcrafting.

I like to wear my geek on my sleeve. I have been disappointed by the sizing on Jinx clothing, when even a 2X won't fit me, but fits my daughter who wears a small/medium just right. So, I tend to wear my geek around my neck, dangling from my ears, and in my hair.

My favorite necklace.

I bought that from an Etsy store a few years ago, and I wear it almost all of the time.  If I could remember which shop I bought it from, I'd link it, because they had a lot of beautiful glass tile necklaces and the price was great!

Earrings my wonderful hubby made me.
My hubby is pretty talented. The green is more of a sage green than the picture shows, and it is my favorite color. Can you see the tiny gears at the bottom?  I love about everything steampunk!

Well, today I decided I was going to splurge and have Andrew Jackson treat me to something pretty.  Here is what I found on Etsy!

A little asian, a little steam, a little medieval. Gorgeous!
An homage to Delgada in my real life?
I have a bag with this embroidered on it, from the watermarked shop. LOVE IT!
I'm still shopping, and probably will end up with one of the two items above the dragon embroidery, since I already have a bag I love from this shop. I really highly suggest you take a few dollars and support an Etsy shop that you find interesting. I've spent too much time writing this and I haven't bought anything yet, so I will leave you to your shopping as I finish mine. Tell me if you find anything interesting in the comments!

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