Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twiddling away my time...

I really didn't feel like questing. I didn't feel like doing much of anything in game at all. I had frittered away my day playing Rock Band, Fallout 3, reading blogs, and napping. But, I just had to see my friends. So Rowena, my bank alt, comes out to sell and buy. But nothing sold, so there was no money to buy more Frostweave Cloth for Delgada to spin into magical garb that she would seconds later turn into a bit of Infinite Dust or Greater Cosmic Essence. Rowena danced with a guildmate, then was asked if she would let Delgada come out to enchant a pair of gloves. Rowena vanished, and Delgada came onto the scene, hopping a bat to Dalaran.

There is no better place in Azeroth, or anywhere else, to spend tonnes of time doing nothing than Dalaran. After Manji's gloves were imbued with exceptional spellpower, Delgada started wandering. She quite accidentally ran into the pet shop and spent a few silver there on fetch toys and pet treats. Then, while looking into a well, fell into it, ending up in the underbelly of Dalaran. There, she saw a meeting of turtles headed by a rat, a sewer croc, a few questionable vendors, and a few riff raff. One of the vendors sold her a pet skull. Not far from the vendors someone had left a flask. Being undead, Delgada drank it down with gusto; What was there to lose? She turned into a Tuskarr. Already in a place with water, Delgada the Tuskarr put a hook on her line and started fishing. She pulled some sewer carp and some magic eaters out of the sludge, as well as an empty vial. Thrilled, she tried to dance, but found that the Tuskarr don't dance, so, transformation undone, she found another vial. This time, the city of mages was full of...only mages! She decided to look at the other shops, but the mage in every store got old very quick, so she put out her romantic picnic basket, sat down and logged out.

2 hours down the tubes! Those magic eaters better sell well!

Friday, November 28, 2008


There are no leftovers quite so sought after as Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. Yum! They are not very eat-while-questing friendly though. Green bean Casserole and turkey wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with cranberry sauce? Perhaps mashed potato latkes with reheated gravy to dip in, or my personal favorite, cold turkey with mayonnaise and a salt shaker. No, no, I had to go for the green bean casserole, turkey, a roll, and a soda. Thankfully, my questing buddy, Laeola, is overpowered. Didn't need my help much. Sorry I held you up! I know, I blamed it on my laptop overheating, which it did. But I fell behind more times trying to grab a bite off my plate then I did going afk to grab my three year old out of whatever she was not supposed to be getting into.

As much as BRK complains about them cockroach-like paladin, I was very very thankful to have one around these past two days.

Now, I know I have some smart readers. Tell me how to eat my leftovers and quest effectively at the same time. Use that comment button!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Macy's Parade get's Rick Rolled!

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends had a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and it featured Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up". If you ever troll the forums in World of Warcraft's Website, you know this video is popular for people giving erroneous links, and being "Rick Rolled" instead. Well, after he was done singing, the character known as Cheese yells...

I like Rick Rolling!

Rick has to be the best singer ever to have played along with this...such a good sport!

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

I enjoy Warcraft Bloggers site. Even though I have given up on my blog ever showing on one of their pages, I still find great bloggers and wonderful ideas through clicking through the little pre-blurbs on their site. Tonight, or rather, Thanksgiving morning, I happened upon Rick's Place. The link is to post, inspired by his pastor, to give thanks to the people closest and most important to him. I thought it would be a great idea to take up his pastor's challenge tonight before my head hit the pillow.

Thank you, Tom. Without you I would never be so happy. Amanda, Melissa, and Samantha would not be what they are today without having had you in their life. I would not have the joy of our youngest, Julia, without you. Thank you for putting up with me when I am not how you would want me, engrossed in whatever part of Azeroth I am conquering. I look forward to spending many more Thanksgivings with you.

Thank you, kids. For helping out with Julia, for doing your chores, even in the sporadic way you all get to them. For being sweetness and light when I am too tired to deal with your more frequently displayed darkness and insanity. Thank you for keeping me drilled in obscure mathematic equations and other little used subjects through your need for homework help. And, even though I may complain about that friend of yours that sends me numerous tells in game, thanks for bragging that I am the most uber destroyer of Alliance, clothed in epic robes and wielding legendary weaponry. Just don't let them armory me. I can't imagine life without you. I can, however, imagine what it would be like with stepford children. Don't change much, alright?

Thank you, KNR. In you I find I have a social life, when most times I cannot manage to get out of the house. Thank you for making me stay with you all when you left Star Wars Galaxies, even if it was on a PvP server. There are times in my leveling that I curse that decision, but then, we wouldn't be KNR on a PvE server. We would be ... We would not be. Thank you for hours of laughter, and for not being too racy for my children, at least during the day.

Thank you, Inconceivable. I never thought I'd enjoy playing the other side of the fence as much as I enjoy playing with you. Milli, I cannot believe that you have as many alts as I do Horde side.

Thank you, all 5 of you that read this blog. I hope that you have many more people to be thankful for, and a spread that puts the first Thanksgiving feast to shame!

I think that covers it. Happy Thanksgiving! Now, off to start the baking...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guilt sets in...

It's been a few days since I have seriously played any of my horde characters. I guess being so far behind disheartened me. But today, jogging around Dalaran with my newly cleaned, fed, and leashed pet, I started feeling that green icky guilty feeling. Delgada should have seen Dalaran first, not Esoterique. Sure, she worked hard for it, but Delgada out ranks her.

I crawled into my horde guild Ventrilo server and was greeted by one of our Warhammer players. I admitted to playing hooky, he patted me on the head and cheered me on. Then some of the other players started filing in, and I began to feel like I was shirking my duties. I am an officer, after all. Shouldn't I be out there to lend a hand to those who needed it? I just didn't want to be an officer. I want to be one of the rank and file some days, to come and go as I please, with no responsibility for the bank, tagging new and alternate characters, keeping the website running, etc.

Wheez, I am sorry, I filled the first bank tab with single Weighted Jack 'o' lanterns and some new cheap Northrend fish. I needed to blow off some steam. Forgive me? I have some enchanting materials coming back from the auction house soon, may I use tab two and make a quilt? :P

Someone take these abilities away...they're being abused!

Playing hooky from my horde server...

Delgada is squishy. And her spec stinks. And her professions stink. And noone likes her. Well, maybe not the last part, healers always have friends. My husband is catching his death knight, Brigadoom, up to her so that I will have someone to level with, now that the guild has blown past me. So, having tired of working up skill points in leatherworking on Maura, and having finished skilling up skinning on Shawndra, and having parked Carlotta out in the Borean Tundra ready to pick and brew potions, I decided to take a break. I logged in to Shu'halo and brought out Anselma. Anselma? Not the wondrous fire mage, Esoterique? Well, my husband hates leveling before 55, with a passion, and he really wants to play with me on my alliance server. So, the scheming begins. He keeps asking, "When you going to give me Anselma?", or, "Is Anselma 55 yet?". She was 53, so I finally gave in and got her to 54, with only 1400 experience points until the level, and did a character transfer. I'm sure if I had transferred her to his account after she hit 55 it still would have worked, but I figured this way we were assured success.

The account transfer was so fast! I am sure it only took 15 minutes. It took husband about an hour more to log her in, whack a few mobs, and hit 55. Then, it was mothballs for Anselma once again, as he made his death knight, Hacksoor. Have you ever had a name that, when you armoried it, came up with 2 results, and they were both yours? My husband is very proud to have that on two of his characters. Me? Well, I'm not so creative. Oh well...

So, with my obligation to my husband complete, I brought out Esoterique. For some reason, the differences between this cloth wearer and my undead priestess are so vast that it means the process of questing and killing are laughable on Eso, where they are a chore worth avoiding with Del. I would go and change Del back to shadow once the servers are up, but frankly, I've been itching to see Dalaran, and Eso, being a mage, is just the right level to do her attunement. She blew through quite a few of the quests at the gnome airport, and dinged 71 quite without expecting to.

Well, it's 10 am. I would like to get a chore or two done before the servers come up, so I am off to work on my real life quest log. Ta-ta!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's that time of year again!

It's ...drum roll please....


That is all.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Behind again...

It seems that I trail behind everyone when there is leveling to be done. Well, everyone but my husband. Delgada sits at 71.5, and I HAD to make a death knight. She sits in Silithus at a happy 58, gaining rested experience until I decide if I want to continue with her. I do have 3 other 70's to level, after all. No plans on who is next, really, though the alchemist would probably be the obvious choice. The rest of the guild has passed me by, at level 74 and higher. 3 levels seems so far away! Guess I'd better get back to work, or the next expansion will find me somewhere between 72 and 77....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Every once in a while it is asked, usually by some well meaning other than forsaken member of our Horde. Do you remember anything before the Scourge? Do you miss your old life? Most of the time I bat the question away as if it were a fly, merely an annoyance not worth hunting down and killing. But today, as I watched the abominations of the Lich King deposited as if they were kegs of beer for a party in the middle of Orgrimmar, the question had been asked again. This time, I feel it needs some hunting down.

I remember bits. I can connect those bits into some sort of history. I was probably no better than a kitchen maid. I remember serving richly clad people at long tables. I remember a bauble guiltily pressed into my hand, likely once meant for a wife. An older woman cleans and bandages me after a particularly rough night, my hand fingering the bauble still in my apron pocket. Sometimes I can remember other things, but this has been too much bother already. I am no longer that person. I slip into the shadows, my hand resting on a mace with a knobby end.

Well, one part of that person still is. Bitter, and still fingering a quite expensive bit of jewelry. Now if only I could remember who gave it to me...


I know I still have to wait until Thursday for my copy, but I am still antsy to get out and into line over at Gamestop for my hubby's copy. Is that silly?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

About the new banner...

After the most recent patch, my screen shots were no longer where they should be, at least, where Blizzard had trained me to find them. I decided I HAD to find them, being that I have been playing almost exclusively on my laptop. As I was thumbing through the short list, the one I took my new banner from showed up. I don't remember taking this one. I had been using an add-on that took a shot at level ups. Anyhow, how random, and and my homey, err, hubby, hanging out doing who knows what together.

Random is good.

It's coming tomorrow...err...Thursday..YAY!

I don't know that I have all that many readers, but I figure that there have to be at least a dozen of us wacky enough to be standing inside Gamestop in Moreno Valley (you know the one, by the new Wal-Mart and O-No Hawaiian BBQ?) on Wednesday night. No, I refuse to dress up. No costume contest for me! But the hubby and I will be waiting impatiently for 12:01 to hit so we can jet out of there and get our machines to patching. Well, at least his will be. Hubby was kind and wonderful, as usual, and ordered the collector's edition for me. The catch is that it may be sitting on my desk on THURSDAY when I get home from work. Oh well, small price to pay for all the fun that goes into that edition :)

Who knows, maybe some of us will get lucky and meet some new gaming buddies. See you there!

Yay for 70..finally!

Esoterique, my draenei magess, is now my first alliance character to hit 70. So excited, I went and purchased an imbued set and a few supplemental blue items, just so I wouldn't be woefully undergeared should someone want me for an instance run. Well, I got invited to an instance run all right...
I haven't even been in Hyjal with my horde toons, let alone a horribly undergeared mage! It was fun, even though we wiped. Apparently Archimonde doesn't like saucy winks...

Thanks again, Inconceivable! Here's to another 10 levels of fun. This time I'll be right up there with all of you!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

A whole month without a single post. It's been very busy here at the ranch. Halloween costumes to make, laundry machines to repair, sick kids to care for, it seems I didn't have time to slow down until today. Ironically, I slowed down because I'm sick. So, my apologies for not being around, and I plan on catching up these next few days. I have the Hallow's End event to comment on, the Scourge Invasion to cover, and random thoughts that need a home, and this is just the place to write them down.