Monday, August 30, 2010

Look! It's Shiny!

 Today's stab at my list was made easier in part by sparkly objects.  Thank you Blizzard!

Today, I logged in after filling a pot with cut up veggies, chili flakes, garlic, salt and a bay leaf.  I started with the Dalaran dailies, which were the same as yesterday. Then, I did the Oracle Dailies, which were different,except for my walk around with Lafoo looking for shinies.  Lafoo said I could be Soo Dryskin.  I like that name!  I used an empowered gem to kill off some more puppy men, then played music over mounds of earth.  Done with the Oracles, I headed for Storm Peaks to do my job for the ladies of Brunhildar village.  No mount today, but they gave me a nice stack of goat cheese (ick). After that, I sped to Unupe, collected supplies and returned them, went to the next stop and picked up baby puppies, then off to the last to lure male sea lions into doing their duty. Two more days of the Kalu'ak and I won't have to drudge for them anymore!

I returned to Dalaran, turned in the two dailies there (got a couple of badges and more junk), and headed for The tournament grounds to offer my aid.  I was made to kill more scourge, retrieve a famous blade, and practice my jousting skills.  Completely bored, I headed from there back to Dalaran to use the portal to Shattrath.  Old Man Barlo gave me the same quest as yesterday, but this time it took a while to finish.  After that, I flew to Skettis to do the dailies for the Skyguard, and did two turn ins of shadow dust as well. Then it was bak to Shattrath to use the portal to Orgrimmar, where I bought the Savory Deviate Delight recipe for Delgada, leaving her one recipe shy of the Chef de Cuisine achievement.  From there, I flew to Un'Goro Crater, where my baby raptor was craving slithid eggs from Tanaris. A dozen eggs later, I wandered around the spawning area for the Ravasaur Matriarch.  She wasn't there, and none of the oozes I killed dropped the
Oozing Bag, which helped me decide to pack it up for the night.  that and the random disconnect.  Yes, I am taking the laptop in to Best Buy tomorrow. I hope they notice the problem and can diagnose it.

Small steps were made tonight.  No achievements were had, but I believe we'll start seeing them soon.  Tonight I add to my list two items:

Finish the Argent Tournament.
Fish up a turtle mount.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dailies and Dinosaurs..

Cleaning out the bank.

Today I fought with my connection as I worked on getting cooking badges for a chef's hat, bought recipes I didn't have off the auction house for Chef de Cuisine, fished for fishing poles and crocolisk pets, hunted for raptor egg nests, killed oozes, and fed my baby raptor.

My day in WoW started out in Dalaran, as it usually does. I picked up the daily cooking quest for Mustard Dogs and the daily fishing quest Dangerously Delicious, as well as the weekly raid quest, which was Flame Leviathan Must Die!. I flew to Wintergrasp for the fishing, then took my flying mount to Sholazar Basin for the rhino meat I needed for the cooking quest. I forgot to stop by the Oracles base afterward. I fully intended to do those dailies and grab an egg. I'll do that once my hearth is off cool down, since I used it to get back to Dalaran quickly turn in the dailies. I got 3 badges from the cooking quest (2 for the quest and one in my bag) and a bunch of nothing from the fishing quest.  I then took the portal to Shattrath.  I flew out of Shattrath and to Old Man Barlo, who gave me the quest to fish up the World's Largest Mudfish. I caught it in the first cast!  I took my mount back to Barlo and turned it in for some fishing hooks and change.   

From Shattrath, I took the portal to Orgrimmar. I spent all Delgada's gold on 5 recipes, 3 cooking and two enchanting, that Delgada didn't have.  Then, I flew her to Un'Goro to do her daily for her venomhide raptor mount. My little guy wanted dinosaur meat, and mixed in with the dinosaurs were oozes that might drop the oozeling pet.  So, in between slabs of meat, I turned oozes into puddles.  No pet, but the baby got fed, and coughed up another baby tooth.

I kept getting disconnected while I was out there, so I took a break to make dinner, and logged back in after that I think I was on for maybe 2 minutes, killed 4 oozes, and was taking on King Mosh when I got dumped off the server again! I logged in dead after two tries,but couldn't leave my body to resurrect, so I closed it back up and restarted my computer.  Once I was able to relog, I disabled a few add-ons (haven't updated in forever!) and got stuck in ghost form with an accept button that wouldn't work.


I am so frustrated I could scream. No, it is not okay that I was disconnected. If I have to click another okay button tonight I am going to do something rash.  So, instead of blowing my top, I am starting up another game and seeing how long I stay connected. While I do that, I will recount the progress this day has made toward completing my overly long bucket list.

I have made progress toward my total count of dailies done, 4 more quests done.  I have added 3 recipes to my cooking, leaving me with 2 more to get the achievement.  Delgada is one day closer to a new mount. I guess I didn't get that much done. Oh well, off to Sholazar to do my Oracle dailies and buy an egg.  More tomorrow!

For the curious...

I logged into Wizard 101 and stayed connected close to half an hour.  That sure beats the less than five minute stints in WoW I was working with. I'm thinking there is something wrong with my computer, which is less than a year old, so should still be under a manufacturer's care. My router is kind of old, too, so I'm not ruling that out, either.  I'm borrowing hubby's computer for my Oracle and Kalu'ak dailies. *crossing fingers*

Bucket List

Before Cataclysm hits, I would like to, in no particular order, complete these items. I will choose whatever hits my fancy as my quest for that day, or several days, depending on the complexity of the item.This list may change, mostly to add things, not to subtract. Here is my preliminary list.  I will notate when I complete something by scoring through it and adding a date. If I add something new I will put an asterisk after it with the date added. For items with multiple parts. I will date each part as it is completed, or note what part was completed and date it if there was no description (ie Northrend Glory of the Hero or Bloody Rare).  I will post daily about what I worked on, what add-ons or guides I found useful in completing them, and anything I did that I think would be helpful.

  1. Set aside enough cloth to level first aid on one goblin.(netherweave,runecloth,mageweave, silk, wool, linen)
  2. Finish leveling jewelcrafting on Sinnerman.Account off. If time I will on Gwenna.
  3. Set aside enough material to level blacksmithing on one goblin.
  4. Finish Delgada's An'Qiraj set.  She is missing the Shroud of Infinite Wisdom. 9/13/10
  5. Prophecy set and Oracle set for Delgada, but first....
  6. Change a Devout set into a Virtuous set, bur first..
  7.  Farm for Devout set.
  8. Farm for at least one more whelpling.  I have the blue one. I want a green one!
  9. Farm for the oozeling.  He eludes our grasp.9/6/10
  10. Finish Northrend so Delgada can have the Loremaster title and colors. (only 11 quests to go!)
  11. 100 mount achievement? Give it a huge try by...
  12. Get a pvp mount (or several, but that means battlegrounds...)
  13. Get an Argent Tournament mount (or several?)White Skeletal Horse 9/4/10
  14. Finish my old school Naxxramas quest chain
  15. Get the pieces to do the Balance of Light and Shadow quest and build Benediction
  16. Clean out bank to make room for old school goodies 9/6/10 it's hopeless a post on this 9/7/10
  17. Finish old world raids for achievement (need BWL and AQ40)
  18. BC raids? not high on the list but I am missing most of them( I know I finished Gruul and Mag- I was cheated!)
  19. Finish BC dungeons on heroic to knock out both achievements
  20. Become a Savior of the Oracles, and start buying eggs again. (only missing one quest)9/20/10
  21. Work on the Bloody Rare achievement for Outland (have 3 of the 21)
  22. Work on the Frostbitten achievement for Northrend (have 1 of the 23)
  23. Duel someone enough to get the Duel-icious achievement 9/7/10 (with the argent tourney duel achieve)
  24. Kill Malygos to finish Champion of the Frozen Wastes
  25. Finish Glory of the Hero (have 11 to go)
  26. Find the 5 recipes Delgada is missing for Chef De Cuisine 9/2/10
  27. Buy a chef's hat..which means doing dailies again!
  28. Catch a rare fish
  29. Catch Old Ironjaw
  30. Fish up Gahz'ranka in ZG and The Lurker Below in SC9/2/10(ZG)
  31. Fish up Tirion Fordring's gold coin and get Coin Master/There's Gold in That There Fountain
  32. Win a fishing tourney (who am I kidding?)
  33. Turn as many pieces of frostweave as possible into bandages (500, to be exact).
  34. Jump off a precipice and bandage for Ultimate Triage./9/22/10 with Drunken Stupor
  35. Make 3 more factions love me for 25 exalted (ad infinitum)(30, 35, 40)(Kalu'ak 9/2/10)9/18/10
  36. Zandalar Tribe(9/23/10), Hydraxian Waterlords and Brood of Nozdormu must love me.
  37. Thrallmar, Lower City, the Sha'tar and Keepers of Time must also love me.
  38. Get exalted with Skyguard(9/18/10) and Netherwing (for mounts!)
  39. Kalu'ak don't love me yet. I must have their fishing pole! (more dailies)9/2/10
  40. Exalted Ashen Verdict? Shouldn't be too hard.
  41. Buy ridiculously expensive mounts. Ice Mammoth Grand Ice Mammoth, Wooly Mammoth, Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, a Choppa...
  42. Make the Oracles love me, then forsake them and flirt with some Frenzyhearts.
  43. Get the Brewmaster title9/24/10
  44. Get the Pilgrim title and turkey pet on Delgada 
  45. Collect tabards. You can never have too many tabards.
  46. Farm for impossible to get mounts.
  47. Pick pocket as many lockboxes as possible on Maura.
  48. Back to the goblin. Set aside enough frostweave bags, and a few non binding 16 slotters, (in case I kill of the first one) to equip and for bank.
  49. Do the dailies in Storm Peaks for the Brunhildar Village, in hopes of the polar bear mount.
  50. Since I am doing so many dailies, I should at least aim for the 500 dailies done achievement...9/6/10
  51. As much as I think heirloom gear is a cheat, buy a whole set of clothy gear, just for kicks.
  52. Work on the baby raptor, because Delgada really wants the mount (ugh, more dailies).
  53. Find those snake gowns and get one of every color. I thought there were red and orange ones, too? 
  54. Get the baby croc pets. More Dailies!Toothy 9/2/10 Snarly 9/4/10
  55. Buy the last bank tab for my guild.
  56. Try to get the epic fishing poles from the fishing dailies (at least I like fishing?)
  57. Delgada wants a firefly pet.
  58. Delgada wants all the baby raptor pets. She still needs Gundrak, Ravasaur, and Razzashi hatchlings.
  59. Finish the Argent Tournament.Champion of the Undercity
  60. Fish up a turtle mount.

All Dressed Up...

...but not going anywhere!  If you are reading this on the site, you will notice I'm cleaning, painting, adding on, and putting up pictures.  If you aren't, well, come on over and peek!  This is a work in progress, that may take well into next month to complete, but some things had to change here.  It's obvious that I have moved from talking about just WoW to commenting on several other games. So, my banner had to go.  The theme I had been using was blah.  Blogger has all these new tools to use to make your site look nice, so I tried them out, and I believe the site went from boring to beautiful.  Blogger also added the ability to make more pages, so I started a few.  They are subject to change, and will change as my characters change.  I had a little problem with my paint program.  My transparent pictures didn't turn out like I wanted, so there is something I am working on. I plan to add armory links to all my WoW characters, and similar information to the other pages.  Each page will eventually have a description of the game they are about, with links to where you can get them.

I will be posting a little more often.  I am writing down my "bucket list" to do before Cataclysm hits.  I hope to post one or two items from that every day.  For Wizard 101, I have plans to link to great guides I have found around the web for farming for the items I am interested in, which include furniture, pets, and eventually, best gear items on the x5 and x0 levels, per class.  That will probably be once weekly.  As for my forays into other virtual worlds, I may have one a month, whether it be a new MMO or a revisited one.  I still plan on sprinkling in new iPod games here and there.  My iPod and I are having arguments lately.  I don't think the new operating system version is playing nice with my first generation iPod.  Still, I won't let that stop me from exploring new games (and more than likely, free ones!).  We'll just have to borrow hubby's iPod for the stubborn ones.

Stop by, kick the tires, see how it runs.  Tell me what you'd like to see.  Suggest a free MMO to me!  I look forward to your comments!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My Fizzle Queen, Jennifer Rainweaver, just turned 15.  It seems that every level divisible by 5 after 10 has a neat looking, best for class outfit.  I'm not sure if my hat is the best, but check out the art work on the robe.

Lightning Bolts!
More accuracy, and stylish, too!
This outfit is so much more flashy than any of the Life school items Rowan has worn.  She has bought the best items possible, and they have sported life symbols on them.  They just don't reach out and say,"Look at me! I'm epic!"  Maybe they will when she hits grand master.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy every outfit Jennifer gets to wear.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crawling Out From Under My Rock.

Those who are still following me have noticed I have been blogging less and less.  Summer is stressful, and even though it  usually makes me bury myself deeper into my escapes, it doesn't produce any useful or entertaining blog fodder.  For example, I logged into Wizard 101 the last several times and ran my pets through the maze game over and over, pausing to level my Fizzle Queen just for the extra pet energy. Nothing is more boring than farming for pet food, which has been Rowan's favorite pass time, or running mazes over and over and over again.

The armor is pretty, too!
I haven't progressed further than the 48 I attained earlier in the summer with my cleric Eromee on Perfect World.  I dusted her off and took her for a spin yesterday, between pet leveling runs, and got half a level under her belt.  I just cannot bring myself to level further when the guild I am in is in end game content and finding a group is daunting.  I haven't healed for a real group yet, so I am afraid to do it for a random group.  I guess this will be my game I turn to on random maintenance days.

Wizard 101 is at a standstill, still waiting for hubby to catch up, and for money so I can buy a one month subscription to enable over 18 chat.  I was only able to unlock Hametsu village with my crowns in Mooshu, so I am a ninja pig farming fool, when I am not busy leveling one of my many alts.  That, right there, is my whole reason for being a crowns player.  When I am not subscribed, I always have something to do. Ninja pig farming has bought me a couple of pet hatchings, and will probably fund my next house.  I love the storm house, and am happy I can work toward it with gold, but I am also leaning toward buying the mansion in Mooshu, because there are dragonflies buzzing around the place, and it is more suited to Rowan's nature.

We love you long time. 1k gold only 5 dolla!
World of Warcraft is about to take over my time again.  The summer is a bad time for me where any gaming that requires more than 50% of my brain is concerned (Perfect World would most certainly fit into that category, if I pursued instancing), but now that the kids are almost back to school, and I am back to work, WoW can command more of my attention.  In celebration of this, I took Delgada out to complete her Loremaster of Kalimdor questing.  I was so lost before I got the WoWhead client.  After uploading my data, and opening up Delgada's progress on their site, it was easy as pie to find the last 15 quests she needed.  I was so sure I was going to have to do the An'Qiraj quest chain to finish it, but it turned out I missed half of the quests in Zoram'gar and a few in Dustwallow, and that was all I needed. Now, any other quests I encounter will be done for the pleasure and the lore, and not the achievement. All that stands between Delgada and the Loremaster meta achievement are several group quests in Icecrown. She only needs 11 more quests, and a good questing buddy or three. Anyone in Smolderthorn want to knock out some old quests in their log? I'm your gal.

Guild progress on Icecrown Citadel has effectively stopped. Unless some players come back, I may pug around as a terribad holy priest. The last "guild" run was last week, in which three members were guild members, and the rest were trade chat hopefuls. Because of this, I was able to get the heroic version of the gunship, and got a pretty new dagger out of it.  Throughout the run, people were complaining to me about one of my guild mates gear scores.  I know, you know, everyone and their mother knows that 4500 gear score is a little low, but when we have Kingslayers in the group, we can afford one lowbie dps, just so he can experience a smidgen of the content before the whole of his guild loses interest.  I stuck it out until after gunship, having stated before the fight that I would be leaving after. Can't get me for ninja looting and quitting!

How was your summer? Did you vacation from WoW at all?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Click for Bigger. The chat box reveals all.