Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Carlotta - Mogged.

With Spice, her accessory worm pet.

Carlotta was feeling a little shabby, with gear that didn't match. Having lost a mailbox full of herbs to Carlatta, her alter ego on Cenarius, I felt  it was only right to treat her to a day of shopping.

Her outfit, for those who are interested is listed below.

We are in the market for a new crossbow, as the one she has looks like it was hewn out of driftwood.  Her polearm, however, will be staying, for now.  Losing that much meant that she had to borrow from Shawndra, who is still shopping for her transmog outfit.

Next to be whisked away by the transmog fairy will probably be Carlatta.  She is very solicitous of my time, so she whould at least look good, right?  Here is a recent picture of her, for those interested.
Carlatta, level 73, with Fluffy.