Monday, January 11, 2016

Something To Do.

I rarely kill the last boss of an expansion. I was about to say never, but I seem to remember finishing at least one Garrosh fight in the midnight hours of Mists of Pandaria. I lose momentum a month or more before the big announcement, due to whatever life has placed in my path, and I just don't rejoin at any meaningful pace. It's like I dropped the baton, looked at it sitting on the ground, then meandered off the course to pick a flower, then take a swim, then run back to the starting line to chat with the spectators.

I was sitting here (ok so I still am, but go with it, ok?) playing with the WoWhead quest inventory thingy, and I notice there were a lot of things I haven't earned yet.

Get it, behind? *giggle*

I know, the image is a little distracting. Just look at the tiny number above the line of armor icons that says "missing". I'm missing roughly 1/3 of the quest rewards available to me to wear. This is bad. Delgada got everything done so long before Cataclysm that she has to do a lot of zones over, despite having the Loremaster achievement. But, (giggle) this number is a little faulty.

I have the tiara, and I know I did Nat's quest line. I must have that hat somewhere...

The Tiara of the Oracle quest is repeatable so that if you ever throw it away, you can turn in the items and get another one. The game never counts it as complete, I guess. Del has the whole stinking Oracle set in void storage.I guess she will have to take them out and put them in the bank, just in case void storage disappears. As for Nat Pagle, I swear if he makes her fish up more fish for a stinky hat, I will make sure she always fishes over open water so that he joins Delgada in undeath permanently.

What's wrong, Nat? Can't swim?

Another problem with these numbers is that it doesn't hide things that you cannot possibly get. I have been twiddling with this tool while writing this, and I found a staff that Delgada would use almost exclusively, except for one little problem. The quest giver won't talk to her. He would rather shove a sword between her rotting ribs and call for reinforcements, then run away screaming. Oh, and there is a cool mechanical looking mace from a quest in the Jade Forest that she can't have, either.

I decided I needed to know about the new rules when it came to the improved wardrobe in the next expansion, so I asked my friend Google. I'd ask Siri, but she just doesn't get it. I ask her where the nearest 7-11 is and she tries to send me to Nottingham. I ask her for cheap gas and she sends me to the 76 station. I ask here where the closest McDonald's is and she sends me to their museum. At least Google understands me. The first link after I asked about "new wardrobe rules Legion" was on the Blizzpro forums, and it was helpful. I guess I won't have to worry about things disappearing, but those really special, no longer in game items I will make sure end up in the bank, just in case. I understand it says anything that has ever been soulbound to my character, useful or not, will be available to all the characters on my account, provided they can use them, as a cosmetic option. I just don't want to take the chance! Delgada has really nothing to lose (I don't think she'd mind losing those zandalari bracers, since they're not really a desirable transmog item) But Halinka has her main robe that she would hate to lose (and I would love to gain access to, because va-va-voom!), so to the bank with those not-found-in-game-files items.

Anyhow, so I have spoilered myself a little and looked at some Legion stuff. I'm really looking forward to seeing what I have available that long ago was vendored, disenchanted, or simply cast off to make way for something more valuable. And think of all the extra bag space! I'll leave you all here thinking along with me as I wander off, dreaming of items I can stash in my bank in place of all those tabards! See you in Azeroth.