Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Month of Nothing.

I just looked at my last post and felt a little guilty. One whole month? What excuse could I possibly have for neglecting to put down here what I've been up to in the World of Warcraft and beyond?  I can think of several, but that would be whining, and noone wants to hear that. I know that people like to hear good news, so let me recap the good parts of this past month of nothing.

New look.
Delgada needed a clean set of robes. I decided to make a clean yet classy look, and put together the Robes of Arcana with the Windchanneler's Mantle, a Lifegiving Cloak, Gnoll Casting Gloves and a Gossamer Belt. I think it is not too fussy and maybe even easy enough to draw? I've commissioned a friend to make Del appear as a work of art, and I am waiting impatiently (but not the "is it done yet?!" kind of impatient!) for the results. Oh, the Ethereum Life Staff is just in there for shiny.

Raven Lord!
Garn Steelmaw

Delgada got a couple new mounts. She is still 27 mounts from the 200 achievement (darn all those Alliance and class specific mounts confusing the count!). Raven Lord dropped, finally, from one of those Outland Auchindoun instances, and Garn Steelmaw came from a Garrison World Boss. My friend Genya texted me to make sure I didn't miss out!

Del has been working on achievements lately, too! All of the most recent ones are to the left of this post (I'm so lazy). She is maintaining her third place in achievement points in the guild, not by a huge margin, but enough that so long as she gets one or two a week, she should stay there.

Last but certainly not the least, is this achievement I got yesterday.

Blizzcon Ticket!

I get to go this year! I tried Tuesday, only to get continually booted from the waiting room back to the start page. Saturday I turned off all the wifi in my house, set myself up with my one browser page on Eventbrite, and logged into Mumble just so I could vent my frustration to whoever was in there. Turns out I wasn't the only one trying for tickets, and we both got them! It will be fun to see any other Pwnies that go to Blizzcon, as well as any of you who are reading this. There are people out there still, right?

I guess this last month has been something and not nothing after all. Hope you are all finding some treasures in Azeroth, Draenor, or wherever your hang your pixilated hat.