World of Warcraft


Delgada is the character I play most in World of Warcraft.  Once a level 39 twink, she is a max level priest, specializing mostly in shadow but dabbling in discipline as needed.  She is a world explorer and a knowledge seeker, who doesn't mind a little dirt under her nails.  Once guild mistress of KNR-Smolderthorn(H), she was sent off to find friends on the Eredar server, then found more friends on the Velen server, and still more friends on the Alleria server.Then, she moved to Zul'jin.  Now, she is a member of Pwny Express on the Cenarius server. She trades in enchants and exquisitely tailored clothing.


Halinka is my only high level Alliance character. She is a mostly a discipline priestess, with a little shadow on the side.  Halinka took a trip to the Borean Tundra server to hang out with friends from the lnland Empire Meetup Group, just before her old server merged with it (talk about a wasted 25 bucks!)  She is a flower picking scribe.


Carlatta is the result of me finding the Inland Empire Meetup Group and wanting to hang out with some of them online.  Turns out the guild she joined was for anyone, including some nice people from the Orange County Meetup Group.  Playing with her makes me cry, because she can deal out more damage at a lower item level than Delgada. She is a Beast Mastery hunter and alchemist who specializes in flasks.

I moved Shawndra to Cenarius because she was lonely. She is an Arms warrior only because Fury doesn't do what she wants it to do for her yet. She is an engineer by trade, supplying me with mounts and pets when she isn't busy mining for my jewelcrafter, Bittsee.

Bittsee Emptypockets is my latest to 90, and I love her snarky attitude. She is an Arcane mage and a jewelcrafter.