Monday, February 16, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 16

The Power of  Love.
Or is it the drive to fill in the blank spots in our achievement panel? I tried to get this done for some guild mates yesterday, only to hit a snag with raid schedules and Valentine's Day plans. Geez, guys, priorities. I was here to do an achievement, real holiday be damned.

Seriously, though, we did get three people their achievement yesterday before people had to leave to do things, and had I been told there was dinner and a date waiting for me, I would have bailed on my game schedule, too! Time was getting shorter, and this achievement is a bear! We decided to group again today at 6 server to give it another go. Thank goodness for the custom raid finder! There were 2 groups going, one at max and one that was taking people in and letting them go as fast as they could. We grabbed our 8 people and everyone got their toy and achievements.

Give the Lich some Love, too!
What's Love Got To Do With It?
At least I got a couple new toys this holiday season. One more try for the rocket across my gals and I will again join the ranks of those who still don't have a hot pink mechanical mount. Love is In The Air, but the wind is coming!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 15

On the downward slope of this hill, but it feels more like I have come from the peak and hit a valley, and I am just starting to climb. It is so easy to post when things are going well. Life is getting complicated again, and the post ideas just won't come. Here is the idea for today, taken from the newest development in my house.


Anyone who is a battle tag friend knows I have a serious problem ,and it is that I have many priests. When I was looking for a home after KNR faded away, I rolled priests of all shapes and sizes and factions all over the Worlds of Warcraft. This one, however, is not of my making. This is my eldest daughter's shadow priest, Yeselda. She lives on a PvP server with a tauren priest I rarely play because of the nature of the server.

IRL, my house and life are not unlike the old woman in the shoe. Small house, many children, not enough room, and it seems like I am always "spanking them soundly and sending them to bed". Well, the one that finally got away is coming back, temporarily. If my house doesn't bust out at the seams, it will be a miracle.

Love that my daughter enjoys this game, too.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 14

Fan Art!
The Hearthstone Facebook people shared Naekole's Hearthstone Valentines with us today, and I just love them! Go look at the rest of them, now!

#28daysofwowlove - Day 13

So small.
I love how this game puffs  you up, makes you feel like you are the savior of everything, and then reminds you how very small you are. It's good to have both.

#28daysofwowlove - Day 12

I love the ambient sounds in the game. Here, the hurricane is best when the music is off. Here is a great video from Xfire user Dk69 with the music. You can still hear the force of the hurricane as he closes in, and he gets some great shots all around it. I wanted to embed it, but it isn't on YouTube, so Blogger won't let me.  Please, click on the link, put on your headphones, put it on fullscreen and enjoy.

#28daysofwowlove - Day 11

I'm not sure this is love...

Best qualified due to safety gear?

There are so many poo jokes in this game, you can't start your garrison without running into one, or even finish the starting area without slogging through it. Never mind that the outhouse gives you a poo related achievement.

Aeriya posted on the forums a compendium of poo quests, for your (dis)pleasure. It's only missing the butt load of poo quests in Draenor. Ha Ha.

#28daysofwowlove - Day 10

One of my fave podcasts!

Have a listen in on their latest episode. It has some great pointers on how to keep from letting your raid team down when you are being let down by your hardware, software, internet provider, electricity, weather, your mother...

Oh, and you can hear how totally clueless I am about all things monk as I play a game of AOE against Freckleface!

#28daysofwowlove - Day 9

 A little behind, as usual. Last night was my anniversary and meetup night and the boy's birthday and...whew! So, of course, the days before that were filled with errands and such, leaving me precious little time for this blog of mine.

I have loved them since they appeared in the Burning Crusade. I like the new uncorrupted models. If I could play as one, Del would only get play time due to her longevity. There is a fix, and Del has it.

Time Lost Figurine.
Del can be a bird, for a time. The toy seems to have added in the new corrupted models. I wish it would include some of the uncorrupted ones, but for now, I am happy, and Del is safe. For now.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Something New - Hearthstone Tournament!

My favorite Hearthstone podcast.
A Worthy Opponent has been my favorite Hearthstone podcast since I started looking for one to listen to. The show is entertaining and clean, despite their explicit rating. They announced a few months ago that they would be hosting a basic only tournament, and I jumped at the chance. I get so discouraged, playing at the mostly free to play level, when someone whips out legendary after legendary and beats me before I have time to blink! I thought for sure this would be my chance to prove to myself that I knew how to play.

There is a site called Battlefy that anyone can host a tournament for about any kind of e-sports game you can imagine. The tournament rules and ladder were posted there. When the tournament started, I had to notify one of the three hosts after every win or loss, as did my opponent. They posted results on the ladder as they were made available.

I chose to play a hunter and a paladin. For me, hunter was the easy choice, and I made a beast deck. Here it is.

I made this myself, really!
To finish my quests on a normal day, sometimes I will go to Hearthhead to find a deck that will fill my needs. This time, I built it on my own. I chose the beasts I thought were best and a few utility minions, then filled in the blanks with spells. I think if I had played smart, I might have finished well. As usual, I was a little distracted. I won the first game, then the kids and the noise of the house closed in, and with the game practically won by my worthy opponent, he disconnected. We could have replayed the game, but I felt that I had drawn out all the cards that could save me, so I set up my second deck, the paladin. I cannot even begin to tell you what was in that deck. I forgot to screen cap the lineup, and I lost pretty soundly to his priest.

So, my first tournament was a bust. What did I take away with this? I need to be patient and hold cards that might be useful later in game rather than play them just to do something on a turn.

Thanks to the team at A Worthy Opponent for a fun time! If you are looking for a Hearthstone centered podcast that is mostly casual, check them out. Someday I mean to actually be at one of their live streams, but until then, I'll just keep downloading the curated version from iTunes.

#28daysofwowlove - Day 9

If you missed it before, I'm jumping into Matty's wagon with this #28daysofwowlove thing. Go visit and tell her how wonderful she is, if you haven't already!

Even ghost pirates need a good, sparrow?

What kind of bird is Pepe, anyway? I love that of every other follower I have, he is brave enough to leave Draenor and adventure with me anywhere in the World of Warcraft.

Yo Ho.
Delgada is working slowly on Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation. It's going to take an awfully long time *sigh*.Oh, please enjoy the mutinous traitor's comeback to Del's swift, merciless staff thwacking accusation. Can a Forsaken even smell?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 8

If I had to call one zone in all of the World of Warcraft to call home, it would be the Spires of Arak. The trees, the ground cover, the sky, the mountains are all just the right place for me. I could stay watching that lone kaliri flying over that mountain peak for hours with just the ambient sounds playing. This zone, more than any other, feels real to me. I'm going to lay Del under one of those trees and zoom out so all I can see are the flowers nodding and the branches swaying in the breeze.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 7

Playing with toys while waiting for instructions from the big man about how to go about gaining achievements makes raiding that much more fun!

#28daysofwowlove - day 6

I love that my friends understand when I fall short, and just smile (or grit their teeth and fuss silently) and carry on without me. Thanks, Keleth and Dominatra. I'll be out here, dancing.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 5

Ahm waiting for you...

About to have hubby resub and roll a draenei fella. Halinka needs a love interest.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 4

Del and her wing woman, Viv.
Love that at wingman Vivianne has a better transmog than Del did at the time. Del is also extremely jealous of Viv's staff.

#28daysofwowlove - Day 3

Halaa at my Hordies!
The garrison gave me more missions than I needed to buy my pvp talbuk mounts with. I was lucky enough that the Horde held Halaa just long enough for me to buy the second one. Being able to fly the Christmas present from my daughter was pretty awesome, too!

Monday, February 2, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 2

Fun with Friends.
I know I have a small running side theme here of how great my guild is and how I love hanging out with them. Pwny Express (H) Cenarius is a fun, helpful, clean, friendly guild. Do you need to finish "Only the Penitent"? We'll head out there and do it. Do you need help with a garrison invasion? There's always someone willing to help. Need help figuring out why you don't perform at the same level as someone else of similar spec and ilevel? There are people in the guild to help with that. Want to raid? Come with us!

So, yeah, I love you, all you wonderful Pwnies. If hubby weren't involved, you would probably have been day 1.

#28daysofwowlove - Day 1

A hashtag in the title? What is this world coming to?  Matty over at Sugar and Blood proposed this #28daysofwowlove to combat the blues. What a perfect month to celebrate love!

Remember When?
This is me and the hubby, I can't remember when, but I do remember that WoW Insider featured the screenshot once. Oh, darn it, I'm tearing up again. Day two to follow shortly, after I throw out this pile of tissues...