Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reasons To Play WoW

Beautiful Scenery.  Trolls.

Friends. Dungeons.

Grummles. Shadow Priests. Draenei.

The Forsaken. Pretty Robes. Darkmoon Faire. Pet Battles.

Dragons. Flight. Imagination.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Haste Haste Baby!

Exalted with the Shado Pan
Mr Robot is a cruel master.  Last week he was just fine with what I had on.  Then, I run a couple of raids, kill a few world bosses, and he wants me to change all my armor buffs again.  AGAIN!  Last time I did this it cost me well over 4000 gold to fix everything.  This laundry list he has given me should probably cost just as much.  All for a total of 3 upgraded pieces.

What does he want me to change?  First, he wants me to switch out all my rubies for onyx.  Then, he wants me to switch out all my onyx that were already in place for some radiant gem I've never even considered.  Apparently, the gems I had were too smart but not so quick.  Humph! All my sparkly enchants are fine.  The stats the armor pieces already have are in question again.  If it can be changed to haste, he wants it changed, except for my necklace, which he wants changed to critical strike chance. Oh, and he wants me to fill that sha-touched weapon gem socket.  I can't get all the sigils I need to turn in to the Black Prince.  You'd think being exalted he'd give me a break, since we're the best of friends.  Jerk.

Hopefully, my guild that is currently called Void Where Prohibited but could be named just about anything else in the next week, will be able to help me out with the gems.  The guild master keeps yelling at me for not using guild resources.  Is it bad that I like to be able to keep my own gear up?  I feel like I help the guild by freeing up resources for others that way.  I'll be a good girl and ask tonight.  Maybe the gems were sitting in the bank not feeling wanted.  Can't have that happening. Disappointed, depressed gems don't work as well.

Marea in Thousand Needles ?!
In other news, my capped at 80 rogue went shopping for her transmog set.  She wanted a leveling set, silly girl, but I think it looks quite fetching and roguish.  By went shopping, I mean that she had to run all the silly quests in Thousand Needles and one in Dustwallow Marsh to get the full set.

Looks better on a Blood Elf.

Now that she has covered her mismatched Lich King raiding gear, she can start leveling again, because the guild leader put the kibosh on trying for the feats.  I've always wanted a max level rogue, but not before Shawndra, er, I mean Sh├ówndra, gets her chance.  

Aspiring Zen Master Gnomish Engineer.
She dropped skinning for mining and enchanting for engineering.  This of course was after she handed the reigns of KNR over to a guild mate who planned to stay on Smolderthorn and moved to Zul'jin.  Then, she shipped out to Pandaria, did a few quests to land her in the village with the portal to Orgrimmar, and returned to level her new professions.  As of this post, she sits at the edge of finishing WOTLK engineering and her mining is well into the Pandarian ore family.  I plan to keep her in Orgrimmar with short mining trips to keep costs down until her engineering is ready for Pandaria.  

She needed something pretty to wear, too.
Sorry I haven't been around lately.  Life is busy IRL, and the time I have been on has been busy or an illusion, as I tend to nap at my desk these days. I imagine Delgada and Shawndra have been tapping their feet in between snores, looking at me through the screen, unable to do anything without me.  Hopefully I get a hold of the medical professional responsible for delaying my needed machinery so that I can return to a more normal posting schedule.  Until next time, /love a few critters, especially the icky ones, and I'll see you in Azeroth!