Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Snaps

Playing dead.

She's been pestering me for weeks for this bow. #kidselfie

Tea Party.

The reason not to afk in flight.

Art appreciation.


Dead, again?

What, not enough bag space?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Night Fights!

                                       Look! I got a new staff!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Ghost Saber!

Cat Statue.
In Darkshore, in the Ruins of Mathystra, there are cat statues you can interact with. Most of them only give you a grey item, but once in a while, they summon a Ghost Saber. This pet once was coveted by hunters for it's being stealthy even when not in stealth, and almost invisible to even friendly targets when in stealth.

Love me!
A twink level 19 hunter would be out here looking for just the right statue. Most of the time they would be unlucky and have to kill a level 20 cat, but once was all it took to get that level 19! I brought many hunters out to hostile Darkshore to find this kitty, and I will always have one in my stable.

I remember her being like this when not in stealth. Do I remember wrong?
In this picture she is in stealth.  Below is Feras in stealth. Can you see why the Ghost Saber was so coveted?

Not as sneaky.
I wonder if maybe Loque'nahak was the daydream of someone who loved this cat. Look at those green eyes!

Hypnotic green eyes.
Even with this old model, this cat is a worthy rare tame for any hunter, and as good a reason as any to visit Darkshore. The other good reason to visit Darkshore is the flying cow.

*frantic mooing*
I hope you enjoyed this throwback. I promise they won't all be about pets. See you in Azeroth!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Transmog Tuesday: Guild Colors!

Delgada has been a member of Pwny Express for a while now. Our guild tabard colors are so great, why not work a transmog around them?

Julia thinks Delgada looks cool.

Here's a back view.

A transmog that almost works with a legendary cloak!
Here's a view with the cloak's wings.

I enjoy playing with the people in my guild! This transmog may be short lived, because like her puppeteer, Delgada likes to fade into the shadows.  This outfit commands attention. That, and the cloak is a lie. Delgada would rather kill things than heal, mostly because when she heals people end up dying, and she would rather intend to kill them than to kill them with good intentions.

Have you ever tried to match your guild colors with your look before? I'd love to see if you have, so leave a link in the comments!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Make it Monday: Gnomish Army Knife.

Today I noticed an opportunity on the auction house. There was only 1 Gnomish Army Knife for sale. This is the ultimate tool for most crafters, giving +10 to skinning, herbalism, and mining, plus has an arclight spanner and resurrection device for an engineer.  Shawndra already had one, and saronite ore is really easy to find, so she hopped into her Northrend wormhole and stepped out into Sholazar Basin.

She flew lazy circles around the Basin, gathering saronite and a little bit of titanium to use later. I kept her out there for about 45 minutes and gathered enough to make 8 knives. She used her Pandaria wormhole to get back to the Shrine to make them. She would have made them up right there, but she was missing the skinning knives, mining picks, and blacksmith hammers to finish them off.


I don't know if the gold I'll make from the sale is worth the time I spent farming, but I know I made some players happy listing them.

Have you found something worth crafting? I'd love to get some ideas.  I'd like to have a nice bit of gold stashed away before the next expansion rolls out!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord: Carlatta's Pets.

I read in a post on Facebook that the boar spirit that Aggem Thorncurse calls out can be tamed. The post also said that he won't be around for much longer. Carlatta likes rare pets, but only those that are easy to get at. Razorfen Kraul is right there in the easy category, so I took her over to get her very own ghost piggy, and I named him while I waited for hubby to come and get one for his hunter.

Hubby knows I meant it to be nice.

She has other pets that are special, but not impossible to get. Here's a recent tame that she loves running around with enough that a transmog to match might be in order.

Competing for my attention.
I tamed Feras in the Stonetalon Mountains near Malaka'jin. He has a metallic sheen to him and his eyes are red. He is a low level rare spawn, which makes server maintenance day a good time to go look for him.

Fluffy the Kurken.
When beast mastery hunters were able to tame exotic pets, Carlatta knew which one she really wanted. Or rather, Carlotta did.  Every hunter I have from then out always gets their very own Fluffy right when they can.  While out there, I might scare a few lowbies and explore the islands, maybe even pick up a ravager, too.

Favored of Isiset.
 Favored is found in the Burning Steppes. There is only one other carrion bird with his same coloring, unless you count a ghostly version.

Silithid Harvester.
 The Silithid Harvester used to carry a quest item way back in the day. He was a rare back then, too. No other beetle has his coloring! I love the sound this guy makes when he walks. A guildie suggested I name him Twinkletoes, and it stuck. Usually I try to give them their name. Maybe he could have been Harvey?

Blacksting is a quest objective in Zangarmarsh. He is the only firefly with this coloring, and I love it.

Do you know of any eye catching pet models out there that she must have? I have lots of room in her stable. Leave me a comment, please!

Holy Crud!

I got him!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Snaps.

Once upon a time, in Hillsbrad...

If my husband were an NPC...

A human druid, a rogue in a skirt, and Thrall.


Can my garrison look like this?

"I have a goblin on my back." Reapersky

The Golden Banana!

Don't Eat Me!

Dalaran Skyline at night.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Transmog Thursday: Windscale Sarong

Rogue in a skirt.
 Racy was overdue for a new look. Her last look was fabulous, but I always wanted to dress a rogue in a skirt.  While she was leveling she picked up the Windscale Sarong, and I immediately fell in love. How do you match the colors? You really can't. I get close, but there a really very few items that use the colors in this skirt. Here's what I chose.

Most of this is available on the auction house, if you are lucky. The dagger is a drop from the Stockades, and the skirt can be found in Zul'Farrak. The Indomitable Epaulets are a close match to the headdress, but I didn't like the overwhelming amount of green. The mace from the Wailing Caverns is also a close match to the green in the headdress, but again, I wanted less green, so I went with the gold color in the Scorpashi set.

Another Idea.
I guess I didn't play around enough with this. Racy will be out and about looking for these items. Anyone want to drag her along on a few runs in Old Hillsbrad and Blackrock Spire?

Until next time I remember I have a blog to write in, enjoy your travels in Azeroth!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1000 Words...

...or several screenshots, because I haven't had much to say lately. Enjoy!

Hes not ready, either.
She does exist!
Cool NPC, not so cool loot.
I am an exterminator!
Racy considers the Dark Portal.
Failed kamikaze mission.

Ice Capades.