Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awkward Silences

I'm still here. I've been kinda sick, kinda pretending to raid (sorry I missed tonight guys), and really dealing with a teenage daughter. See, she likes these things called boys, and, well, she likes to tip toe around and pretend she doesn't, and sneak visits with them while telling mom how she is being a wonderful daughter and retaking tests. Sorry, mom was a teenage girl once, and those excuses have been used. Not by me, I was too busy working and hanging out in a digital world to really date until I was nearly 18, but I saw them used by friends. Nope. It took me a day or so, but we got this all figured out. Mom now officially knows daughter is dating, knows boyfriend, has verbally pounded both over the head for being shifty and doing things both know are inappropriate, and they are both grounded until the girl gets out of the nunnery. All that done, it was too late to log in and try out Lady Deathwhisper (is that the boss after Lord Marrowgar? I forget) with everyone else, so I turned to suitor number two, Wizard 101.

Wizard 101 is so forgiving of someone who has to take seconds away from the keys, or minutes. The three year old was having problems staying in bed, so between the hubby and I we got up and put her down at least 4 more times. There are no safe zones in WoW, except for Shattrath and Dalaran. You can't kill anything but time in those two areas, anyhow, so why bother? In Wizard 101, I can hop to the walkway, swat a toddler, grab a drink, and hop out into the street to collide with another mob. Fantastic!

Unfortunately, I have hit a wall. I guess I bought an area for my second youngest last year sometime, so I didn't run out of content right away. Now, I am stuck needing everything for 4 quests that come from a certain area, and a dungeon I have to unlock and the teleporter to unlock Krokotopia. I will have to grab the calculator and decide how much I need to unlock it all. This still isn't running me near as much as my World of Warcraft addiction, but I can see it getting close to it if I decide I need a pony/dragon/cat/wings and that I need my outfit to look like the rogues gear (so cool!). I have been content, so far, with just coloring my items to match.

That iPod game is a real blast, and the kids have sent a bunch of gold and elixirs to my account while playing it. I played it, changed the wizard to my daughter's, and won an evil snowman transformation. I read a certain blogger is giving away codes for gold and the like from his play time of the WizardBlox game. Leave him a comment, you may get lucky. Or, you could ask me nicely, and I could dedicate an hour of my time (or a bored kid's) to trying to win something neat for you. Sorry, seems since I read this this afternoon and into tonight, he has gifted all his codes out, but stay tuned to his blog. There is more that just the codes to read, and you never know. I may have two or three codes to spare by Friday night, so comment if you want one of mine. I'll even leave it a surprise at what you get!

Well, enough of the awkward silence. I will make an effort to keep you all posted on what is going on in game for me and my guild in WoW. I will also be posting a bit more about this newest fling. If you are playing and want to add me, my favorite character is Rowan Trollstalker, a level 14 life/fire wizard. Just whisper in my ear first. All these random friend requests are unnerving!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

iPod and Wizard 101 Fun!

My kids love Wizard 101. On my account, each of them has a character. The highest one is level 12. I heard through the web somewhere that there was a free application from Kings Isle, the makers of the game. This application is called WizardBlox. It is just like Sorcery Stones in the game, except by playing this, you can win codes for items and gold in game. Since my kids love this so much, I downloaded it and started playing with it. The game all by itself is fun to play. To get codes, you have to be able to connect to the internet. Then, just play until you can't play anymore. I think I got to level seven (I realize this is no great achievement!) before I got distracted and lost. Apparently, it was enough to win something! The game asked if I was a returning wizard or new wizard, and I clicked returning and logged in. I know you all want to see what I got. Well, not me, my daughter that plays the most. I took her out for a short walk on my computer so you could see one of the things you can win; a skeleton transformation!

Immediately after I hit the gift icon after logging in, I was inundated with friend requests, probably because, hey, how cool is this? I, of course, had to turn them all down (this is my daughter's character, not mine!). So, if a skeleton turned you down in game today, don't feel bad. Try friending her when she is online next. I wanted to save the costume for next time she played, as it only lasts for an hour, so I logged out to save what was left.

I probably will be trying this game out a little more, for a break here and there. Stay tuned for more prize reveals!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Secret Admirer - Anea!

I had a feeling when I went to her blog and found her there, in a lovely purple dress, that she was the one, and I was right! Thanks to Dristanel of The Physician's Log, I have made some new friends and am looking forward to reading many new blogs as a result of this Secret Admirer Weekend. If you click on the link to Dristanel's blog, it will take you to the reveal post, with all the participants.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dearest Ophelie,

Though you knew it not, I have read your blog with interest for many weeks now. Your posts on Blog Azeroth led me there, and your blog has entertained me for a few stolen moments every day since. I am glad that I was chosen to admire you this week!

I'm afraid I am not the sneakiest of suitors. I hope my clues were not so blatant as to lead you to me too quickly, but also not so vague as to leave you wondering. This was quite a brain exercise for me!

Anyhow, Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Ophelie (which I read means helpful). I look forward to reading more helpful articles on your site for a lot more stolen moments.


Just Dance!

I saw this Wii game at Gamestop today, and I thought, how silly is this? But, I had an extra 20 bucks, and they begged. I talked them out of a Karaoke title (we have Rock Band titles out the ears, why another sing along?), and after much shopping, we brought it home. The boy got Batman: Arkham Asylum with all his birthday money, so everyone left the game store happy.

We got home, and they wanted to play this over Batman. All but two got into it. Julia is a bit young, and Marissa thinks she is too old. Whatever. I'll be playing this one when they are sleeping one night. It looks like fun!

Looks like Julia isn't too young, and Marissa may yet change her mind :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Gift From My Secret Admirer.

I apologize for the lack of background. I had this silly idea that I would sit her on the edge of a post, but I'm just not that clever! Just imagine she is getting up from the side of her bed, having just put on this fabulous dress. Her secret admirer knew just the color that suited her, and the lilac sachet smells divine!


My admirer sent me an in game note, too. So far I get that they are a healer of the Alliance persuasion, and that they favor purple.

Now, to try and find out who this secret admirer is...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Secret Admirer

Dristanel from The Physician’s Log suggested a Secret Admirer project for this holiday, and I'll be darned if I miss out on the fun! See, I sign up, Dristanel picks a blogger out of the list of participants, and I get to anonymously stalk them for the weekend. How could this not be fun? Of course, I get to look at everyone else's sites in the process, trying to figure out who my secret admirer is, too, which should be adding some fun to my blog reader in the process. I believe Dristanel has posted a list of participants, so go check out the link. I had to whip this off fast because, I'm late for work! See if you can match up admirers to actual people, too. It's a fun time for all, and a perfect time to do it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breathtaking Outlands - A Photo Journal.

Delgada dusts off her camera and tours the Outlands, looking for ideal spots to snuggle up to your one and only. She got some great ideas for places to photograph from Arrens, Anna, Syrana, and Indigored. Thanks for the help, and I hope you all find something in here that sparks your romantic imagination!

What is the most incredible sight you have ever seen in game? For me, it was the sky seen through the massive columns after stepping through the Dark Portal. The Hellfire Peninsula itself is really void of beauty, save for the skies above. For a great picnic place, all you have to do is pick your favorite bit of floating debris and spread a blanket.

Zangarmarsh is gloomy, but can still provide a lovely backdrop for a romantic get together. Sit together atop a giant mushroom overlooking one of the lakes...

or find a secluded pond for some skinny dipping. Watch out for Naga. They don't take kindly to other people using their swimming pools.

The Lower City Tavern in Shattrath is decorated for the season. If you stop by at the right time, you can enjoy the company of your lovely date and the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftains.

Ruuan Weald in the Blade's Edge mountains seems to be welcoming lovers as well. When the curators are all asleep, take a dip with your sweet in the moonwell.

The innkeeper has set aside a room in the inn with satin sheets and mood lighting. Most couples will find this part of Blade's Edge very quiet and far away from the bustle of Northrend scourge fighting. The perfect get away!

Nagrand is lush and vibrant. If you and your Valentine enjoy hunting and fishing, this place is ideal.

If you don't, there are areas for rock climbing, swimming, free falling (bring along a priest or mage for best results), even a super trampoline!

Leaving the cheer and brightness of Nagrand and following the Lower Path into Terokkar, the mood changes to melancholy. Don't let the mood of the area get to you. This is one of the great places to lay down and look up at the sky.

The light from the sun and stars filters through the leaves and crystalline pine cones turn each beam into sparkling, tiny rainbows, beauty in the midst of sorrow. If your date is in a pensive mood, this could be a good place to end up.

What can anyone say about Shadowmoon Valley? It's dark, evil mood is punctuated by angry bursts and trails of fire in the sky. This is not the ideal place to take your intended, unless they have an unhealthy obsession with Illidan and the Black Temple.

Now, if you were looking for a heated spring to soothe war weary aches and ease tensions, you might well shoo away the naga and elementals from this place. I believe they may be the only hot springs in Outland.

Netherstorm, though in bits and pieces, still has some areas that any pair of lovers could enjoy together. The Eco Domes, marvels of science and magic, preserve some of the most beautiful tropical wildlife in both worlds.

Swimming, hunting, fishing, or just walking along enjoying the heady scents of hibiscus and other tropical flora, your partner will enjoy every minute spent inside.

Just mind the crocodiles.

Is your date interested in gemology, or a jewel crafter? Perhaps a stop on the Celestial Ridge for some "rock" climbing is in order.

Stage a ceremony at this secluded little chapel on Wizard's Row. Just make sure you clear the area of its ghostly and demonic denizens first.

Say your fella seems to have missed the boat? Take him out to captain this one in the Twisting Nether just south of Wizard's Row.

Outland is full of surprising and breath taking sights. What I have been able to photograph are just a small sampling of what Outland has to offer. Take your favorite person and pick a zone to explore together as part of your date. Take your own pictures, and put them into a scrapbook to make this date one to remember for years to come!

THIS Is Why I Love This Game!

A gondola for undead lovers in Undercity. This is fabulous!

Sweets For Your In Game Sweetie.

What do you get that epic someone in your life for Valentine’s Day? Delgada continues her search of the known world for unusual and thoughtful gifts that any Azerothian would love to receive. You can also go back in time and read last year's selections.

Battered Hilt - This may seem trashy, but there are people out there that, for a little hard work, will turn it into something worth wielding.

Motorcycle - Hit up a friendly engineer to help cut the cost, and get together the materials. Maybe when you're done handing over the keys, he'll take you for a spin!

Clothes - A new wardrobe piece makes a great gift. Crafted items are usually easier to get, but occasionally a loot drop makes its way to the auction house. Click on the categories below for a list of bind on equip epic level items sure to please your Valentine.






60 and Under Epic

61-79 Epic

Ammunition - Arrows are more Cupid’s style, but that hunter in your life might well be carrying a gun. A few thousand epic rounds in his ammo pouch will have him thinking of you with every shot.

Picnic - Wise people have said before that the way to a lover's heart is through their stomach. Cook up some buff foods that complement their play style, and invite them to a meal on your romantic picnic blanket. Pick up a cake for dessert!

Love Potions - Potions, elixirs, and flasks may not be a traditional gift, but he’ll love that you gave them, and that is why they are love potions!

Bling - Find a nice ring or necklace to set off your sweet's already great smile and gorgeous eyes.

Flowers - Or any off hand item to go with that scrumptious backless dress. Here are some you can buy.

I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for your in game flame. Stay tuned, as Delgada tours Outland and Northrend looking for the best of the best spots for romantic roleplay. While you wait, check out last year's articles covering the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let's Do Something Different.

Last night, on a whim, I asked my favorite pally tank if he would heal, so I could tank. He switched specs and gear, and I logged in Shawndra. With his roomies and my guildie/friend Waka on his shaman, Graham hit the random dungeon, and forgot to change roles, so we rolled again, and Shawndra found herself tanking Heroic Culling of Stratholme. We all started laughing hysterically as I said,"We're all going to DIE!" I ran to the flower shoppe and bought us all Stratholme Lilies to hold at our breast upon our first wipe.

Back at the entrance, I asked them what my gearscore was. I hadn't put the add on back after hubby fixed my user interface for the third time in a month. I was surprised to hear a score in the 3800 range. Well, all gear and rusty skills, we grimly set about our task. I can hold aggro pretty well if I don't have to move much and there are two mobs or less, so this may give you some idea of my skill. I lost aggro many times during the trash pulls, and killed a group member at least twice for that reason alone. Graham was not having fun, and neither was I.

We finished without a wipe, about 5 minutes shy of saving Chromie's agent. All the gear was sharded. It is probably safe to say that Graham will not be healing another instance anytime soon. A little later that night I shared the story of our adventure with another friend, a resto shaman who is gearing up. He said he wants to see me tanking again soon. Looks like I have a healer to practice with. Thanks, Wheez!(I think...)