Friday, February 12, 2010

Secret Admirer

Dristanel from The Physician’s Log suggested a Secret Admirer project for this holiday, and I'll be darned if I miss out on the fun! See, I sign up, Dristanel picks a blogger out of the list of participants, and I get to anonymously stalk them for the weekend. How could this not be fun? Of course, I get to look at everyone else's sites in the process, trying to figure out who my secret admirer is, too, which should be adding some fun to my blog reader in the process. I believe Dristanel has posted a list of participants, so go check out the link. I had to whip this off fast because, I'm late for work! See if you can match up admirers to actual people, too. It's a fun time for all, and a perfect time to do it!


A Fool for You said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Priest heals are nom

*the first three lines are scratched out*

A Rose or a Cake
A ride through the goo
These are all things
I want to get you!

One day we'll meet
and then we will find
if my affections
are returned in kind!

Your Admirer from Afar said...

Fear not, my dear Delgada, (may I call you so?)

We are quite alike, you and I - we seek to aid others and heal wounds. This brings us closer than the bounds of faction or race... or even decomposition.

Please accept this lavender scented sachet along with lavender [Lovely Robe] as my gifts to you.

Until I may admire you in it,

Your Admirer from Afar

Your Love said...

The time is near, my love!

I have wonderful plans for our Valentine's Day together - a picnic on a floating island in Nagrand (won't the scenery be divine?) However, darling, I must ask you refrain from ganking my heart. I'll be the one wearing the ["Enchantress" Perfume] sitting under the [Romantic Picnic Basket] - please say you'll join me!

Afterwards, if you feel as I do, my pet, we may fly up to Ruuan Weald for a steamy dip... I mean, a dip in the steamy moonwell.

Until then, my own,

Your Love