Friday, October 10, 2008

Fashions at Blizzcon

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Mostly because I am so in awe of their fashion sense, that I cannot come up with the words to express my appreciation!

First day, and perhaps last day, of Blizzcon.

I know I had it when we walked over to the main stage area to sit down for the contests. I know I did. When I looked down after the /silly contest, it was gone. Funny how something so simple as a piece of paper can keep you from something as big as Blizzcon.

Here's hoping they find it in the clean up tonight, or I will be packing it in early. It was a blast while it lasted...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Look! I got a jar of Zerg Creep!

I didn't go to Blizzcon last time, so I went in expecting...a ticket, a code for a mount, and a blow up Frostmourne replica. I am surprised at the wealth of fun this goodie bag is stuffed with, and the bit of helpful items they included. Some of my favorite fun items in the bag are the starter deck of World of Warcraft Trading Cards, the bubble hearthing paladin ball, and the paper undead mask. As for practical, the hand sanitizer does nothing for me (I'm a firm believer in exposing myself to the icky germ ridden strengthens my immune system!), but the tissue box with the so apt little phrase "QQ n00b" had me and my daughter giggling. Other neat stuff? A special edition authenticator, Diablo 'sin'amints (so your fellow con attendees have one less smell to complain of), a neat button for your bag strap or fave jacket from DC Unlimited, and a mousepad/picture frame from SwagDog.

There were other really cool items in there, but, unless pressured, I'll leave those to others to describe. All I have to say is...WOOT! Tomorrow we get to meet all sorts of people who enjoy what we do, and get to see all sorts of neat stuff, and maybe even get a stuffed Murloc! More later....

I've been bad...

I have been pretty busy with the real world these last few weeks. Go ahead and tell me that is no excuse. Go on, I can take it (ducking and cringing).

Anyhow, that will all change this next few days as I stand in line impatiently waiting for my goodie bag and passport to Blizzcon. I was originally planning to attend with my husband, but family matters are more important than any convention, so I am taking my eldest daughter instead. I am looking forward to meeting all sorts of people there, hopefully even the 5-7 people who actually read this blog!

I will post an entry every night after the con, with highlights of what I was able to see, and maybe even some teenage perspective from my daughter. If you have read this and are attending, feel free to comment below. Maybe we can stand in a line together!