Friday, December 23, 2011

Hopping on the Bandwagon

So, I'm sitting here, tabbing back and forth between my browser and a game, watching the queue number decrease soo slowly.  It's Friday morning, and I have about 20 minutes wait before I can magically transform from mundane housewife to Eromee, Sith Sorceress, or Shawndra, Imperial Agent.  The kids are slowly assembling to do their chores, and my phone is acting up so I cannot watch the queue and play Tiny Tower.

Eromee in Hammer Station.
Yesterday a few of my guild mates ran Hammer Station and attempted the next flashpoint available to our level.  Sorry I cannot remember what that one was.  I might if I had been successful.  The lag on my end last night was huge, and healing through lag is a skill I have not yet acquired. That, and I was grumpy because just as I was trying to collect a bio sample, they guys would start fighting, making it so I couldn't gather.  Then, of course, if it was a creature I was gathering from, by the time they were done fighting it was gone.  Gah!

After a few tries at that last flashpoint, I gave up and logged in my little Imperial Agent, Shawndra.  I got her from level 2 to level 5 pretty easily before I called it a night.  She is pretty fun to play so far, and I am enjoying  Hutta, even though I know I will have to say goodbye soon.

What is it with Wookies and broken protocol droids?
Typical Hutt Palace gathering.
Shawndra, clearly unimpressed.
Oh, I'm in!  More later when I figure out this game...