Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Will I Post This?


 Hi! It's been FOREVER! I'm still playing World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. Sometimes I poke my head into Star Wars Galaxies and even more rarely dust off a wand and play Wizard 101. Since the invention of the wonderful token, I have found paying for my account by playing the game keeps me from falling asleep in Valdrakken, or any number of main cities. I can afford to play for "free", even though I know that I am spending valuable time doing it. What am I doing in game? The usual things...


  1. Dailies. Forgive the age of the picture. Bonus points if you can tell me what quest this is from.
  2. Achievements. Finally used that stupid Murloc Traders Cloak I've been hanging onto for I can't even remember how long and got the seahorse mount.  
  3. Reputation Grind. I'm done with it on Delgada, still finishing Maruuk and Tuskarr on Minya. The rest of my characters can live without it, until they need a recipe or something. I do still have to work on Cobalt Assembly with Delgada. Maybe when I have a weekend free to join group finder.
  4. Old Content. I am currently leveling Blacksmithing in Legion with a Dark Iron cutie named Aebhilinn. Why else level a prof but for toys and mounts?.
  5.  Alts. Need I say more? I have to have one of almost every flavor. I just can't bring myself to level a shaman or a monk. I got an evoker to 60 and shelved her. I was trying to level a Worgen warrior for the guild achievement, but no one was logging in to the guild, so I left her in the inn. There's probably a death knight rotting away on some forgotten server somewhere.
  6. Making Money. I have to make about 200k every month to buy a token, and the price is going up. Last time I looked, they were selling for over 235k. that means I sell everything that isn't nailed down, and aim for dailies that make money.
  7. Being Stupid. It can't all be business. Just don't run with scissors. (photo badly edited to show dangerous scissors with no thought to what it would do to the rest of the image)

    I miss writing on this page. I guess I will hit the publish button. Who knows? There might even be a follow up, right after I make my 235k.