Monday, June 27, 2011


Danger To All Who Pass These Signs!

My time has been pretty much filled with kids who need stuff, parents who need stuff, trips to exotic locations, and family trips to fun places like Knott's Berry Farm and the movies.  So, Lulubelle is all I have really had time for.  Well, her and a few shots at Ahune on Delgada (trip #2 got the Ice Chip), and several hours, afk and not, in  Minecraft.  I thought I would have more time for some end game raiding over the summer, but it looks as if that is a thing of the past for me.  As much as I would love to, and hubby would let me, it just takes too much time.  So, here is Lulubelle, fresh from Outlands in matching (shockingly!) armor, ready to take on Northrend.
Goodbye Nagrand!

Lulubelle has been running around Northrend for a while now, and is just into her 78th level.  I got a fishing bug, and decided she needed to level her secondary skills a little, so today all she did were the  three fishing dailies and one cooking daily. She's been a good little dungeon healer, healing all the regular dungeons she can, and got to run a few with her guild master's alt death knight tank, who helped knock out most of 77 with his fast queues.
At Home In Dalaran.

As for Minecraft, I know someone latched onto that and wants to know what I am up to.  KNR has a server, and I have managed to dig in pretty deep, found a big bit of redstone, a small amount of iron, gold, lapis, and diamond, and enough cobblestone to build skyscrapers. Here are some recent (I opened up the game to grab them just now!) screenshots of my corner of the KNR Minecraft Server.  The other guys are far more talented than I, and have huge greenhouses and above ground pleasure palaces.  I'll settle for my little Barbie Dream Bunker.

Kitchen And Den.

Mining Operation AKA Back Yard.
Chateau Shawndra.

Shawndra's Greenhouse.
That's all I have for now, as I am being whisked away to Sizzler.  More later, hopefully sooner than later!