Monday, February 25, 2013

I Read It On My Phone!

Cover art for The Trial of the Red Blossoms

I mentioned while on the Twisted Nether the other night that I had downloaded The Trial of the Red Blossoms to my phone and read it from the Kindle app.  The link will take you to the beginning of the story, and if you open this on your phone, all you have to do is use the download drop down menu on the left and select your format.  Easy Peasy!  From there, with the browser window open I went to the options menu and selected downloads, then opened it from there.  It asked me what to open it with.  I chose the Kindle app out of the two choices (the other being some office suite that would have worked, but not the same way!), and started reading.  When I was done and closed it, it saved my progress, and the next time I wanted to read it I opened it from the downloads and continued from where I left off.

This story was great, as I can imagine all the others are, too. I hope Blizzard decides to back track a little and convert the other stories to a more phone friendly form.

Showing My Age.

Stringfellow Hawke in front of Airwolf.
Blizzard, I am sorry.  Jan Michael Vincent is not a gnome.  If you were to make a convincing nod to his character from the beloved series Airwolf, you could at least have made him human, if he has to be Alliance.

Hack. Indeed.  
I guess it was better that your version of him was a gnome, as I felt no sadness in taking the fool out of the sky.  Stringfellow is more suited to the Horde.  Stringfellow the Blood Elf and Santini the Tauren.  Yup. And the slick guy that sent him on missions? Definitely undead.

That's all I have.  Just had to get that off my chest.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Been Waiting A Long Time For This.

Last night was a whirlwind of old raiding for Delgada and most of the members of Void Where Prohibited. I logged in around 4:15 to find they were getting ready to kill Lord Jaraxxus for the daily quest in Trial of the Crusader to get some lower characters some justice points.  The guild had decided that they would be going for a few Wrath of the Lich King Raid achievements, and some of them required level 80 characters.  The plan is to gear up and stop experience gain on some qualified characters so that everyone has a chance at these achievements.  So, justice points would be needed for gear, and all the stuff no one wanted was disenchanted by me to add to the growing pile of materials in the guild bank.  Anyhow, Del ran around with them, then I pulled in Carlatta from Cenarius to run another.  The achievements started rolling in.

From there, they decided to run some trash runs on the Icecrown Citadel to gain some reputation with the Ashen Verdict.  After a few runs, they decided to see how people were progressing with their Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievement.  Before last night, my progress was pretty bad, with only maybe 4 of the requirements complete.  We ran all but the Lich King fight on heroic, and the only achievement I have left to complete is Full House, while some still need half of the Once Bitten achievement.  The raid went pretty fast, achievement spam flew after every boss fight, and Delgada gained the title "of the Ashen Verdict" after killing  Deathbringer Saurfang.  After defeating Sindragosa, everyone left the raid so it could be reset to regular so we could try for the achievement Been Waiting A Long Time For This.  Now, our first attempt with a group that consisted of a bear tank, a warlock, a hunter, a shaman, and Delgada running as discipline.  There just weren't enough heals with only Del healing, so we looked into our Real Id friends to find help.  I love my friends!  A friend from my original WoW guild on Smolderthorn came to help on his warrior, and a friend from Delgada's first transfer and guild on Drak'tharon brought his level 87 priest, who also ran as discipline.  The idea of this fight is for the damage dealers to stand and look pretty at one point just out of range of the mobs.  Another point in the center of the room was marked for people to run to when they got necrotic plague, and when they got there I would dispel it and they would run back, until such a time where the tank called for people to add their plague to his.  Then, when they were infected, they would run to him and I would dispel them there, and they would run back.  This continued until he had thirty stacks of the plague, then everyone went all out on damage.  The first attempt without my friends, and the second, I found I was running out of mana just after DPS kicked in.  So, no heals, we wiped.  With the extra help at heals, we just made it to the end, with the tank as last man standing.  When King Terenas Menethil resurrected us, the screen lit up with achievements!  Here is the proud group standing near Arthas after the fight.

The End.

That was the end of that fight, but not nearly the end of our evening.  Next, we did the Sartharion(25) fight with three drakes up, which took all of maybe ten minutes, netting most of us not only the Twilight Zone achievement but also the Gonna Go achievement, too.  The warlock won the drake, only to find he didn't have the right level flight to learn it. so he spent the time it took for us to travel to the Eye of Eternity stealing from his alts to get the money.  Malygos fell really fast, and Delgada finished the Champion Of The Frozen Wastes achievement, as well as You Don't Have An Eternity and A Poke In The Eye.  After that, we traveled to Blackwing Lair, where many got transmogrification pieces and achievements.  Then, we went back to Icecrown to run the Trial of the Crusader, which got many of us even more achievements. Finally, we left Northrend to run back to Kalimdor to slay Onyxia.  I had tried to solo this a while ago, to no avail.  I think it was set to 25 player when I tried, and was the reason I was unable to complete it.  I think after running this for the first time in a group that I will probably be able to do this alone, on ten man difficulty.

Busy night!  More importantly, Delgada and I are happy in our new home with people who are fun and like to do things together.  I have been missing this for a long time, and look forward to our next runs. Thanks for the fun, Void Where Prohibited!  Let's do it again really soon.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

With A Little Luck, And A Lot Of Work.

Del has finally tamed Mazzranache!

OK.  Not really.  But still, after many grueling days of bombing chemical wagons, chastising chemists, and carving lovely bits from enemy kills, Delgada has her Swift Lovebird. There are only a few days left of this holiday to try for the mount that I cannot bring myself to name, and I am pretty certain I will be trying for this one again next year.  One out of two isn't bad.

When I land, I'm gonna take this apart and learn how to make it.

In other news, Dinnaeh the Pandaren Mage is on the cusp of level 35, almost where she needs to be for another dungeon run with the Channel Massive guild. This may be our last regular leveling group for a while, so we'll have to decide what happens while they are off playing other games. The guild needs levels!

 Now that she has Ice Barrier and Ice Block I have noticed her chances of survival increase.  Arcane is an easy rotation to learn, and if she is not top in damage done, she is on the heels of whoever she is behind.  She has bought her way ahead in engineering and mining, so everything she is mining in Desolace ( her latest zone change) has been green or grey and giving very few skill-ups. If the ore she has been selling continues to pay her way, she may just stay ahead, just because she is loving the gadgets.  She finished her quest and chose Gnomish Engineering for the gadgets, because explosions are cool, but gadgets are unpredictably fun and last longer!

Off I go to give Del her chance at that mount again.  Wish me luck, and I wish you loads of luck in whatever Azeroth or Earth has for you today!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Townlong Steppes is beautiful.
Delgada has been doing a lot of dailies lately because of those silly charm bracelets.  Oddly enough, I am not complaining about it.  Once I finally finished the Golden Lotus, dailies started being fun.  I really hadn't dipped more than a toe into the August Celestial dailies, so my one encounter at the Cradle of Chi-Ji wasn't memorable.  Happily, when I have had time to do their dailies these past two weeks, I have been sent to the Temple of the White Tiger.  I love that story! Last night, Delgada managed to finally face every challenger the temple had to offer.  I love the Street Fighter theme that area has going for it, and I do the count down and the "Fight!" yell in my head every time I start a duel there.  Then, I try to lower my voice to match the "Victory!" exclamation Xuen says after I win.  My kids think I am crazy, and hubby just rolls his eyes.  Has anyone lost a fight?  I wonder what he says then.

Shado-Pan was not a faction I was looking forward to leveling, mostly because it was just another set of dailies.  I didn't know I would have so much fun hanging out with them every day!  The day before yesterday I chose Fei Li to quest with me, and I smiled every time she said, " Burn Baby, Burn!"  Yesterday, Fei was out doing laundry or something, so I chose Chao the Voice.  Not quite as entertaining as Fei, but still nice to have the company!  I noticed there is an achievement to do 15 quests with each companion.  Can't wait to see what the others are like, as I am many unlocks from having all of them to choose from.  I can see that I won't be forgetting to run these dailies anytime soon, just because I am excited to see who I get to hang out with next!

The Sha Pinata.
While I was in between August Celestial dailies and Shado-Pan dailies, someone called for a Sha of Anger group, and Del joined in.  Del got her tier gloves, and some gold.  The last time she did this, she got gold, and gold, and the quest boots.  So, Del is two for two in upgrades from the Sha.  I was informed by a guild mate that she couldn't have more than 10 of the Elder coins at any one time.  I think I wasted a turn in last week, then, because I could have sworn I had ten then, too.  Agh!  Oh well, I have to hang on to these coins until tomorrow or later, because even though I have been told to run the LFR midweek, I just haven't had the time, so I am pressed to try it this weekend before they roll out the new stuff on patch day!

Outland, ho!
I found that, after the move, Delgada wasn't on Zul'jin alone this time.  I had been playing with this guild before, and leveled an undead hunter named Ferrolina up to her mid fifties.  Why I left this one at such a weird level is beyond me.  Since this guild has unlocked all the guild reward heirlooms, I broke down and bought her the helmet and the leggings, and plan to buy her the cloak as well.  I don't really have anything against heirlooms, I just would rather spend my points on my main and money on my alts. Feeling loved and wanted, Ferrolina put on her new things and set out for the Blasted Lands.  At closing time, she made her way through the Dark Portal, and laid her head down in Thrallmar for the night.

Ferrolina seems to be on her way to taking over as Del's support character.  On her original server, Smolderthorn, Carlotta was the alchemist that made all her potions and flasks.  She hasn't had a helper like that in a while, and Ferrolina is right where she needs to be in her professions, as she also met with her herbalism and alchemy trainers last night and picked up her new recipes.  I am relatively sure that Delgada will be on this server for at least the year, so Ferrolina will have to step up, because I am tired of not having a helper!

I just looked at the clock and, whoah, I have to get to work.  Make sure to stop and smell the roses, whichever world you choose to live in today.  Happy Friday!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Delgada has regained her original name.  She was sent First Class tickets on a cross realm spaceship from Alleria to Zul'jin.  For now, her progress feed will be broken until the armory catches up with her.  In the meantime, if you were looking for me, my Battle Tag is Shawndrakai#1996.  Add me to your list of buddies!  If I am not asleep at the keys or being impersonated by an 18 year old, I'll talk back.

Back to trying for the elusive "mount that will not be named".

Sunday, February 17, 2013

When Pigs Fly.

Can't use that excuse anymore...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How I Feel When I Log In

Yep.  Some days playing World of Warcraft is like this.  I grab a quest, find where it leads me, and get lost seeing things. Next thing I know, someone is yelling for my attention, and hours have flown by. Take me somewhere, Jade Serpent.  I need a mini vacation!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lovely Charm Bracelets And Other Nonsense.

"I'll bet we can't sit here forever."          "You're on."

Since the beginning of this "Love is in the Air" holiday, Delgadita has been doing her dailies religiously.  Why?  Because she needs Lovely Charms.  The only way to get them is to carve them from some dead thing that was possibly strong enough to kill her.  Why waste the effort?  The last few days, the Golden Lotus and the August Celestials have given her enough opportunity to get the charms, but not today. Today, Del had to do Shado-Pan as well.  There was a quest to kill Deathtalker Corpsedefilers that came with  their own entourage of lower hit point ghosts.  Just like the daily the Golden Lotus give to kill spirits, these also have a chance to give charms.  I had enough to make almost two extra bracelets, which means a head start on tomorrow.  Good thing.  Del needs a rest, and I am going out for an anniversary dinner and movie date!

Sitting still, hoping for a nibble.

Del is also fishing up a barge full of fish to finish off her cooking. Redbelly, Salmon, and Shrimp are on her list, but she's hitting every pool in hopes of maybe finding something slimy to impress Nat with.  Tonight, she fished up enough extras to buy a few soy sauce and found two special fish for Nat.  Sure, Valentine's day is gone away, but perhaps she'll be in line for the next romantic holiday.

Why am I grinding out bracelets?  Why am I running the instance daily?  Didn't Delgadita finish the achievements for all the holidays?  Yes, she did, but there is a new mount and another mount that we must have.  So, instead of looking for romantic corners of Pandaria to put down a romantic picnic basket and have a date with your pixelated lover, Delgadita is busy melting faces and carving out "lovely charms".  Eww.  Seems to be right up her alley, even if she cringes when she gives one to Garrosh.  She did find one pretty little secluded place, near where Kun Lai Summit meets the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.  No basket needed, as it seems someone already set the place for a sweet little spot of tea.

A little overgrown, but so secluded!

Earlier in the week, Del managed to get invited to a Sha massacre.  That guy had no chance of slithering away, and I do believe the Alliance was busy feeling Varian's biceps or tittering over how lovely Jaina's new hairdo is, because they didn't even try to wrest his attention away from our mighty army.  Del got mind controlled once, and her damage was 12th, which makes her mediocre.  Still, he went down, and both loot rolls got her some pocket change.  I am very much looking forward to the promised changes in the looking for raid loot kits they have promised.  I don't think I could bear spending quality time in a raid and getting chump change.  Anyhow, Del got a nice pair of boots, though, so she really cannot complain too loudly.

In still other news. Dinnaeh the panda mage has until Monday to reach level 30, so she can run instances again with the guys from Channel Massive.  Last week was a lot of fun, as always, and I have decided that the only way I win in battlegrounds, of which we did Warsong Gulch, is to try and top the deaths list.  Not killing blows, deaths.  Dinnaeh died 16 times in that battleground, and won the category.  Huzzah!  We ended the night in Gnomeregan, and I will leave that to your imagination how a rag tag group of heirloom-less, just old enough to enter mostly panda group fared in that nuthouse of an instance.  The latest episode should be up by the end of the week, just in time for another Monday dungeon crawl.  In the meantime, check out their coverage of the Neverwinter beta!

I leave you all with a Valentine screenshot of  Anselma at the Darkmoon Faire.

Olive Ya!  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm So Excited!

And I Just Can't Hide It!

Anselma's pretty excited about the band. I am pretty excited that I get to hang out with Hydra and Fimlys on the Twisted Nether Blogcast this weekend!  Come hang out with us in the chat room on Sunday at 8 pm PST.  I know it will be a lot of fun!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Suitor

Be Mine?

Delgadita's favorite place and a rose, this fella has it down.  Now, if only he were undead.  I suppose that can be arranged...

I wanted to do a transmog outfit for Valentine's Day.  I actually wanted to do several, and a few more may come, but this shirt caught my eye.  At first, the outfit was turning toward the Firelands for some heroic pieces, but I wanted it to be accessible to almost anyone, so I searched.  WoWhead has a color search option, but it is very difficult to use.  I then found World of Wardrobes, and I was set.  They have a search by color, by type, by slot.  Fabulous!  Much easier than paging through hundreds of different gloves for one unique pair!

I've been waiting for hours!

Here he is standing so that you can see his whole outfit. Now, for your shopping list, if you want to recreate it.

  1. Encarmine Spaulders or Hide of the Lone Hunter or Hive Controller Mantle. These are all quest rewards from different but equal level zones.  Easy to get, unless you are under level.  Which would make the rest of the outfit harder, still.
  2. Songbird Blouse.  This drops from a rare boss in Stratholme.  He doesn't aggro unless you stomp his toe, and he also drops a nifty trinket.  Chances are good that, if he drops the shirt and you are grouped with someone, you will be the only taker.
  3. Triggerfish Girdle or Earthmender's Sawfish Girdle or Tigershark Belt. All from equal level quests.  The last two have options for Horde or Alliance, so check for the other side if the link steers you wrong.
  4. Gruffscale Leggings drop from a non elite rare spawn in Un'Goro Crater.  There were a couple other with the same look, such as the Singed Pants and another that are no longer in the game, but as you can see, this is the only viable transmog option still available.
  5. Taldaram's Soft Slippers. Regular or Heroic version look the same.  I chose these because they have the same colors as the belt.
  6. Gloves of the Fang. See how the sleeve on our handsome model seems to have changed with these gloves equipped?  I thought these would hide nicely under the sleeve, and they may, I only have the model viewer to trust here.  Have you seen how a sword is sheathed on this thing?  Either way, these gloves win in my book.
  7. Mantle of Desire, Doubt, Fury, or Patience.  These all are rewards for saving Thrall with Aggra's help.  That upon turning this in you get to witness Thrall and Aggra get married is just icing on the cake.
  8. Penelope's Rose . Sadly, this is the only transmog available rose in the game, that isn't anymore.  If you kept this rose from an old quest in Scholomance, you are a lucky person.  If not, you'll have to settle for Suntouched Flowers or even vendor flowers.
Now, all you well dressed fellas.  Go out and get your girl!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Navimie the Poet

Navimie is really too sweet to have taken the time to write poems for every single person who wished her many happy bloggy returns.  She even wrote me one!

She's having fun in laid back raids
Achievement spam is win!
Delgadita's out of her shell
So fun it's almost sin!

She figured out that reference
'bout Lost and Diablo.
She's ready now for LFR
I'll cheer her on - GOGO!

We love you too, Navimie!  Now that this is in prose, I really had better get into that LFR I keep telling everyone I'm gonna try, someday.  For posterity, I filed this great poem here, and because my magnet wall is almost full. Thanks for the poem and the cheer! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Need A Little Magic.

This whole last week I have logged in, taken a whole hour or more to do my farming, all the while falling asleep at the keys.  I have accomplished next to nothing with Delgadita.  I went on the instance run on Monday on Dinnaeh the mage.  Yeah, that is about all the meaningful gaming I did this week.  My daughter, however, managed to nab the One Man's Trash achievement, caged a few more battle pets, and bought a dancing bear for us.  Oh, and got us the Double Agent achievement.  She got her little gnome shadow priest to 90 on Tuesday.

Too short to see over the saddle.

So, I felt I needed to contribute in some way to this effort that is really my account.  Today, I managed to get my farming done with only a little running off the plot with the plow.  Then, Delgadita did her Golden Lotus dailies and turned in an old archaeology daily.  While there with the Lorekeepers, she managed to finish several artifacts, including a Tol'vir sand castle.  One of the artifacts was pristine, so she displayed it.  Then, she went back to the Temple of Two Moons to turn in her lesser coins for elder coins, and got her quest to start her dailies with the August Celestials.  She finished those, then headed for the Darkmoon Fair.  Like always, she forgot thread, dye, and flour, so she finished what she could, went back and grabbed those, turned those in, then realized she had to go back again for fossil fragments.  Agh!  She gathered those, doing all the Kalimdor trainers along the way.  She finished, fought Brok to complete that step in her pet training quests, then went back to turn in the fossils and the dust she forgot to turn in.  Then, she went back, trounced the Uldum master pet trainer, and went back to Orgrimmar to get her next step; Pandarian trainers.

Courageous Yon is hard to find, on the high part of Kota Peak.

Phew!  What I am noticing as Del completes each trainer is a severe lack of a magic pet in her lineup.  When she needs something magic, she has been leaning, perhaps a little too hard, on her rapana whelk and it's ooze touch.  It hits hard enough, but it's only one attack, and some fights last a little long when the other side has a heal. That, and she had been leaning on lower level aquatics to go against the elementals she faced.  Until this battle...

Another  core player at max level!

So, yeah, none of my pets have names.  I feed them, I bandage them, I kiss them and take them for walks, but I just can't seem to find a name that fits.  Eternal Strider is 35 now, which means now I can work on a magic pet, and an elemental pet, and a dragon, and and and...after I finish this round of tamers.

That Hedgehog HURTS!

Which may not happen tonight..



This guy has kicked my poor clockwork gnome (I have been kicking around naming him Norm after my dad, the handiest guy I know) up and down and those quills are hard to get out!  So, I think I will send Delgadita home to the Lazy Turnip with an industrial strength pair of tweezers to salvage Norm so he can come back for another round.  Tomorrow?  Who knows.  My anniversary is in a few days and we are having a hard time scheduling our dinner out.  WoW might have to wait a day or so for the boy's birthday, a niece's birthday, and dinner out at Claim Jumper.

So, goodnight Azeroth and Earth!  Maybe we'll run into each other again soon.  Like maybe a Meetup?  Our group is thinking about scheduling another day a month for TCG fun!  Look us up as the Inland Empire World of Warcraft Meetup group on  We'd love to have more people to chat with!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Cute Engineer


Shadowfang Keep and Blackfathom Deeps attempted to ruin this outfit.  Boy, are we glad for the ethereal that changes the appearance of our clothes!  If you want to hear how the run went, listen to the next episode of Channel Massive

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Vacation Vehicle, etc.

I'm just out of the shower.  The six year old hands me a handful of beautiful weeds.  Her slightly older sister is helping her put them in a tea cup, with a little water so they don't drown.  My social butterfly, athlete and scholar is out pulling weeds with a friend in my overgrown garden, getting it ready for spring.  Laundry is being washed and hung, the kitchen is halfway clean.  One of the girls is begging me to get up from the computer to take her to pick up stuff she left at a friends house last time she slept over, and begging to stay over despite the abysmal performance in the chore and homework departments.  Son is on the couch contributing lamely to any conversation that happens.  Hubby is sporting his "Dude" robe, socks and tennis shoes, looking at some videos of people playing Skyrim and New Vegas mods.  The oldest and my granddaughter are in their private trailer, getting some quiet time.

Me?  I'm cleaning my happy place.  Hubby rearranged the desks so we would again be next to each other instead of facing each other.  Facing each other sounded like a good idea until the reality of trying to peek in between two monitors past two more monitors set in. Now, he can just turn and see me, and kiss me, and I have a clear shot at him when he irks me.  I have a basket of ammunition that is tired of missing its mark.  Anyway, I said I was cleaning. I sat down to write this 3 hours ago, and since then have managed to wash my desktop, which always looks bad because it is glass, dust my shelves and reorganize them, and add art to my wall.  I know I wonder where everyone else plays from.  Wanna see mine?  Sorry, if you said no, just flip to the next article in your blog reader. No skin off my nose. :)

The command center.

My fun corner.
I have an overflow shelf on the top of the shelves in my living area that holds more geeky stuff, and I just noticed, a complete do it yourself manual and a toilet paper roll.  Since I feel like sharing, here it is.

Get your D&D books off my shelf!  I need more space!

So what does your space look like?  I'd love to see, or even read, about where you visit Azeroth from!


Djennifer and her homeboy, Velen.
Yes, I let Djennifer woo me away for a short time from my list.  To be fair, though, Delgadita is not ready for LFR, even if her gear score shows she is.  I went to MR Robot and followed his recipe, only to find I had put the Ruby Slippers on Del when I was in Karazhan.  So, I traded them for my crafted PvP slippers and did the stats on them like he told me on all the others; change the mastery for haste. Why? Because, OMG, haste!  I'm so far away from the soft cap that I should just roll in a pile of haste and shower in haste afterward.

Now, MR Robot wants me to take the stat fix off my neck, change another, and he is insisting on a belt buckle and gem, a hella pricey staff enchant, and the purple form of shoulder and leg enhancements.  MR Robot can bite me.  Seriously.  I'm just gonna throw away those items anyhow.  I'm rolling in Elder Charms.  Try and make me do it MR Robot, try it.

Well, after I fixed my gear last night, I visited a link MR Robot gave me to check my talents and glyphs and rotation and consumables.  I had the rotation down, sort of, but added in the Mind Spike talent to increase my damage.  I had nowhere to go but up.  I bought flasks and potions but the food, well, I couldn't make it and no one had it on the auction  house.  Guess what I did last night?  No, I didn't run LFR, and I didn't do any dailies, guess again.  Yes, I worked on the farm and did my silk cool down, but that is not what I am talking about.  I went and farmed Mushan Ribs and fished up Reef Octopus.  I traded in all my cooking monies for 100 Year Soy Sauce and Juicycrunch Carrots.  I am one Banquet of the Pot away from mastering the Way of the Pot, so I can make the food I need to eat before I melt things.

My Szechuan Chicken getting in the way of a perfect picture, again.
The house was quiet, I was in Krasarang fishing up Reef Octopus.  I went over and dropped a Mimic Octopus in Nat's lap, then went to the Dread Wastes and killed many Mushan in the name of being a whole shadow priest again.  It wasn't easy, but I am committed, or should be anyway.  Maybe tonight will be the night Del dips her toes into LFR.  I did read the raid guides on the fights in Mogushan Vaults.  I should be fine.


Friday, February 1, 2013

How Do You Not Know Me?

But we spent all that time together in Dustwallow....

Hi, my name is Delgadita.  We met a long time ago, back when I was about 40.  You even gave me your fishing pole.  See? How is it you don't remember sending me to the corners of Kalimdor and even to the Eastern Kingdoms for rare fish?  OK, I get it, you like to drink almost as much as you like to fish.  Are you trying to tell me you were so drunk when you gave me your pole you don't remember?  Was that even your pole?  I'll bet you just sent me off to get me out of those luscious brown wavy locks of yours.    You didn't even expect me to get back to you with all the fish.  But I did.  So you gave me some random fishing pole off the rack, probably an abandoned pole from a forgotten girlfriend.  That would explain the pink fishing line and the shiny tackle.  Maybe it was Jaina's spare fishing pole?  I feel like I've been had.  I bet you won't even remember me after I fish up the load of rare fish it takes to make you my best friend.

Aww, heck, I'll try anyhow.  Undeath hasn't changed my appreciation of a handsome man.  This time I'd better get better than sloppy seconds, though, or I'll make you spend undeath with me.  Oh, and here is that Mimic Octopus I found.  Catch you later, Nat!

No, really, I didn't want to know.

Break's Over!

Time to punch back in.  Delgadita has been gathering cobwebs in the Lazy Turnip for a while now, and it's starting to bother me.  I got her into a level of gearing that would allow her to start in the LFR, and then didn't run any raids.  Shado-Pan and August Celestial reputations are all but untouched, and she still has a long way to go on the Klaxxi and the Golden Lotus.  She hasn't even finished working with the Anglers, and she loves fishing!

Excuses?  I have plenty.  Weekends are for the guild on Shu'halo. Anselma will tank for the guild group, and Dinnaeh the monk is sufficiently ahead of her to supply her with stone and ore for her jewel crafting.  Weekends should be enough time to play with them.  Mondays are reserved for the guys at Channel Massive.  Dinnaeh the mage is a bit ahead of her engineering, and at level 20 is just around the same level as the other toons we have been running dungeons with.  So, no need to work on her any time but Monday.  A new addition to the low level team is Djennifer (really imaginative, huh?) a draenei paladin I made to give someone a gift.  I fell in love with her and got her to 19 and her engineering up high enough to put on her first pair of goggles.  She is not a necessary toon, so no excuse there.

Delgadita has Tuesday through Friday to get some work done, and work she will.  Here is my plan of action:

  1. Tuesday - Golden Lotus and August Celestials
  2. Wednesday - Golden Lotus and Shado-Pan
  3. Thursday - Golden Lotus and August Celestials
  4. Friday - Shado-Pan and LFR
When Del has reached exalted with the Golden Lotus, I plan to make her work every day on Klaxxi in their place on the schedule.  When Klaxxi is done, then she will be working on August Celestials and Shado-Pan daily.  Since the Anglers aren't super important, I think I will just have her work on them when she has time after her other dailies, or on the weekends.  Of course, she'll still have her gardening to do.  Then there is pet nabbing and leveling.  Then Saelladrea has her auctioning to do.  She can have a little time on the weekend.

There is the short list.  I have a slightly more detailed list of things that Delgadita has been neglecting. Things like old and new achievements, holidays, and  professions.  A new transmog outfit is in need, to, even though I just love the robe she is wearing.  Hello, Friday!  Time to dust off Del and get her moving.  Yeah, right after I go play with Djennifer for a few minutes.  And then there is this thing I want to do with Dinnaeh the monk...