About Me

Jennifer, Shawndra, Eromee, Delgada, Hey You, Maaaahhhhhhmmm!

My name is Jennifer Morton.  I am a 40 something mother of 6 girls and one boy, and a grandmother of two.  I live in a very small house in the Desert Wasteland of California with my kids, my husband, a cat, and a zillion loads of unwashed laundry. I work for an elementary school as a cafeteria lead.  I enjoy reading books, cereal boxes, milk cartons, pasta boxes, and pretty much any reading material that crosses my path. I like to listen to 80's and 90's flashback music.  Some of my still favorite bands are the Cure, Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet, and pretty much any music in the alternative rock genre. I escape frequently to a number of games, mostly online.  My most beloved place of escape is Azeroth.

When I was just 14, I got my first computer.  I played a game called Hammurabi, and a few other games.  When I was almost 16, a friend introduced me to the modem, and my online adventures began.  Back then it was role playing in chat rooms, playing text adventure games like Kyrandia and Trade Wars, and meet ups at Straw Hat mid week. I lurked on many BBS systems, using the free ones and occasionally paying for EDI (a popular board in my area), where I was friends with one of the co sysops.

I met a guy at one of the pizza meets, got out of high school, and didn't log in as often. My computer started to collect dust.I eventually got married to that guy, had a baby, and moved across the country.  Not knowing too many people out there, my computer and I started searching for BBS systems.  This was around the time that AOL became popular, and the list of BBS systems was short and shrinking. I met people in the area, became too busy with work, had another two kids, and became just too busy for the computer.  I did, however, manage to find out about my high school reunion and buy plane tickets online to return to the west coast, for what I thought was a vacation.

I stayed.  Again, I was in a town where I knew next to noone, so the computer came out.  While the kids slept, I played Poppit and chatted over the Yahoo messenger.  I started chatting with a guy who had a lot in common with me.  We met, dated, broke up, and dated again, then we got married.  This time, the computer stayed on.  See, he introduced me to Star Wars Galaxies, and I was hooked.  Can you believe I played that game on a dial up connection?  When he moved in, he had cable internet put in, then Fios. Star Wars Galaxies died, and World of Warcraft took its place. I had a baby, then my oldest daughter had a baby. You'd think with all those kids, a husband, a house and a job, I would find no time to play.  I make time to play.  I would be insane without my daily escape!

Need to get a hold of me?  Send me mail.  My email address is shawndrakai at gmail dot com. If you have Google Talk, you can message me at that address, too.  I rarely post snippets on Twitter, where I am known as @ShawndraKai. Or, you can just comment on on of my posts! For those who are interested, my Blogger profile is here.  Even better, I play WoW a lot, so get in touch with me there!  My Battle tag is ShawndraKai#1996.