Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Grown Up!

Celestia is here! Yay!

My Life wizard is only level forty.  Celestia is a long way off for her.  I still felt like running around Wizard City today, so Rowan got to come out and play.  I wasn't up for much, just a few fights against Baron Mordecai, and to empty my pet energy bubble once on my new imp.  So, I skipped Rowan down Triton Aveue to the Baron's tower and waited for the entry timer to finish counting down.  I was alone, so I started the fight right away.  I put down a life trap, put up a heal boost, and passed once, waiting for something good to come up to cast.  The next available choices were a zero pip ice blast and my pixie minion.  I figured, it's just me, alone, maybe she will be helpful.  So I pulled her out.  And she was!

Several posts ago I complained about how selfish she was.  She would cast one pip pixie spells on herself, and occasionally toss an imp at the wrong target.  She was annoying, and only rarely offered any help.  Tonight, she dazzled me with her skill. Her first cast was a trap on one of the lesser targets.  Her next cast was a leprechaun, a spell I hadn't seen her use before, at the same target she had trapped.  She passed twice, then cast a satyr spell on me.  This is another spell I didn't know she knew.  Then she cast a trap, which I used, then she cast another trap, and another leprechaun, this time on the boss.  I think she finished him off with that spell.

Well, I think to myself, this can't be real.  It was only one fight.  so, after I left the tower, I tossed out a few spells in favor of stacking the maximum number of minion cards in my deck, so I would be sure to pull her early in the fight.  I stepped into the entry and started with a blade and a trap, waiting for my pips to build to 4 so I could summon my minion, because sure enough, her card was ready and waiting.  I pulled her out and her first cast was a trap on the lesser mob.  Then, she cast leprechaun at that target.  Her third cast was a trap, on the boss this time.  I must have taken some damage, because her fourth cast was a two pip fairy heal on me.  She passed, then cast another two pip fairy on herself, as she had somehow grabbed aggro on one of the two mobs., then she passed and sent that same fairy spell to me again.  Then she cast a trap on the boss, followed by a leprechaun.  By then, the deed was done. Mordecai gave me a pair of boots and a banana for my trouble. I stepped outside for some fresh air, and there were people ready to enter the tower, so I thought I would try her in a group.  It was easy to tell she had grown to like me, but would she help others?  I stepped in on the two second mark and was whisked inside.

The first member in our party took some damage early on, enough that when I pulled my pixie out, she had work to do.  Her first cast was a pixie on him.  She followed that with an imp to a low health target, then cast a fairy on the third group member.  She then trapped another target, and cast a  fairy on the first group member.  She was doing so well, it was too bad that an hour or so before someone was adding a plug to my almost full surge protector and accidentally unplugged my laptop.  I was disconnected.  I got down and plugged back in, logged back in to find us back in the fight.  I can't remember what she cast and who she cast it at after that, being so embarrassed for disconnecting in the middle of a duel, but we won, and loot was handed around.

The TL:DR version - forest sprite is your friend!  Something in the latest few patches to the game have replaced the once ditzy and self centered minion with a useful and desired questing companion.  I look forward to more fights with her to see what other spells she has learned and is hiding from me! 

Does your wizard have a minion?  Is it a helpful minion, or one you would rather lock up in the depths of the stinkiest dungeon?  Tell me about it!