Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Plan

As suggested by Kiwired of One of These Alts, and because I had planned on it anyway, I am listing below my plan for my dungeon set 1. A lot of the things on my list are about unattainable (yeah, like I'm EVER going to win a fishing tournament, or finish the Argent Tournament), but this is highly attainable.

  • Devout Belt- drops in Blackrock Spire from some random mobs and Quartermaster Zigris.
  • Devout Sandals-drops from Maleki the Pallid in Stratholme.
  • Devout Bracers -drops in Stratholme from Thuzadin and Crimson casters. Or the Auction House :)
  • Devout Crown- drops from Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance.
  • Devout Gloves-drops from Archivist Galford in Stratholme.
  • Devout Mantle-drops from Solakar Flamewreath in Blackrock Spire.
  • Devout Skirt-drops from Baron Rivendare in Stratholme.
  • Devout Robe-drops from General Drakkisath in Blackrock Spire.
If Delgada ever gets this whole set, it would look like this on her.

And then, if she ever got off her lazy undead rear and upgraded it, they would be the Vestments of the Virtuous, and look like this.

I hope that they implement a separate wardrobe for Cataclysm for all Delgada's clothes.  She's running out of bank space.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Fill 'er Up!
Delgada is perpetually thirsty.  I'm sure it is just a trick of the mind, as the undead require little food and drink past the remains of their kills to live a long undeath.  Still, Delgada enjoys Brewfest, for this is the time when that trick is doused quite regularly and cheaply with brews from around Kalimdor.  The trolls make a flirtatious medium weight ale that is perfectly suited to their tropical home.  Just heavy enough to satisfy, but light enough that, when chilled and garnished with one of the citrusy fruits grown on the isles, will bring down your temperature considerably.  The orcs make a pretty heavy, spicy brew, which is totally unsuited to their established home in Azeroth, but comes in pretty handy where the recipe was born.  Autumn in Nagrand can get pretty crisp, and this brew goes down quite well with a hefty plate of roast talbuk and some tubers.  The Blood Elves have tried to join in, but they haven't learned the fine art of the brew, instead coming laden with casks of light, fruity wines and bubbling champagnes. Delgada will stop by there a time or two during the festivities, just to make them feel welcome. 
The Ogres come with their brew, which is pretty much only enjoyed by the very drunk and the ogres themselves.  It's commonly thought that they use their loincloths to filter out the frothy sludge resulting from the heating of the various grains and other additions to their concoction.  I'm pretty sure they even bathe their young in the early part of the brewing process.  The resulting brew smells much like a bilge pump operator 10 minutes before his shower crossed with the aroma left by a terrified skunk.  The flavor is much like what I think tea made from jock straps and sweat socks would taste like. Even when hammered, Delgada stays far away from their booth.  Even if she cannot taste much due to deteriorating taste buds, or smell much for want of a working olfactory system, she is still conscious of how she must smell to others, and there is no sense in adding to that.
All the flavors of these brews would be tainted quite sadly by the dry, dusty, hot weather that Orgrimmar is famous for, if it weren't for some goblin ingenuity.  With the help of the goblin engineers, the prominent breweries have refridgerated kegs and their booths are stocked with insulated steins, with small freezers below the bar to stow them when not in use.  The elves were even given a small cooler for their wines to chill in, though I wonder where they stashed it, for by some magic their wines are already chilled, and the chest is nowhere to be seen!
As for food, The dwarves will tell you that sausage and pretzels were a gift from the Titans to the dwarves before they were soundly ejected from the underworld to live out their puny mortal lives on the surface.  This is only partly true. If it weren't for the help of some troll voo doo, they would not have known how to package the spiced meats into a sausage form.  Only a troll would know how to use every part of a living thing to it's fullest.  The dwarves will forever be trying all sorts of different recipes in order to try and attain sausage perfection, but the true secret is in the parts.  And the trolls, dey ain't tellin'.  The dwarves can have their cheese, pretzels, and mustard.  Their sausage will never be anything but a cheap imitation, poor fools.
I'd like to thank Windpaw for the inspiration for this post.  Someone had to tell the Horde side of things!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Commuting With...ME!

Here it is, the first ever solo recording of me while I drive.  I hope you enjoy it, because it may just become a Monday blogging tradition!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Petnome Project

Rowan and Miss Buster (Life Banshee)
I was pointed over there by a Facebook suggestion from Ravenwood Radio.  I know I had visited it before, but back then I was too confused, and without any way to really help out.  Now, with about 5 adult or better pets spread across my account, I figured I had better chip in. This is a great resource with the potential to really become the go to for pet breeding enthusiasts in Wizard 101.

Rowan with Mister Winston and Esmee Owlslinger with her new Pixie Queen
What happens is, you give up your email address and make up a community name for yourself.  I chose Rowan Trollstalker, because she is my main Wizard.  From there, you can browse through the pets listed or update them using the form.  If you have a form wizard on your computer, and for this I highly recommend it, the process will be a bit faster.  I tabbed between game and pets, though in hind sight it might have been easier to take a screenshot of each pet's ability page and use that.

Rowan and her Shardtail Dragon
If you have a few pets, even at Teen you can be of use to this site.  Head on over and store your pets data today!

Thanks For The Fun!

I was totally unprepared and felt I was a total bore, but I want to thank the guys over at the Knuckleball Cast for having me on a sort of free for all cast they assembled last night.  They are not a World of Warcraft podcast, just a cast about anything they decide to talk about for the night.We talked about music, tattoos, World of Warcraft, console games, prank calls, and all sorts of other things.

Stop by and try them out!  I had a fun time, and I'm sure you will, too.

Monday, September 6, 2010

WoW Weekend Review.

I almost woke up everyone in the house when I saw this...

 Here is the rest of my weekend, in screen shots because I want to go to bed.  I'll write a better post tomorrow, I promise!
New Mount

Number 2 of 4.
Fishing for a rare fish, or a turtle.
500 down, no telling how many more to go!

I'm gonna love him, and hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Adventuring In The Jungle

Yesterday, Delgada did her normal rounds of Northrend dailies, making Sewer Stew for the innkeeper in the Underbelly and fishing up a severed arm from the water in front of the Violet Hold. She dug up shinies with her friend Lafoo, sang a cleansing song over the waters of Sholazar, and cleared out some invading puppy men with the help of Sooholu.  Then, she traveled among the Kalu'ak, and earned the achievement Tuskarmageddon.  Happily, she turned to the quartermaster and bought her fishing pole and Pengu. Her daily reward for cooking and fishing were not exciting.  Better luck next time!
There wasn't enough time to go do the Argent Tournament, or to travel to the old world and do the raptor daily, or to go fishing in Outland or work for the Skyguard, because she had plans to loot and pillage in Zul'Gurub.  Delgada grabbed her Mudskunk lure and pole, emptied her bags, and made her way to Stranglethorn Vale, calling her friends to join her as she traveled.
At the summoning stone, with the help of Sinnerman, Delgada summoned Mootree to join the venture. We were overpowering, slaughtering everything in our path, taking very few scratches.  We did need a few heals and resurrections, mostly due to curious fingers poking around in hexed voodoo piles. The leaders within Zul'Gurub fell with minimal effort, and Delgada won pieces to turn in to craft gear for her next adventures in the jungle.  Stumbling upon Nat Pagle's favorite fishing spot, and partaking of some of the ale he left behind, Delgada threw out her lure and summoned up Gahzranka.  He sent eveyone flying, and was a fun fight, but his end had been foretold. Shortly afterward, Delgada and her team met with Hakkar, and sent him to his grave.  During their trip, Delgada collected a massive amount of old Amani empire coins and bijous, and was rewarded with good will from the Zandalar trolls, as well as with a nice pair of bracers. She hopes to go and take care of whatever still lives in there tonight, possibly even into the Edge of Madness.
Yay! 75 reputation!
 After the party had said their goodbyes, Delgada took the flight from Grom'gol to Booty Bay, checked the auction house for recipes she didn't have (there were none), and took the boat to Ratchet. From Ratchet she hopped on her trusty random mount and headed for Razorfen Downs, which was rumored to have a chef with knowledge of a special drink to restore mana.  He taught her that recipe, gaining the achievement, Chef de Cuisine. After helping a wizard nearby to put out the unearthly fire on a monument inside the Downs, she hearthed to Dalaran, cleaned out her bags, and set to trying to catch that one last gold coin to get her Coinmaster and There's Gold in That There Fountain achievements. Sadly, it would not be caught before I was told to return to the real world.
Only need my chef's hat now!
 So, many achievements were made, which cuts down on some of Delgada's daily rounds. No more Kalu'ak dailies are needed.  These will no doubt be replaced by Argent Tournament dailies.  Delgada will continue working for the Skyguard, to get her mounts from them, and tonight she will down Terrokk with Sinnerman's help.  Hopefully, he'll drop that nifty trinket!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pain In the Neck.

The last two days I have been playing on a 42" monitor, using the pc I had 2 laptops ago.   Yesterday I was able to play WoW on it, thanks to my husband's brilliant thought of maintaining an updated copy of it on a portable drive. I cranked the resolution as high as it would go, scaled my ui down, and played without add ons (oh!), lagging through Dalaran, but only encountering minor lag in other zones.
I feel crippled without some addons. I absolutely need my Onebag, Onebank, MrPlow, Smart Debuff,  and Gbot. I can live with the standard ui., so long as I have Smart Debuff to bind my heals and debuffers with. I can live without a damage meter, and a threat meter.  I can even live without Mik's Scrolling Battle Text.  Without my bag addons I lose things, end up with full bags a lot faster from not cleaning them out as well without Gbot.  So, when I get home tonight to my computer that has absolutely nothing wrong with it (thanks Best Buy), I'm doing some add on folder cleaning.  Rowena needs an updated auction posting add on and Postal in addition to the add-ons I already listed.  That should make for a nice clean, easy to use installation.
As I did the dailies I could do last night, I grew to really appreciate the new Blizzard quest interface.  The number on the map is so much easier than an arrow on my screen for me, as I can see hills and other things that I need to avoid as I make my way to the quest area. I logged in standing in the middle of a pack of Ravasaurs in Un'Goro crater.  I pulled out my baby and did his daily, then killed a tonne of slimes before hearthing to Dalaran.  From there I grabbed the cooking and fishing dailies and set out. The fishing daily was difficult, with a bunch of Alliance hanging around killing everyone that landed at River's Heart.  I took advantage of my undead extended breath and resurrected underwater, then swam to the opposite shore and got my item and left.  From there I went to the Oracles and did their quests, and then I did all my Kalu'ak quests.  Then I turned in my dailies in Dalaran, getting the poison vial from the fishing daily and an extra badge from the cooking daily.  From there I took a portal to Shattrath, where I got the fishing daily, Crocolisks in the City.  I portaled to Orgrimmar to finish it up, and went out to Best Buy to pick up my laptop, which had nothing at all wrong with it.
Before I left for Best Buy, somewhere in the middle of leaving Shattrath to go see Old Man Barlo, the tech that worked on my computer called to let me know it was ready.  He berated me for not having virus software (I have Windows Essentials, so I do), and tried to explain to me that my browser was crashing because of virus attacks.  I didn't take it in for browser crashes, and I was a bit annoyed with him, and I think he could tell.  When I went in to pick it up, I was miffed for being treated like a girl who knew nothing about computers.  The tech that helped me when I was picking it up was very on the ball, and though we could find no problem, he advised me to go to the Asus website and see if there were any reported issues, and maybe call them.  So, as I was registering for their site and tipping my laptop upside down to read the serial number, the plug to my extra monitor dropped off.  Before that, I was randomly disconnecting from WoW, Ventrilo, and having problems loading pages.  After that, don't you know the damned thing didn't drop once?  I have no idea what connection my extra screen had with my wifi connection, but I guess I will have to buy a new screen next tax season.  I'll miss the extra screen space (no more blogging while fighting), but I'll get by, and I won't be raging at the computer ready to heave it discus style at the door.
So, while they were hooking my laptop up, I finished my Shattrath fishing daily, and turned it in to get Toothy's Bucket!  That is one of the four I was wanting.  Tick one item off the list.  I flew to Skettis and knocked off the daily escort and bombing, then farmed up enough pages to summon the last two bosses I needed before killing Terrok.  I tried to kill him, and would have had him if I had been a little more conscious of my health bar.  Tonight, hubby said he would help (after finding out about the trinket Terrok drops).  I am halfway through honored with the Skyguard.
Because of the challenges of playing on my television monitor and switching to my laptop midstream, I forgot to do the Argent Tournament.  I will do them today. If time, I may also put some time into trying for that last gold coin Delgada needs, as well.
Progress made?  One pet, one more day until done with Kalu'ak, another day closer to being done with the Oracles, and a lot more reputation under my belt for Skyguard.  I got 3 badges for the cooking quest, getting me that much closer to a hat.  Oh, and having heard that Zul'Gurub will be gone come Cataclysm, Hubby and I plan to be hitting that one on reset, every reset, trying for the mounts and raising reputation, as well as the planned fishing for Gazrahnka.  Maybe we will have time tonight?