Monday, November 26, 2012

A Sad Goodbye.


A game I was fortunate enough to be selected to beta test is closing its doors next month.  Glitch has been a fun pass time, easy to pick up and put down, full of wonder and whimsy.  Every time I played I saw something new, and even now the developers tossing new things out for us to enjoy.

A heart felt memorial.

I haven't met a Glitchen that wasn't upset about this news.  Many expressions of sadness are found throughout the game world, as was this memorial in Nottis.  People are having end of the world parties, finishing badges and collections, leaving notes in favorite areas, even sharing more than the normal to help out lower level Glitchen get the most out of the game before the end.  

I have been trying to finish out some quests, learn as many skills as possible, and build a tower in my home street.  Above I am looking in dark places for half-forgotten Glitchen.  This game has been mostly about exploring, with some gardening and strange animal husbandry mixed in.  Squeezing chickens and nibbling piggies is encouraged, as is petting trees and massaging butterflies.  Batterflies drop guano that can be used to fertilize crops or make a tasty(?) nutritious energy bar.  In Samudra (a new zone I will show after this blurb) and Jal you can practice your fish pocketing skills by trying to pocket salmen (the plural of salmon, of course!).  Cooking and Blending and Shaking are all skills that a Glitchen should have, and Hell isn't necessarily a horrible place, unless you drink the wine (eww!) you made by stomping the grapes strewn along the path.  There are other things to learn, such as teleportation, meditation, tinkering, distilling, and alchemy.  There are even more than that, but a Glitchen of my young age couldn't possibly cram that much into her smallish brain.

Prajapati, Samudra.

I can still invite 4 people, if anyone wants to try this game.  Last breath will be on December 9th at 8 pm Pacific time.  A little less than two weeks to experience a game that we are assured cannot be saved and will never return?  If you are interested, contact me at shawndrakai at gmail dot com with your email address and I will send an invite.  I am sure you will not regret having tried it.

It's not too cold for a Sno Cone.  N-n-n-o-t-t-t  t-t-tooo c-c-c

I am still downloading all my snaps from the site (you learn how to take pictures and they are saved to their servers, which will be open for a bit after the game closes to allow for trading contact info and downloading purposes).  Expect a few mostly wordless posts with some of these in the next few days, when I come up for air in between long sessions of exploring and petting heli-kitties.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Worth A Few Thousand Words.

Get out of my farm, get into my bag!

Lover of Steamy Romance Novels.

If only we had understood this when it was first shown...

Daydreaming Dwarf.

Destination?  Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Toss your tip in the cup.  I'll be here forever.

There's a necklace on the ground here somewhere, if you aren't distracted by the view.

All he wants is a hug.  But sometimes he takes them the wrong way.