Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally! Carlatta of Cenarius

From the front.

See those boots?  That was all I was waiting on to finish this outfit for Carlatta.  When I found them today on the auction house I had to take a double take, as this server doesn't seem to list many green items on the auction house.  Here is the list of lovely bits and pieces I put together to make this outfit happen.

There is a cloak, the Warmonger's Cloak, that completes the set nicely. After a little discussion with Carlatta, we decided not to show the cloak, or a helm because the helm would just mess with a perfect hair do, and the cloak hides this nice bit of scenery in the back...

There you have it, friends.  I just love this outfit!  Under the pretty colors and design, Carlatta is working on her raiding gear, slowly.  Tonight she hopes to purchase gloves and work her way toward a neck piece or a trinket.  If I'm not falling down tired, that is.  Have a great Friday, everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carlatta at 85

Woo hoo!

So, I spent most of yesterday doing all my daily random dungeons for the week, then enough random battlegrounds to buy bracers.  At the end of yesterday she had a new pve chestpiece and pvp bracers.  I felt pretty accomplished!  

Then today happened. I had started the Thrall quest line to get the epic cloak at the end, only to be foiled in my attempts because I hadn't bothered to finish Deepholm, leaving me hated with Therazane. So, today I was putzing around Deepholm when one of my guildies says you want to raid with us!  I almost countered with an "I'm not prepared", when he said we'll carry you, we're having a good night.  So, I step into the Alysrazor fight, die at the start, and get to watch the fight.  In my opinion. best way to learn a fight is to watch it from the sidelines :)  We (they) also took on Baleroc, Staghelm, and the optional boss for someone's legendary.  They told me that Ragnaros would normally be on the list, but he is difficult, and they were getting close to the end of their raiding night.  I was just happy to be out and experience stuff I normally don't get to see!

At the end, the other hunter in the raid pulled off and made me a pair of pants and a pair of bracers.  Now, with the pretty new staff that dropped into my hands, Carlatta is now my only toon who can do random raids.  I am a bit excited to try them out tomorrow, along with heroics and the like to fill out my very sad looking gear list.

So, thanks Pwny Express, and all the fun people who allowed me to raid with them tonight!  I will be studying fights as I farm for better gear this week :)  

I'll list the gear when I finally get the matching boots, but I am so happy with the rest of this outfit I have to show it off. Good night everyone!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finished Outfit - Minya of Shadowsong

Not everyone can carry off this look!

Minya is a hunter I seldom get to play with.  My eldest daughter, when she found out about transmogrification, took her shopping and had a good start on this outfit when I logged her in tonight.  All she needed was the gloves, shoulders, and a coordinating gun.  All the pieces except the belt are from the Combat Mail (recolor) set.  The belt is the Ornate Girdle, and the gun is a Fel Iron Musket.  The blade only matches a little, but I am not changing that because she likes it (Blade of the Titans).

Maybe with this hot new number she'll get some more play time.  Sadly, Carlatta of Cenarius is still leveling, at a hearty level 81.  This means that, unless I allow my daughter some play time, she will be stuck in Grizzly Hills for a while.  I'd post a progress shot of Carlatta, but she is in an ugly flux of transmogrification herself, missing a belt and some boots.  

It's late, but it is so hot!  Hope you are more comfortable where you are.  I'm off to try and catch the Sandman.  Goodnight, world!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shameless Plug

This sweet ride could be yours, for the low low price of $250269.99+4.99 shipping!

I just posted an ad on Craigslist Amazon to sell a Blizzcon 2008 mount code. Here is the listing (we are Post Apocalyptic Media).  If you know of anyone that is interested, please pass on the information.  This is a pretty rare mount, 4 years after being released, and the bonus that all the characters on an account will get this come Mists of Pandaria makes it worth the money, I think.

Help a poor lunch lady pay her electric bill.  I'll even throw in an extra loot code treat if you mention you saw this on my blog!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Mogged, Just Slutty.

Good thing she isn't leading...
Ranjanna the priest, distracting tanks since a week ago.