Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bucket List

Before Cataclysm hits, I would like to, in no particular order, complete these items. I will choose whatever hits my fancy as my quest for that day, or several days, depending on the complexity of the item.This list may change, mostly to add things, not to subtract. Here is my preliminary list.  I will notate when I complete something by scoring through it and adding a date. If I add something new I will put an asterisk after it with the date added. For items with multiple parts. I will date each part as it is completed, or note what part was completed and date it if there was no description (ie Northrend Glory of the Hero or Bloody Rare).  I will post daily about what I worked on, what add-ons or guides I found useful in completing them, and anything I did that I think would be helpful.

  1. Set aside enough cloth to level first aid on one goblin.(netherweave,runecloth,mageweave, silk, wool, linen)
  2. Finish leveling jewelcrafting on Sinnerman.Account off. If time I will on Gwenna.
  3. Set aside enough material to level blacksmithing on one goblin.
  4. Finish Delgada's An'Qiraj set.  She is missing the Shroud of Infinite Wisdom. 9/13/10
  5. Prophecy set and Oracle set for Delgada, but first....
  6. Change a Devout set into a Virtuous set, bur first..
  7.  Farm for Devout set.
  8. Farm for at least one more whelpling.  I have the blue one. I want a green one!
  9. Farm for the oozeling.  He eludes our grasp.9/6/10
  10. Finish Northrend so Delgada can have the Loremaster title and colors. (only 11 quests to go!)
  11. 100 mount achievement? Give it a huge try by...
  12. Get a pvp mount (or several, but that means battlegrounds...)
  13. Get an Argent Tournament mount (or several?)White Skeletal Horse 9/4/10
  14. Finish my old school Naxxramas quest chain
  15. Get the pieces to do the Balance of Light and Shadow quest and build Benediction
  16. Clean out bank to make room for old school goodies 9/6/10 it's hopeless a post on this 9/7/10
  17. Finish old world raids for achievement (need BWL and AQ40)
  18. BC raids? not high on the list but I am missing most of them( I know I finished Gruul and Mag- I was cheated!)
  19. Finish BC dungeons on heroic to knock out both achievements
  20. Become a Savior of the Oracles, and start buying eggs again. (only missing one quest)9/20/10
  21. Work on the Bloody Rare achievement for Outland (have 3 of the 21)
  22. Work on the Frostbitten achievement for Northrend (have 1 of the 23)
  23. Duel someone enough to get the Duel-icious achievement 9/7/10 (with the argent tourney duel achieve)
  24. Kill Malygos to finish Champion of the Frozen Wastes
  25. Finish Glory of the Hero (have 11 to go)
  26. Find the 5 recipes Delgada is missing for Chef De Cuisine 9/2/10
  27. Buy a chef's hat..which means doing dailies again!
  28. Catch a rare fish
  29. Catch Old Ironjaw
  30. Fish up Gahz'ranka in ZG and The Lurker Below in SC9/2/10(ZG)
  31. Fish up Tirion Fordring's gold coin and get Coin Master/There's Gold in That There Fountain
  32. Win a fishing tourney (who am I kidding?)
  33. Turn as many pieces of frostweave as possible into bandages (500, to be exact).
  34. Jump off a precipice and bandage for Ultimate Triage./9/22/10 with Drunken Stupor
  35. Make 3 more factions love me for 25 exalted (ad infinitum)(30, 35, 40)(Kalu'ak 9/2/10)9/18/10
  36. Zandalar Tribe(9/23/10), Hydraxian Waterlords and Brood of Nozdormu must love me.
  37. Thrallmar, Lower City, the Sha'tar and Keepers of Time must also love me.
  38. Get exalted with Skyguard(9/18/10) and Netherwing (for mounts!)
  39. Kalu'ak don't love me yet. I must have their fishing pole! (more dailies)9/2/10
  40. Exalted Ashen Verdict? Shouldn't be too hard.
  41. Buy ridiculously expensive mounts. Ice Mammoth Grand Ice Mammoth, Wooly Mammoth, Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, a Choppa...
  42. Make the Oracles love me, then forsake them and flirt with some Frenzyhearts.
  43. Get the Brewmaster title9/24/10
  44. Get the Pilgrim title and turkey pet on Delgada 
  45. Collect tabards. You can never have too many tabards.
  46. Farm for impossible to get mounts.
  47. Pick pocket as many lockboxes as possible on Maura.
  48. Back to the goblin. Set aside enough frostweave bags, and a few non binding 16 slotters, (in case I kill of the first one) to equip and for bank.
  49. Do the dailies in Storm Peaks for the Brunhildar Village, in hopes of the polar bear mount.
  50. Since I am doing so many dailies, I should at least aim for the 500 dailies done achievement...9/6/10
  51. As much as I think heirloom gear is a cheat, buy a whole set of clothy gear, just for kicks.
  52. Work on the baby raptor, because Delgada really wants the mount (ugh, more dailies).
  53. Find those snake gowns and get one of every color. I thought there were red and orange ones, too? 
  54. Get the baby croc pets. More Dailies!Toothy 9/2/10 Snarly 9/4/10
  55. Buy the last bank tab for my guild.
  56. Try to get the epic fishing poles from the fishing dailies (at least I like fishing?)
  57. Delgada wants a firefly pet.
  58. Delgada wants all the baby raptor pets. She still needs Gundrak, Ravasaur, and Razzashi hatchlings.
  59. Finish the Argent Tournament.Champion of the Undercity
  60. Fish up a turtle mount.


Logtar said...

Wow, that is quite a list! I don't think I could have the attention span to even do 10% of it :) but good luck!

Shawndra said...

The list gives me a reason to play. Running laps around Dalaran is not fun :(