Monday, August 30, 2010

Look! It's Shiny!

 Today's stab at my list was made easier in part by sparkly objects.  Thank you Blizzard!

Today, I logged in after filling a pot with cut up veggies, chili flakes, garlic, salt and a bay leaf.  I started with the Dalaran dailies, which were the same as yesterday. Then, I did the Oracle Dailies, which were different,except for my walk around with Lafoo looking for shinies.  Lafoo said I could be Soo Dryskin.  I like that name!  I used an empowered gem to kill off some more puppy men, then played music over mounds of earth.  Done with the Oracles, I headed for Storm Peaks to do my job for the ladies of Brunhildar village.  No mount today, but they gave me a nice stack of goat cheese (ick). After that, I sped to Unupe, collected supplies and returned them, went to the next stop and picked up baby puppies, then off to the last to lure male sea lions into doing their duty. Two more days of the Kalu'ak and I won't have to drudge for them anymore!

I returned to Dalaran, turned in the two dailies there (got a couple of badges and more junk), and headed for The tournament grounds to offer my aid.  I was made to kill more scourge, retrieve a famous blade, and practice my jousting skills.  Completely bored, I headed from there back to Dalaran to use the portal to Shattrath.  Old Man Barlo gave me the same quest as yesterday, but this time it took a while to finish.  After that, I flew to Skettis to do the dailies for the Skyguard, and did two turn ins of shadow dust as well. Then it was bak to Shattrath to use the portal to Orgrimmar, where I bought the Savory Deviate Delight recipe for Delgada, leaving her one recipe shy of the Chef de Cuisine achievement.  From there, I flew to Un'Goro Crater, where my baby raptor was craving slithid eggs from Tanaris. A dozen eggs later, I wandered around the spawning area for the Ravasaur Matriarch.  She wasn't there, and none of the oozes I killed dropped the
Oozing Bag, which helped me decide to pack it up for the night.  that and the random disconnect.  Yes, I am taking the laptop in to Best Buy tomorrow. I hope they notice the problem and can diagnose it.

Small steps were made tonight.  No achievements were had, but I believe we'll start seeing them soon.  Tonight I add to my list two items:

Finish the Argent Tournament.
Fish up a turtle mount.

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