Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pain In the Neck.

The last two days I have been playing on a 42" monitor, using the pc I had 2 laptops ago.   Yesterday I was able to play WoW on it, thanks to my husband's brilliant thought of maintaining an updated copy of it on a portable drive. I cranked the resolution as high as it would go, scaled my ui down, and played without add ons (oh!), lagging through Dalaran, but only encountering minor lag in other zones.
I feel crippled without some addons. I absolutely need my Onebag, Onebank, MrPlow, Smart Debuff,  and Gbot. I can live with the standard ui., so long as I have Smart Debuff to bind my heals and debuffers with. I can live without a damage meter, and a threat meter.  I can even live without Mik's Scrolling Battle Text.  Without my bag addons I lose things, end up with full bags a lot faster from not cleaning them out as well without Gbot.  So, when I get home tonight to my computer that has absolutely nothing wrong with it (thanks Best Buy), I'm doing some add on folder cleaning.  Rowena needs an updated auction posting add on and Postal in addition to the add-ons I already listed.  That should make for a nice clean, easy to use installation.
As I did the dailies I could do last night, I grew to really appreciate the new Blizzard quest interface.  The number on the map is so much easier than an arrow on my screen for me, as I can see hills and other things that I need to avoid as I make my way to the quest area. I logged in standing in the middle of a pack of Ravasaurs in Un'Goro crater.  I pulled out my baby and did his daily, then killed a tonne of slimes before hearthing to Dalaran.  From there I grabbed the cooking and fishing dailies and set out. The fishing daily was difficult, with a bunch of Alliance hanging around killing everyone that landed at River's Heart.  I took advantage of my undead extended breath and resurrected underwater, then swam to the opposite shore and got my item and left.  From there I went to the Oracles and did their quests, and then I did all my Kalu'ak quests.  Then I turned in my dailies in Dalaran, getting the poison vial from the fishing daily and an extra badge from the cooking daily.  From there I took a portal to Shattrath, where I got the fishing daily, Crocolisks in the City.  I portaled to Orgrimmar to finish it up, and went out to Best Buy to pick up my laptop, which had nothing at all wrong with it.
Before I left for Best Buy, somewhere in the middle of leaving Shattrath to go see Old Man Barlo, the tech that worked on my computer called to let me know it was ready.  He berated me for not having virus software (I have Windows Essentials, so I do), and tried to explain to me that my browser was crashing because of virus attacks.  I didn't take it in for browser crashes, and I was a bit annoyed with him, and I think he could tell.  When I went in to pick it up, I was miffed for being treated like a girl who knew nothing about computers.  The tech that helped me when I was picking it up was very on the ball, and though we could find no problem, he advised me to go to the Asus website and see if there were any reported issues, and maybe call them.  So, as I was registering for their site and tipping my laptop upside down to read the serial number, the plug to my extra monitor dropped off.  Before that, I was randomly disconnecting from WoW, Ventrilo, and having problems loading pages.  After that, don't you know the damned thing didn't drop once?  I have no idea what connection my extra screen had with my wifi connection, but I guess I will have to buy a new screen next tax season.  I'll miss the extra screen space (no more blogging while fighting), but I'll get by, and I won't be raging at the computer ready to heave it discus style at the door.
So, while they were hooking my laptop up, I finished my Shattrath fishing daily, and turned it in to get Toothy's Bucket!  That is one of the four I was wanting.  Tick one item off the list.  I flew to Skettis and knocked off the daily escort and bombing, then farmed up enough pages to summon the last two bosses I needed before killing Terrok.  I tried to kill him, and would have had him if I had been a little more conscious of my health bar.  Tonight, hubby said he would help (after finding out about the trinket Terrok drops).  I am halfway through honored with the Skyguard.
Because of the challenges of playing on my television monitor and switching to my laptop midstream, I forgot to do the Argent Tournament.  I will do them today. If time, I may also put some time into trying for that last gold coin Delgada needs, as well.
Progress made?  One pet, one more day until done with Kalu'ak, another day closer to being done with the Oracles, and a lot more reputation under my belt for Skyguard.  I got 3 badges for the cooking quest, getting me that much closer to a hat.  Oh, and having heard that Zul'Gurub will be gone come Cataclysm, Hubby and I plan to be hitting that one on reset, every reset, trying for the mounts and raising reputation, as well as the planned fishing for Gazrahnka.  Maybe we will have time tonight?

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