Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Petnome Project

Rowan and Miss Buster (Life Banshee)
I was pointed over there by a Facebook suggestion from Ravenwood Radio.  I know I had visited it before, but back then I was too confused, and without any way to really help out.  Now, with about 5 adult or better pets spread across my account, I figured I had better chip in. This is a great resource with the potential to really become the go to for pet breeding enthusiasts in Wizard 101.

Rowan with Mister Winston and Esmee Owlslinger with her new Pixie Queen
What happens is, you give up your email address and make up a community name for yourself.  I chose Rowan Trollstalker, because she is my main Wizard.  From there, you can browse through the pets listed or update them using the form.  If you have a form wizard on your computer, and for this I highly recommend it, the process will be a bit faster.  I tabbed between game and pets, though in hind sight it might have been easier to take a screenshot of each pet's ability page and use that.

Rowan and her Shardtail Dragon
If you have a few pets, even at Teen you can be of use to this site.  Head on over and store your pets data today!

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