Saturday, December 6, 2014

Goblins vs Gnomes Arena Fun!

I'm game!
I always start my gaming time at home with Hearthstone. It gives me time to organize the real life stuff, and I get my dailies out of the way. I was surprised to see this on my screen when I opened up the game! Then, there was this...

Free Arena!
There were three card changes I wanted to check before I started building my deck. Flare is now a 2 cost card that still destroys all enemy secrets and takes away stealth. The Gadgetzan Auctioneer is now a 6 cost 4/4 minion that still gives cards when friendly spells are cast.There was a warlock spell that the mana cost was changed on, but I decided I wasn't upset about the changes and hurried into the arena where I drafted this deck.

Lots of fun new cards!
I had my choice of druid, paladin, and warrior. I chose paladin, because they are my favorite class to play in arena. There are a lot of fun cards in here! I'll be back after I'm done with my arena bouts to share the fun and prizes!

This was the best arena key I have ever played! I used the arena deck building guide from Icy Veins to help with some of my choices, except when a Goblins vs Gnomes card was in the mix. I picked every one I could, and in the rare case I had two to choose from, I chose one that I didn't have already in the deck. My favorite cards? There were a few. 

Mini Truesilver Champion, kinda.
It's a flip flop of the True Silver Champion, giving more health and doing less damage. For the price, it is a great removal spell early in the game if you are being hit by a bunch of little minions.

Random is always fun!
This is a great one when you have a lot of minions out! I had a lot of fun with this one. Here is a screenshot of one play I made with him. Another great idea is to throw him up after a Defender of Argus  or Sunfury Protector for a chance at shielded taunts!

Almost perfectly buffed, at random!
Watch your cards fly away!
This is one you don't want to play lightly. He's a good one to put up late game when you have all you need in your hand, but not good early in the game. I put him up after several turns at 10 pips, and even then I cringed to see cards I could use flying away.

There were a lot of cards I saw played against me that I am excited to add to my deck. New pirates! The ogre cards are a laugh  with their low cost and 50% fail (or lucky misdirect) rate. There were other cards I played that were worth mentioning.

Random minion?
Here is how random this one was. First time, I got a new card, the Ship's Cannon. It works like the Knife Juggler, except only if you play a pirate. The other times this died, I got a Dire Wolf Alpha, a Novice Engineer, and a Cruel Task Master. Like the other cards that draw a random minion, they lost their battlecry, but it was fun waiting to see what I got!

What does that do?
This one can be pretty helpful, and with all the low cost things he does, I think he would be a great card for a rogue. The spare parts I got the few times he died were Armor Plating, a Time Rewinder, a Reversing Switch, and Whirling Blades. Someone that played against me got a Rusty Horn. Can you imagine turning a Chillwind Yeti into a taunt minion? The person I played against put it on an Azure Drake.

My Best Arena Key Ever!
This was a very good key for me. For rewards, I got 25 gold, 155 gold, and of course a pack of cards, which in turn gave me a legendary that I already had. I pushed all my gold into another arena key, which I promptly lost because I grabbed EVERY Goblins vs Gnomes card I could find and threw deck balance to the wind! I am so excited to collect all the new cards, aren't you? Did you try the free arena key? What were your favorite cards? Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What I Am Up To: December Edition.

I have a baby that I only level with a friend. Since Delgada is 100 and well on her way to being geared for raiding, we hop on our babies and level the slow way, stopping for treasure, hunting down rares, picking herbs and ore, and dying to things we should know just cannot be killed.

We just finished Gorgrond. To maximize the treasures we could pick up, he chose the arena and I chose the lumber mill so that we could grab each others items. What I didn't expect is that our quests would be so dramatically different because of the choice! The good thing is, where my quests were in my log, he had a bonus objective, and vice-versa, so we didn't lose while the other gained. One of the weird parts was that at the end of my lumber mill chain, I had to kill Iyu, a huge genosaur. Leading up to that, I was in a cave doing a kill ten things quest and pick up four of those. When I was done the cave was swarmed with those annoying flower podlings. I died once to them, asked my friend why he wasn't helping, and he said, helping with what? He couldn't see anything! Well, I did my magey stealth thing and ran out of the cave to face Iyu, who he also could not see. So, he popped out of bear form and threw heals on me while I finished my quest.  I don't remember not being able to see his quest objectives. This was very odd!

You probably met my baby, Bittsee, here once before.

Reapersky and Bittsee?
We found one of those shaman stones in the level 100 area of Frostfire Ridge (we begged a guildy to help us kill rares out there!) that turns you into an ogre as part of it's buff. So silly!  Anyhow, Reapersky refuses to level without a goblin aboard, so Bittsee obliges. Sometimes I feel like I am really just along for the ride, because he demolishes everything while I am still trying to cast Arcane Blast. I contribute as best I can by being the "Oh, look, there's a toy over to the north east!" navigator. Handy Notes is really a great thing. The map does get a little busy in Gorgrond, though, if you turn on the spawn points for either the stones or the tanglewood. Sad thing is, the items don't disappear when you loot them on those items, so I end up going back to points I already cleared. Still, I guess it is better than having nothing at all!

Just a little old transmog showing.
I really like the new armor styles in this expansion so far. Both Delgada and Bittsee are wearing everything (except that weird towel looking shoulder rag) that is an upgrade without covering it up with transmog. I haven't got far enough on Shawndra or Anselma (my boosted human paladin) to tell if they will be as forunate, and Carlatta is waiting impatiently to cross over when a friend gets his expansion for Christmas. Oh, and there is Halinka, who has yet to break her transmog set at level 96. Here, look at the two priests, one in un-mogged ready for heroics and beyond gear, and one still leveling through Talador.

Her buckle is missing, and Fishing Pole!

Just gloves, offhand, and dagger.

Oh, and I suppose I should post a picture of Anselma even though I haven't been playing her as much, because Halinka needs to hit 100 next. I have loved Anselma for a long time, but she was on a server where no one was playing. She still is, but thanks to a perfect server merge, she is now on the same server as Halinka, so she is also in Hearts of Darkness! This means I will have questing buddies and help if needed, and people to talk to.

I'll put out the fire, but I don't have to like it!
I'm saving her boost gear for transmog, because it is so pretty, and it isn't a bikini transmog. Don't get me wrong, I love bikini mogs, but nothing says you mean business like a fully armored look. I mean to tank on Anselma, eventually, so she might as well look the part!

Boosted characters are a funny thing. I chose Anselma because she was in mid Lich King content, so she would get the profession boost. Walking through the portal, it was like she was an amnesia patient, being slowly reminded of the spells she had already learned and used before, spoon fed to her a couple at a time. I really hated it. There should be a point where a boost can just pick up where they left off from, especially for those that were at least 60. Instead of making it a one size fits all experience, maybe a two tiered approach would be better. If you boost from zero, spoon feed , but if you boost from 60 or higher, start from a level 60 set of skills and build from there.

This is a lot for one post! I have a lot more to say, but the thought aren't organized yet, so I leave you with Mr February 2015 from the Azeroth Beefcakes Calendar. 

I welcome photo-shopped versions featuring beaches and suitable beach attire!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pumpkin Pie and Thankfulness.

I'd share with you if I could!
I have been so absorbed by the new expansion that I nearly forgot I had a blog. Today I pulled myself mostly away (I had to check on my followers!) to make Thanksgiving dinner for my family. I would say it was a small affair, but with 7 kids, 2 grand kids, their dad, my husband, my mother and the cat, who needs guests? I have been working most of the day making stuffing (no boxes here!), gravy, and the turkey. I made pies with two of my girls yesterday (from a whole pumpkin, but with the pre made crust dough), and cheated with Hawaiian and ranch rolls the store made and cranberry sauce from a can (because it's not Thanksgiving without the slices of canned jelly). One of the girls made the green bean casserole, and another made the candied yams, while the littlest of my girls wrapped the sweet potatoes in foil. Oh, and I would be a bad wife if I didn't give credit to the hubby for making the mashed potatoes and his famous cherry cream cheese pie.

I finally finished the dishes for the umpteenth time, and got to sit down and eat another slice of pie. While I was washing dishes, I thought about what I have to be thankful for. The usual things came to mind, of course. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, healthy kids, and there are three more than just me working toward keeping this family in toilet paper and electricity. I have a husband who is crazy about me. I'm losing weight, despite my unhealthy WoW addiction., and feel healthier than I have in a long time. Things are pretty good.

Right about halfway through the dishes I started thinking about my friends here, on the internet. I am so thankful to have found a wonderful community of people to share this hobby of mine with. Those of you on my BNet list, I smile when I see you log in. The comments I do get on this blog, though few, are a highlight of my day. Meeting up with fellow gamers once a month at Jose's gives me something to look forward to when these walls start closing in on me. Those of you who blog along with me, I enjoy reading of your fun in game and out. The few times I de-lurk to pipe up on Twitter, I enjoy the short conversations. Podcasters, thanks for being the background soundtrack to my day at work. Pwnies, I think  you are all awesome (still fishing up enough awesomefish to throw your way). I am thankful for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear Azerothian friends. I'm going to go get myself another slice of pie, because my plate is empty.

Needs more pie.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


I was upset because I thought for sure that I had missed out and that Day of the Dead was over. I was excited to find out that I could still buy the costumes and get the achievements the next day! Del went out and bought all of the costumes, leaving her almost penniless. A few guild mates were trying to finish out their Calavera achievement, so we started trading blows in the graveyard in Orgrimmar, taking resurrection sickness to try and speed things up. Big mistake.

One of the fellas was getting frustrated with how slowly this was going, being that there were at least a few others in the graveyard that were stealing his knockouts. He suggested we head to the Temple of the Jade Serpent to finish the achievements off for everyone. Why in a dungeon? Well, the Temple has a graveyard fairly close to the entrance, and the front area is clear and great for a little sparring. No resurrection sickness = no huge repair bills (though most of us were already seeing yellow and red!). The rest of the time we spent moved at a much better pace.

The costumes are so fun! I especially love the red one. The flower behind the ear of the female character is sweet, even when she's been knocked for a loop.

Better than a rose behind the ear is where the men hold it.

Victor Resendiz, perhaps?

The rest of the costumes are almost as fun with their lucha libre masks.

Ignore the uneven background. I'm not good at this!

I'll bet these look so much better on any other character model. Poor knobby kneed Delgada. She needs a tan and no goblin has figured that out yet!

For the record, Orb of the Sindorei will allow you to change into a luchador costume and will show the look, but the Orb of Deception will not. If you are in a transformation that has a flex animation, even if it doesn't show the outfit you will perform the emote. So far in my limited testing (due to not having quite enough toys!), only the Orb of the Sindorei allows costume changes.

It's been almost a week since I started this, which means I now have to go put away my costumes and find something else to do. Maybe I'll go look for some of the toys I don't have. The expansion is getting closer and closer! What are you hurrying to finish?


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Costume - Wicked Witch of the West.

Thought you were pretty foxy, didn't you?
It was difficult to find anything pure black in the game. Still, I think I have captured the spirit of this nasty old hag, who I am portraying as a troll. I know, it's not too original, because the Wicked Witch in Karazhan is a troll, too. I think mine looks the part, though.  Here's my take on the Wicked Witch.

I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too! 
This is a transmog set.  It is a shame that they won't allow us to use the Farmer's Broom for transmog! Sadly, if you don't already have one of these, it has been confirmed that it no longer drops. Here's the list of items I used.

What do you think? Could she replace The Crone in Karazhan?  Here's a reference picture.

Ignore the silly shadow priest who wouldn't move.
Maybe not, but I think she looks every bit as evil as The Crone. Maybe she could stand in when she gets caught in a rainstorm, melting.

I'll be mostly afk tomorrow, handing out candy, escorting a kid or 3 all over my little town, and the usual work stuff. Happy Hallow's End!