Friday, September 3, 2010

Adventuring In The Jungle

Yesterday, Delgada did her normal rounds of Northrend dailies, making Sewer Stew for the innkeeper in the Underbelly and fishing up a severed arm from the water in front of the Violet Hold. She dug up shinies with her friend Lafoo, sang a cleansing song over the waters of Sholazar, and cleared out some invading puppy men with the help of Sooholu.  Then, she traveled among the Kalu'ak, and earned the achievement Tuskarmageddon.  Happily, she turned to the quartermaster and bought her fishing pole and Pengu. Her daily reward for cooking and fishing were not exciting.  Better luck next time!
There wasn't enough time to go do the Argent Tournament, or to travel to the old world and do the raptor daily, or to go fishing in Outland or work for the Skyguard, because she had plans to loot and pillage in Zul'Gurub.  Delgada grabbed her Mudskunk lure and pole, emptied her bags, and made her way to Stranglethorn Vale, calling her friends to join her as she traveled.
At the summoning stone, with the help of Sinnerman, Delgada summoned Mootree to join the venture. We were overpowering, slaughtering everything in our path, taking very few scratches.  We did need a few heals and resurrections, mostly due to curious fingers poking around in hexed voodoo piles. The leaders within Zul'Gurub fell with minimal effort, and Delgada won pieces to turn in to craft gear for her next adventures in the jungle.  Stumbling upon Nat Pagle's favorite fishing spot, and partaking of some of the ale he left behind, Delgada threw out her lure and summoned up Gahzranka.  He sent eveyone flying, and was a fun fight, but his end had been foretold. Shortly afterward, Delgada and her team met with Hakkar, and sent him to his grave.  During their trip, Delgada collected a massive amount of old Amani empire coins and bijous, and was rewarded with good will from the Zandalar trolls, as well as with a nice pair of bracers. She hopes to go and take care of whatever still lives in there tonight, possibly even into the Edge of Madness.
Yay! 75 reputation!
 After the party had said their goodbyes, Delgada took the flight from Grom'gol to Booty Bay, checked the auction house for recipes she didn't have (there were none), and took the boat to Ratchet. From Ratchet she hopped on her trusty random mount and headed for Razorfen Downs, which was rumored to have a chef with knowledge of a special drink to restore mana.  He taught her that recipe, gaining the achievement, Chef de Cuisine. After helping a wizard nearby to put out the unearthly fire on a monument inside the Downs, she hearthed to Dalaran, cleaned out her bags, and set to trying to catch that one last gold coin to get her Coinmaster and There's Gold in That There Fountain achievements. Sadly, it would not be caught before I was told to return to the real world.
Only need my chef's hat now!
 So, many achievements were made, which cuts down on some of Delgada's daily rounds. No more Kalu'ak dailies are needed.  These will no doubt be replaced by Argent Tournament dailies.  Delgada will continue working for the Skyguard, to get her mounts from them, and tonight she will down Terrokk with Sinnerman's help.  Hopefully, he'll drop that nifty trinket!

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