Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dailies and Dinosaurs..

Cleaning out the bank.

Today I fought with my connection as I worked on getting cooking badges for a chef's hat, bought recipes I didn't have off the auction house for Chef de Cuisine, fished for fishing poles and crocolisk pets, hunted for raptor egg nests, killed oozes, and fed my baby raptor.

My day in WoW started out in Dalaran, as it usually does. I picked up the daily cooking quest for Mustard Dogs and the daily fishing quest Dangerously Delicious, as well as the weekly raid quest, which was Flame Leviathan Must Die!. I flew to Wintergrasp for the fishing, then took my flying mount to Sholazar Basin for the rhino meat I needed for the cooking quest. I forgot to stop by the Oracles base afterward. I fully intended to do those dailies and grab an egg. I'll do that once my hearth is off cool down, since I used it to get back to Dalaran quickly turn in the dailies. I got 3 badges from the cooking quest (2 for the quest and one in my bag) and a bunch of nothing from the fishing quest.  I then took the portal to Shattrath.  I flew out of Shattrath and to Old Man Barlo, who gave me the quest to fish up the World's Largest Mudfish. I caught it in the first cast!  I took my mount back to Barlo and turned it in for some fishing hooks and change.   

From Shattrath, I took the portal to Orgrimmar. I spent all Delgada's gold on 5 recipes, 3 cooking and two enchanting, that Delgada didn't have.  Then, I flew her to Un'Goro to do her daily for her venomhide raptor mount. My little guy wanted dinosaur meat, and mixed in with the dinosaurs were oozes that might drop the oozeling pet.  So, in between slabs of meat, I turned oozes into puddles.  No pet, but the baby got fed, and coughed up another baby tooth.

I kept getting disconnected while I was out there, so I took a break to make dinner, and logged back in after that I think I was on for maybe 2 minutes, killed 4 oozes, and was taking on King Mosh when I got dumped off the server again! I logged in dead after two tries,but couldn't leave my body to resurrect, so I closed it back up and restarted my computer.  Once I was able to relog, I disabled a few add-ons (haven't updated in forever!) and got stuck in ghost form with an accept button that wouldn't work.


I am so frustrated I could scream. No, it is not okay that I was disconnected. If I have to click another okay button tonight I am going to do something rash.  So, instead of blowing my top, I am starting up another game and seeing how long I stay connected. While I do that, I will recount the progress this day has made toward completing my overly long bucket list.

I have made progress toward my total count of dailies done, 4 more quests done.  I have added 3 recipes to my cooking, leaving me with 2 more to get the achievement.  Delgada is one day closer to a new mount. I guess I didn't get that much done. Oh well, off to Sholazar to do my Oracle dailies and buy an egg.  More tomorrow!

For the curious...

I logged into Wizard 101 and stayed connected close to half an hour.  That sure beats the less than five minute stints in WoW I was working with. I'm thinking there is something wrong with my computer, which is less than a year old, so should still be under a manufacturer's care. My router is kind of old, too, so I'm not ruling that out, either.  I'm borrowing hubby's computer for my Oracle and Kalu'ak dailies. *crossing fingers*

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