Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crawling Out From Under My Rock.

Those who are still following me have noticed I have been blogging less and less.  Summer is stressful, and even though it  usually makes me bury myself deeper into my escapes, it doesn't produce any useful or entertaining blog fodder.  For example, I logged into Wizard 101 the last several times and ran my pets through the maze game over and over, pausing to level my Fizzle Queen just for the extra pet energy. Nothing is more boring than farming for pet food, which has been Rowan's favorite pass time, or running mazes over and over and over again.

The armor is pretty, too!
I haven't progressed further than the 48 I attained earlier in the summer with my cleric Eromee on Perfect World.  I dusted her off and took her for a spin yesterday, between pet leveling runs, and got half a level under her belt.  I just cannot bring myself to level further when the guild I am in is in end game content and finding a group is daunting.  I haven't healed for a real group yet, so I am afraid to do it for a random group.  I guess this will be my game I turn to on random maintenance days.

Wizard 101 is at a standstill, still waiting for hubby to catch up, and for money so I can buy a one month subscription to enable over 18 chat.  I was only able to unlock Hametsu village with my crowns in Mooshu, so I am a ninja pig farming fool, when I am not busy leveling one of my many alts.  That, right there, is my whole reason for being a crowns player.  When I am not subscribed, I always have something to do. Ninja pig farming has bought me a couple of pet hatchings, and will probably fund my next house.  I love the storm house, and am happy I can work toward it with gold, but I am also leaning toward buying the mansion in Mooshu, because there are dragonflies buzzing around the place, and it is more suited to Rowan's nature.

We love you long time. 1k gold only 5 dolla!
World of Warcraft is about to take over my time again.  The summer is a bad time for me where any gaming that requires more than 50% of my brain is concerned (Perfect World would most certainly fit into that category, if I pursued instancing), but now that the kids are almost back to school, and I am back to work, WoW can command more of my attention.  In celebration of this, I took Delgada out to complete her Loremaster of Kalimdor questing.  I was so lost before I got the WoWhead client.  After uploading my data, and opening up Delgada's progress on their site, it was easy as pie to find the last 15 quests she needed.  I was so sure I was going to have to do the An'Qiraj quest chain to finish it, but it turned out I missed half of the quests in Zoram'gar and a few in Dustwallow, and that was all I needed. Now, any other quests I encounter will be done for the pleasure and the lore, and not the achievement. All that stands between Delgada and the Loremaster meta achievement are several group quests in Icecrown. She only needs 11 more quests, and a good questing buddy or three. Anyone in Smolderthorn want to knock out some old quests in their log? I'm your gal.

Guild progress on Icecrown Citadel has effectively stopped. Unless some players come back, I may pug around as a terribad holy priest. The last "guild" run was last week, in which three members were guild members, and the rest were trade chat hopefuls. Because of this, I was able to get the heroic version of the gunship, and got a pretty new dagger out of it.  Throughout the run, people were complaining to me about one of my guild mates gear scores.  I know, you know, everyone and their mother knows that 4500 gear score is a little low, but when we have Kingslayers in the group, we can afford one lowbie dps, just so he can experience a smidgen of the content before the whole of his guild loses interest.  I stuck it out until after gunship, having stated before the fight that I would be leaving after. Can't get me for ninja looting and quitting!

How was your summer? Did you vacation from WoW at all?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 


Jen said...

With the buff at 30%... 4.5k GS is on the low side, but it is *definitely* good enough for the first quarter. I took my dinged-a-week-ago shaman (4.6k GS) into ICC 25 yesterday and 1-shot 7 bosses, 5-healing it. The other people had better gear, but not amazing, so really, the whiners were just doing it to be elitist.

Alura said...

I finally pared down the number of games I have on my hard drive, but I didn't have the heart to uninstall Perfect World. I'm only 41 and don't have much ambition about leveling up. But, I had sort of the same thought as you did - good game for maintenance days or when I just want to tool around.

Shawndra said...

@Jen yeah they were whining to start with, but we managed a heroic gunship with him. The complaining stopped after Marrowgar, thankfully.

@Alura I'm still loading new games on my hardrive. Next up? Clone Wars Adventures, just to give it a try. Tipa gave it a decent review on her site West Karana.

Alura said...

I've given myself a goal of beating the Steam games I bought over the summer before I start looking for more MMO or RTS action. I'm in game overload. But, that's better than having nothing interesting to play, right?