Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Romancing the Eastern Kingdoms: A Photo Journal

Delgada once again puts on her traveling attire and readies her camera to find lovely getaways in the eastern kingdoms.

The home of magic abusing elves, Quel'thalas is also one of the prettiest parts of the Eastern Kingdoms. Usually deserted, Silvermoon City can be yours to use as you please. Go riding out past the Dead Scar to Fairbreeze Village and buy a Dragonhawk hatchling to match your date's outfit!
Home to the Scarlet Monastery, Tirisfal Glades is beautiful, in a misty, mournful way. Have you known your sweet forever? Plan ahead, clear out the Cathedral, and stage a wedding! Don't forget the tuxedo and wedding dress, or the ring. After the wedding, head out to Shadowfang Keep in nearby Silverpine Forest, clear out the dining room, and set out some feasts and cakes for a reception she's not likely to forget soon!

Indiana Jones will have nothing on you should you take your gal along on an excursion through Jintha'alor in the Hinterlands. Bone up on your troll lore, and hope Mith'rethis the Enchanter is there and drops those sexy spider robes!

Is she the rugged, outdoors type? Perhaps she would enjoy some rock climbing. Head out to Hillsbrad Foothills and climb the crater left behind after Dalaran moved to Northrend. Not challenging enough? Make sure the both of you have finished your prequesting and find the man behind the Love Plague near Manor Ravenholdt. Hike the hidden trails to get back there, and when you are done questing, explore the manor.

Your party girl will love the Grim Guzzler! Located deep within Blackrock Depths, this bar serves up ale and entertainment. For those looking for a good fight, all you have to do is take a beer mug off the table. Make sure it is alright with your date first, though! The Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftains play there nightly at 8:00 server time. If you are fortunate enough to have Direbrew's remote, just talk to the roadie for a private showing anytime you like!

Maybe a ride into the countryside followed by a picnic is more your style. Ellwyn Forest has many places suited to picnicking, and several unoccupied barns offer themselves up for an impromptu roll in the hay. If you are of the Alliance faction, a stop by the Crazy Cat Lady should be included, if only to save one of those cats she sells from her stewpot!

Does your lady long for the sea? Menethil Harbor has boats to many destinations. Is she perhaps just content to sit and ponder the waves? A quaint lighthouse off the coast of Westfall is a great place to watch the waves, and your ghostly host is friendly to both factions. Does she just like to watch the fish? The best aquarium ever is said to have been made was quite accidentally done by the gnomes when they made the tram between Ironforge and Stormwind.

Stranglethorn Vale is the place, if a safari is in your sights! Head over to Nesingwary's original camp and, if you haven't already, partake in his savage desire to rid the Vale of all wildlife. If this is small game to you, grab a mudskunk lure and head for Zul'Gurub. Head for the fishing camp, cast your line, and prepare for excitement! You may want to do this as a double date, or a group outing...Does your gal fancy herself a dragon slayer? There are many areas infested with dragonkin and drakes, such as the Burning Steppes, the Badlands, the Searing Gorge, the Blasted Lands, and a few places in Kalimdor. Grab a good sized group and visit Twilight Grove in Duskwood. Pay a visit to Emeriss, or Lethon, or Ysondre. A challenging date, for your dragon killer!

Nothing says I love you to your gothic gal quite like a free ticket to dinner in Moroes' dining hall. While you're there, grab another couple or four and make your way to the opera hall. I do so love their rendition of Romulo and Julianne. If there is time, clear the library for some achievement reading.
No romantic getaway is possible without some means of transportation. In Dun Morogh, there is a fabulous airstrip that takes a little work to get to. Follow this tutorial to get there. Save your date the hassle of the trip, and bring a friend and a warlock friend with you to summon her up! There is a nice area up there large enough for a whole guild party, but I'm willing to bet it's also deserted enough for a snuggle by the fire. Oh, I said there was transportation here? Fat chance. None of these planes are leaving anytime soon!

I hope you found this journal helpful in finding ideas for that special someone. Come back soon for my journals on Outland, and time permitting, Northrend!


Arcadia/bensfer said...

I think you smashed the scrn-shot key to hard...

Shawndra said...

Arcadia...go clean your room. No, wait, just give me the PSP and walk away...

Friday said...

I love these kinds of posts. :) There's some beautiful, and quite romantic, spots in Azeroth. TY!