Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bow Loving Orc Chick :)

Sorry, Carlotta hates guns. She trained them, and went out of her way not to ever use a gun for 75 levels. Then, she does a quest in Grizzly Hills, and what is the quest reward? A gun. A big, fugly gun. Guns, in her opinion, are clunky, smelly, noisy, and heavy! A bow, no matter how huge and ornate, will never be as heavy. The gun is, at best, a side grade. She will lose 34 attack power to gain another point in agility and 13 critical strike rating. The top end damage is one point less, and the DPS is .4 less than what she already has. That, and she would have to buy an ammo pouch and bullets.

You know, I think she's gonna just keep her Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix. Gavrok can take his Bondsniper and put it you know where.

Thanks to Dramek, I now have an ammo pouch. I suppose I'll give the gun a try. But I don't have to like it!

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