Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gifts For Your WoW Sweetie

You know it. Everyone knows it. You've been /drooling over that hot Draenei shaman for well over a month now. You don't even care if there is a real live girl controlling her. So, what do you plan to do to get her to notice you?

Well, you could just /tell her you think she's fine. That could end up well, or could really make you swear off pixel chicks forever. So, slow down, turbo. Lose the haste gear. Watch her habits. When you raid together, does she always have a non combat pet at her heel? When you bump into her in town, is she wearing her new epic gear, or some fashionable hanbok? When she farms, what is she after? Is she into ore, herbs, or leather? Or perhaps she likes cloth. Maybe she is working her way through all the patterns in her favorite profession while she farms. Maybe she is after that one specific pet. Whatever the case, gather as much information on her habits as you can. We are on a quest, to win her pixelated heart, and the reward? Only time will tell!

You've watched her for a while. She likes the non-combat pets? Maybe she isn't exalted with the Oracles yet, or too young yet to know who they are. How about a White Tickbird Hatchling? I hear they hatch pretty regularly from the egg you can buy from the Oracles. If you haven't got the faction to do it alone, ask a guildmate, or check the auction house. These do not bind on pickup, so you are fairly certain to find one there. She already has a bird? How about an engineered pet, like the Lifelike Mechanical Toad? It's not a super easy pet to find, but if you know the right people, or advertise for a bit in trade, you can probably get one of these. The Mechanical Squirrel Box is another cutie, but is also fairly common. I wouldn't risk gifting this to any but the lowest level character. She's a pet afficionado, and has everything known to Azeroth? I'll bet, if you put your mind and time into it, you would be able to farm up one of the most rare pets in the game, the Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw). If you are any level above 60, these mobs should be easily aoe'd to the ground. The drop rate is rather low, but you want to impress? This one is the best!

She isn't too into the mini pets? She's into leather? Perhaps a nice poem and a crate of rare leathers will tickle her fancy. Loves ore? Then perhaps that poem would go better with a crate of rare ores. Likes to blend herbs? A few stacks of common herbs and a few more rare lotus to go with would be sure to please. Does she have a crafting profession? I'll bet a smooth fella like you could find a few rare recipes that she doesn't have. Wrapped in a box and ribboned, it's sure to pluck at her heartstrings.

You say she's pretty independent, and doesn't need anything? How about a nice dress? This time of year, tailors and collectors trot out the best of these, but not without a price. See if you can find the dress from the easter holidays, or maybe you'll be a lucky enough guy to get a dress from a gift box you get from those alliance gals swooning over you in Stormwind. You might know a tailor that would make a wedding dress or a festival dress for you. Additionally, there are vendors in Moonglade and Dalaran that make some nice hanbok and dangui. Some of the lower level white quality robes are also very prized for their looks. Kill spiders in Tirisfal Glades for a Spider Web Robe. You can rarely get Snowy Robe from Starving Winter Wolves in Dun Morogh. Light Magesmith Robe drops from Frostmane Trolls in Dun Morogh. The White Woolen Dress made by tailors is also very pretty.

What are all these dresses worth without the proper accessories? Shoes can make or break an outfit. If your gal has toenails to show off, Cross-stitched Sandals would be a good find. If she'd rather hide her feet, make sure the dress is long, or buy her some Dress Shoes. Most women have favorite necklaces and rings they wear daily, so I wouldn't buy anything there. But a pretty flower or bauble to hold in her hand? Flowers are always a good idea! There are flower vendors in Dalaran, Thunder Bluff, The Culling of Stratholme, Valgarde, and Stormwind. There is also a bind on equip offhand frill with stats, Dreamseeker Dandelion which would look lovely, and add some combat stats. What if she isn't a flower loving girl? Maybe she'd still like a different offhand to compliment her attire. Does she love her ale?A Ritual Stein or Lapidis Tankard of Tidesippe might catch her eye. Is she often questing in the dark? Beacon of Hope would help light her way. Does she seem a bit gothic to you? Swampchill Fetish might thrill her dark little heart. She loves to read, you say? I'll leave that up to you, you clever fellow. There are books to be had all over the place! Now, if she's into the odd offhand, perhaps you'd better go fishing.

By now I should have hit on something to win your sweeties heart over. Just because you have won her heart does not mean the work is finished. Tomorrow's post? Hot spots to take your sweetie for some romantic roleplay!

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