Friday, February 6, 2009

Change of Pace

I haven't been playing my priest heavily this last week or so, because I really don't like raiding without my husband. He's on the cusp of 80 with his new main, so I have been toodling around on my hunter, Carlotta. Forsaken beast mastery hunter that she is, I still find it to be the easiest leveling spec out there. Not many characters you can walk away from at the start of a fight and come back at the end with them still standing, much less at full health and with a happy pet.

I have to admit that, though I play my priestess more heavily, I don't feel I have a main character. I priest well (both shadow and holy), I hunter adequately (never been much of a trapper), and until WOTLK, I tanked well enough on my warrior to have been main tank for my guild, for a time. Fury DPS was not hard either, giving my hubby's rogue a run for his money many times. Since Delgada is 80, has a few pieces of gear, and her professions are close to where they should be, I don't feel like I need to push for groups to upgrade, even though she really needs some (her mace is one of them). So, Carlotta got to run Nexus again, and with that was able to do some of the quests she had been holding onto in the Borean Tundra. I'd like to follow the plan of doing all the easy stuff and saving the tough stuff for last for the gold, but I just don't know if I have the patience this time. I like having a choice when it's time to raid. Without having a choice, sometimes I just get left behind when they have too many healers. I really don't raid for the pretty purples, I raid for the fun of it. Having a few characters ready for raiding really appeals to me. As long as I'm not bumping someone who really needs the run for a drop, I am ready to fill about any need the guild has. Need a tank? I got one. Need heals? Piece of cake. Need some ranged DPS? I'm your girl. Need some melee DPS? Well, I'm still working on that. Maura was the last one of my stable of main alts (he he he) to hit 70 before Wrath. So, I have 3 more to level to 80, with a mage and a warlock biding their time in Hellfire. Guess I'd better get cracking!

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