Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost Two Full Months Event Free!

I don't know how all of you feel, but I'm holidayed out! It seems that for the last several months it's been holiday achievement list after holiday achievement list. I'd like to thank Blizzard for taking this almost two month long break to help some of us regain our sanity. I don't have to think about holiday achievements until the beginning of April. I am sooo excited!

That being said, I will still have Delgada do her tour of Outlands and Northrend for great spots to take your sweet, even if they will be a bit outdated when they are released. Why? Because she said she would! I am going to hold her to her word.

Also, I kind of scrapped the Holy DPS project, mostly because I ran out of me time to do it in. My guild has been needing more of my healing abilities as we bring in more great people, and I find myself going into more instances, and even into heroic raiding! KNR usually has problems getting close enough to 25 people that want to do something at the same time. Usually, we have enough for a 10 and an instance run, with a couple on the side. But lately, with some recruiting and some luck, we've had as many as 30 on in an evening. This made it possible for us to run heroic Obsidian Sanctum, successfully, and only had to bring in one DPS from outside.

So, I guess that means I am kind of busy. Thankfully (should I be?), this last week everyone was busy getting their "Love is in the Air" achievements out of the way, so Delgada was able to finish her piece on the Eastern Kingdoms. But, right after the holiday was over, they were back at Naxxramas, and time ran out. I plan on being busy starting tonight, upgrading some gear I have been hanging onto for no good reason at all, as one of our priests goes from Holy to Discipline, which means I had better be a better raid healer...yesterday! Wish me luck!

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Mae said...

I'm a bit holiday'd out too. I'm ready for no events for a while. Of course, I love the holidays, especially Love is in the Air, but my goodness, it gets to be a bit much!

I've been playing WoW for 4 years this year and I've managed to miss the Easter holiday thing every year. Not this year, I'm determined to remember it... which means I'll probably forget again. :)