Monday, February 23, 2009

Queue Up for Battlegrounds... Anywhere?

This is fabulous news. I have heard of the twink that would group up, travel to Sen-Jin Village to get whatever buff the witch doctor would give them, and then have their buddies queue up for a battleground. Now, Bom'Bay, the witch doctor in training, doesn't give any performance enhancing buffs, but how fun is it to run into Warsong Gulch huge, or ghostly? Mangletooth in Camp Taurajo has buffs he gives in exchange for Blood Shards that improve your stats. Certainly worthwhile for a level 19 twink to park themselves in Camp T instead of a major city now, isn't it? For us higher level characters, perhaps we'll be camping in Zim'Torga and using our Drakkari Offerings before a fight to get these buffs. I don't imagine Alliance have any cool buffs you can get for a few worthless gems, do they?

What other fantastic things can we do as we wait out our queue time in just about anywhere? Dailies come to mind, as well as flower picking and mining. Fishing trips with a little butchering sprinkled in? Tired of the long grind for reputation and want a change? Enter the queue. Pug group really so bad that you want to go kill yourself? Queue up and let the other side do it for you.

When you finish your battleground, does it deposit you where you left off, or will you find yourself at the nearest town, flightpoint, or worse, major city (faction taken into account)? I guess we will have to wait for the test realm players to tell us. I can wait. :)

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