Sunday, February 8, 2009

Romantic Kalimdor: A Photo Journal

After stopping by the bank for her Romantic Picnic Basket and several eye catching outfits, Delgada slung her camera over her shoulder (those gnomes are just so clever) and took the portal from Dalaran to Orgrimmar, the Horde capital city. Realizing her Alliance readers may not want to wine and dine their date in the style that the orcs and trolls are accustomed to, she hopped a wyvern and flew to Ratchet, a quaint goblin operated fishing village on the shore.

The Broken Keel Tavern is a clean place run by Innkeeper Wiley. The food is adequate, if you are just looking for a quick bite before your adventures. There is transportation to the Eastern Continent and Booty Bay via the Maiden's Fancy, if this continent does not suit your date's style.

There is a great opportunity for someone who fancies the pirate's life just south of Ratchet along the Merchant Coast. An empty pirate ship, complete with cannons and flying red and black sails. Pick up some swashbucklers shirts, let her wear the captain's hat, and have some fun!

Further south, off the shores in Dustwallow Marsh, there is Alcaz Island, full of beautiful tropical plants and breathtaking scenery. Make sure your date has her raiding gear on and is at least level 70, because the island is also host to Naga, hydra, an evil doctor and his minions, and some dragonkin. Still, a breathtaking spot for an intimate picnic. Did I mention that there is some opportunity for snorkeling off the coast of the island? An interesting shipwreck is visible above the water, waiting to be explored.

Thousand Needles is home to breathtaking vistas from fabulous heights. It is also home to the Shimmering Flats, and the Mirage Raceway. Bring your rose colored glasses, buy some Tigole and Foror's, and sit down and watch the races. This is a grand spectacle noone should miss. Don't forget to visit the pits on both sides for some insight into the workings of their race vehicles. While you're there, if your sweetie doesn't have one, buy her an Ancona Chicken!

In Tanaris, a cozy spot to have a drink and a bite is the Tavern of Time, just inside the cavern on your way to the Caverns of Time instances. Two stools in an elvish inspired inn, with a bearskin rug, for some snuggling after a long day at the races? A great place for a walk, though short, would be outside the Culling of Stratholme, which reminds us how beautiful it was before it was burned to the ground and filled with Scourge.

In Un'Goro, show her the beauty of the crystal caverns. It's dark, lit only by the glimmer of the stones, so who will know if you sneak a peck on the cheek? We won't tell. By the way, the kodo by the entrance loves bloodpetal sprouts...

Beautiful even in ruins, Dire Maul is full of history. For the gal you know is smarter than you, study up on the high elves and their fall, and impress her with your knowledge as you stroll amongst the still magically charged ruins. If you have time, be sure to drink some ale with the ogres, and make her queen for a day!

Into a little excitement? How about some Colossal Diving? Beneath the Twin Colossals, you will find Maril Wishrunner, who will send you on a zephyr to the top of one of the twins. How to get down? If you are a priest or mage, jump and cast levitate or slow fall and giggle as you float. All you normal people out there will have to depend on Kalin Windflight and his Colossal Parachute. Once you have purchased this item, drop it in your toolbar, and jump. After a few seconds, hit your button, and parachute to safety. For those who are fishermen (and women) at heart, this is also a nice, private fishing place to hit for those rare fish you are trying to catch for your achievement! Bring a picnic, some Captain Rumsey's, and your pole. Lure covered hats and fishing chairs are optional.

Desolace is, just as it is named, desolate. Not much in the way of romantic spots, unless you want to take your date on a run of Maraudon. Giant flowers and breathtaking waterfalls? It may work.

Ashenvale is so beautiful all over, there isn't one spot that makes me want to say, "Go there!" Well, maybe one. If you don't tell the elves you went skinny dipping in their moonwell, neither will I.

Dating a party girl? The trolls in Shatterspear Village know how to do it right. Hike among the peaks of Winterspring, following this guide, and with a little slow fall help, you could be dancing the night away. Don't worry, they aren't hostile to Alliance, unless you hit first!

This concludes my photo journal of Kalimdor. Next stop? Eastern Kingdoms!

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