Friday, February 20, 2009

Left Out? Check Your Attitude, Girl!

As a short side note, this is all about me and my bad attitude. Any references to any other human beings are simply for illustration of said horrible funk, and not meant to paint them in any other color than the wonderful people they really are.

It's probably nearing that time of the month where everything bothers me, even the good stuff.

It all started out so nice. Hubby and I grouped up and headed for Westfall, got into Deadmines, set the loot to free-for-all, and he killed while I looted. Jokes were made in guild chat over whether I was going to master loot Van Cleef, so that the obvious healer gear wasn't given to a caster by mistake. Hubby got the Siamese Cat out of Cookie's apron pocket. As my husband was being killed by a lower level paladin in Westfall afterward, he drops group. No group chat saying, "I'm gonna run this or that with him or her". No turn to me and say, "Oh, the guys want me to run such and such, so I'm leaving." Nothing. I tried talking to him, but with the headset, turned up conveniently loud, he didn't hear me the 5 times I said something. I got miffed, saw he was in a raid, and ran into Stormwind for the intended follow up to Deadmines, the Stockades, alone. I got killed, resurrected at the spirit healer, hearthed, and logged in my bank character. I set the scan for Auctioneer, and continued to cast mean looks at my husband. Boy was I in a foul mood. I eventually got on my hunter and ran Draktharon with a few of my friends, and got a mail headpiece, and then killed a few random worgen for the final points to 75, then ran the Ampitheater of Anguish, only to get even more ticked because my hunter had been so lazy about her leveling to 70 that she hadn't even done the original ring of blood to get the quest achievement. Growling even more, I logged in my bank alt again, checked my auctions, and saw my favorite paladin tank log in. In ventrilo, someone mentioned that Graham had logged in, and I snarled,"You can't have him, he's mine! I've been waiting all evening to run a heroic to get some gear." Snippity, bad, snarly, growly, ugly! I was mean! This doesn't happen often. But when it does, oh baby, shut down the "your momma" jokes. Don't trash talk with anyone in the guild. Don't mention the drop you just got. Don't even mention you're in a raid or heroic. I wasn't invited, it didn't happen. And it better still not be happening.

Delgada got her run in the Nexus. But she had to DPS. Because she had hit gear and the other priest who said she'd fill the unfillable spot in the group didn't and she was discipline and not confident of her damage dealing skills. Also in the group, a newly 80 warlock, and my husband the mage, who by then was aware of his crimes and had been apologized to. I was still growly, and I took it out on one of our ex tanks, who had stolen my husband away to a full clear of Naxx-10 (which I also haven't done). I think they even ran Obsidian Sanctum. He walked away with some nice pants, along with his achievement. Still mad. Still grousing at anyone who will listen.

I got a neckpiece off of the boss that summons all those portals. "Look, honey, loot!" Yeah, like a BLUE was gonna make me happy. I don't even think legendary was gonna make me happy last night. We got through all the encounters, save the first, without too much trouble, despite my lousy 1k DPS. I should have been happy with that number, as my gear was lacking in hit rating, and was low level at that. At one point, I had even got to 1.2k. It was fleeting, only lasting about 3 minutes, but it was a high point. Still not happy. Got to the end, killed poor Keristrasza, and she dropped plate. Bitch! Yeah, still not happy. Kinda had my sights set on a weapon. Yeah, you healers know which one I'm talking about. The one that looks like it was stolen from Lady Liberty.

Instance done, I hearthed. I did say thank you, nice run, and all the obligatory pleasantries that go along with a guild run of anything. But I didn't say anything when I turned off Ventrilo. It was probably best.

Sorry, everyone. Give her what she wants, and noone will get hurt. I hear this only lasts a few days. Please bear with her, and give her bon bons and tell her she's pretty. Things will go more smoothly, I promise.


Arcadia/bensfer said...

So...who's up for cookies?

Shawndra said...


No more cookies for you.