Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Is this like jell-o wrestling?
Halinka, in her quest to gather the pieces of the perfect outfit, has found that some of her questing requires less clothing. To get some Consortium reputation and to get to the point in the quest chain where you can combine the ethereum prison keys, some slimes had to be split with electricity and then their little bits vaporized.  Problem being, with the one hit kill, the electrical charge never went off.  So, she took it all off, even her staff, and smacked those blobs around. Once the electrical charge hit, she could use mind sear to kill all the minor blobs easily.

She's thankful she isn't saddle training these!
Roping nether rays was difficult in gear, so she stripped down to make her mind flay less damaging.  Two ticks was enough to subdue them long enough to rope them.  I would have had her smack them around like the blobs, but one hit was more often less than needed but two would kill them, and some of them weren't in melee range. Everything, even rings and necklaces were ditched this time. Why is she doing this? Because she needed apexis shards to summon larger mobs to get apexis crystals to buy a geode that would have gloves in them, and later, if she must have it, the rock that has her hat. Good thing she doesn't care about stats on these items.  Can you imagine the horrific grind to get them just right?

Transmog this!
She managed to get gloves and boots and belt yesterday, which leaves the long slog for the shoulders, and more time in the Skethyl Mountains gathering Time-Lost Scrolls, killing lesser bosses to gather their magic to make Time-Lost Offerings to summon Terokk, so he can, once again, not drop the pants Halinka wants.

Need any cloth?
 This is what all that gathering resulted in, plus about 60 or more random greens, a couple of blues, a lot of depleted items that need crystal charges, and a few patterns. Halinka still has a while to go.  I think I had better equip another alt with bags for storage, because there is no way I'm going to be able to sell all of this in a week!

If you couldn't tell, I'm on Spring Break!  How do you handle time off from work when the kids still have school and you really can't go anywhere?  I have Star Wars Galaxies EMU reloaded on my new computer along with a few Steam titles hubby has been wanting me to play, so I think I have enough to keep me occupied, but I would welcome you ideas.  Two weeks is an awful lot of free time to fill!


Unknown said...

LOL! I'd forgotten that. Now I remember Cat doing those quests in her underwear and bonking things with her fists!

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