Friday, March 28, 2014


Delgada has a raid tonight. For most that read this blog, this is old hat. Del started Wing 1 of
Siege of Orgrimmar last week on Monday. Our group, then called the West Coast Pears, didn't have enough bodies available for a regular 10 man, which was the goal, so it was opened to the guild and we ran it on Flex. Flex is still harder for me than "looking for raid", and I had only run it once on Flex and once in LFR before then. This time, I was going in as *gulp* a discipline priest with a gear score of 531 and not a whole lot of real practice in before that.

We finally went in a few ringers and did pretty well. I didn't get to finish the wing, but they went on without me. I guess that is the beauty of flex, but it was kind of disappointing. Of the 5 original team members that went in, only one finished the raid wing that night.

Later in the week, not really sure how flex worked (I knew that I could run it as many times as I wanted, but not how loot rolls worked), another group had a lot of absences and threw their raid open to flex on the same wing. The same five from our group joined this raid.

Stand Right Here.
We wiped. I tanked the floor. We wiped some more. The repair bills were astronomical. We never got past Immerseus. At about the fifth wipe, when I understood that I would not be getting much for the kill, I bowed out, partly because it was an hour past the time I had promised to hubby I would leave at, and partly because I had found out there was not a whole lot in it for me. Thankfully, everyone else was willing to stop trying, too. We left with orders to gear up. I felt like a failure, though I was assured that it was not my gear or enhancements or skill that was the issue.

Dreaming of epic loot.
Monday of this week found us in Wing two of Siege of Orgrimmar. I made sure to get pictures with all the notable Horde celebrities inside. I was sad to find that they seemed to have taken Archmage Aethas Sunreaver in his house slippers.

Bring me some cloth and a needle, stat!
For someone so powerful, his outfit is about as powerfully ugly. Has he been wearing this since he was a student? Anyhow, if you can tell in the picture, Delgada is running as shadow again. We had enough healers, and the guild master was in the raid and told me to do it. Discipline stats do not do well for Shadow damage. Still, there were some below me even, and I was assured that I could stay shadow. We'll see how that pans out tonight, as I have a raid in 30 minutes.  We didn't get past Galakras Monday, so he'll be waiting for us when we get there tonight. Wish me luck!

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