Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It Is Finished. Next Project?

I dropped him and he dropped my pants!
Sounds so bad, but Halinka was happy enough to dance!  I had just enough time to summon Terokk twice this morning, and it was all I needed.  So, I spent the rest of the morning steering Halinka through the ethereals near Manaforge Ultris, gathering ethereum prison keys so that I could change them in for ethereum stasis chamber keys so that I could hopefully some day loot the shoulders and be done.

From the back...

Ready for anything!
I didn't get the happy dance shot because, after using only 3 of the stasis chamber keys, I was dancing in my seat and making Halinka hearth to the Shrine to fix her transmog. Doesn't she look great?

I did do other things today. After Halinka fixed her outfit, I did my normal farming duties on my horde characters, then played on the Timeless Isle with Shawndra for a bit. After that, Carlatta came out to play to grind reputation points for the Emperor with hubby's best friend, his wife, and my friend Jen (another Jen, I know, I can't help it I attract them!).

Two Orcs, One Forsaken. (and later a blood elf but that ruins the pun)

We killed all those, and I pulled most of them, and killed each of us so many times, that I feel I should send them gold for hanging out with me. I was laughing loudly, annoying the whole family, pulling bigger and more painful yaungol into our bloody pile.  In my defense, if you don't pull them fast and furious, you're stuck looting boxes wishing you could get some reputation for any kill. I think we got about 1000 reputation in about an hour. I would have stayed longer, but I had to go, it was dinner time and In-n-Out was on the menu! That, and World Boss Wednesday was about to start, so the others had to get ready for that.

So, yay, the transmog is done and it's time to pull another project from the unfinished pile.  Halinka needs gear to run raids, and so does Carlatta.  Shawndra needs another new weapon (she bought the Timeless polearm today) and gear, too. I guess I should end this post and get to work!  Make sure you sample the Yaungol BBQ while you are busy killing the party-goers!

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Navimie said...

Yay for the completion of one project! :D Now, onto the next transmog...