Saturday, March 7, 2015

But First...Eastern Plaguelands Selfies!

Delgada finally got her S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera, and has decided she, as an achievement junkie, must take pictures in all of the locations indicated in the Field Photographer achievement. Well, I thought it was tacky, but she is going ahead with it. Be prepared, Twitter and Blogger Followers, to be inundated with some horrible pictures, because neither Delgada nor I are photogenic in the slightest. Perhaps I can convince her to take a beauty shot afterward without her large face in the way.

Kissy faces for all the handsome rogues!
Ravenholdt Manor.
He was great. Both sides of the conflict agree on this.
Uther's Tomb.
Hearthglen in the rain.
In Light's Hope it is business as usual, pushing back the Scourge remnant.
Unlikely Allies.
It's so big, look!
A miracle of dwarven construction - Thandol Span.
Uh, is there a dwarf behind me? Should I use a shield?
Valley of  Kings.
There are very, very bad orcs in there.
The road into Blackrock Mountain.
Maybe they won't see me up here...
Making a hasty departure from Darkshire.
The Deadmines.
A pirate's grotto, set afire.
Deeprun Tram, a dirty, scary place, undeserving of a beauty shot.
Party Crasher!
Aren't you a little short to be a challenger?
Gurubashi Arena.
Don't let them see me, they'll kill me!
Janeiro Point.
Wow! Look at all the celebs! The Dark Portal is the place to be!
Done playing for today, back to thinning the Iron Horde's ranks.

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