Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Am I Only As Good As My Legendaries?

I try every season in Hearthstone to get as high as I can in the rank ladder. The highest rank I can remember attaining is 14, only to fall back to the lower part of 15 before the season ended. It seems, to me anyhow, that not having many legendary cards is holding me back. Is this really true?

Here, let me outline my collection of cool legendary cards.

  • Prophet Velen - My first legendary ever. Why am I not playing a priest?
  • Vol'jin - My most recent legendary, from a pack. Again, why am I not playing a priest?
  • Lorewalker Cho - I keep him because he could be fun. I should really dust him.
  • Tinkmaster Overspark - He has his uses? Perhaps against a lonely opposing monster, if he doesn't turn himself into a squirrel (I swear I had this happen to me once).
  • Baron Rivendare - Everyone has this one, or at least everyone that did the Naxx adventure.
  • Old Murk-Eye - I crafted my way into this one, my second legendary. I <3 li="" murlocs="">
  • Blingtron 3000 - My first Goblins vs Gnomes legendary. I haven't played with him yet.
  • Elite Tauren Chieftain (gold!) - A gift from Blizzcon. This card is more fun than functional. 
  • Feugen - Another from Naxxramas. This is a good card, as it trades well. His brother, not so much.
  • Loatheb - Despite the fact that everyone has this(that has done Naxxramas), it's an excellent card.
  • Stalaag - Feugen's brother in Naxxramas. Strong, but not as versatile.
  • Gelbin Mekkatorque (gold!) - A reward from buying cards in the beta. He summons mechs, which has some utility with GvG cards, but is really more fun than functional.
  • Maexxna - From Naxxramas, is like the Emperor Cobra but trades better.
  • Kel'Thuzad - From Naxxramas, this card when dropped down makes me hit concede if I cannot get through and punch them for a final blow.

I have played with a few other legendary cards that were stolen from my opponent, summoned from a portal, called by the death of a spider, even jumping from a ruined shredder. They were great, and in most cases, they were game changers. I know that, even if I had some of these wonderful cards that everyone else has, that there are big chances that I will not have them when I need them. I just feel that I could do so much better with them. Why? Because all the other players out there with their shiny cards are slapping them on the table and winning because I cannot get around all of them. I'm not talking just one, I'm talking decks with three and four of them. I went up the other day against a player that had Sylvanas, The Black Knight, Dr Boom, and Alexstraza. I got past the first three, only to be brought to 15 health and then, oh, killed by Grommash. I forgot about that one. How can my motley crew fight against that? Even my husband, who only plays when I make him, has Ragnaros. Why can't I have more, better shiny things? *cry* Sorry about that, I will stop whining now.

I have heard of people climbing the ladder on free to play accounts, which mine is mostly free. There is a whole page of free to play decks on Hearthhead that have been play tested in the Legend rank ladder. Maybe I should start from scratch. I have been doing better at holding cards I could play for better advantage later. I guess what I have to do is start with one hero. Which do I choose? The one I play the least, that has a deck that will not be missed. Turns out that is a shaman, and the most popular of my search. Here is the deck, so you can follow on my adventures. I will start using this next season, as this one is well started and I am hovering at 15 with a warlock zoo deck.

Freebie shaman deck.

Wish me luck? Funny, I'll bet the theme of next season has something to do with luck! Have any pointers for this dirty casual player? Leave them in the comments!

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