Friday, August 8, 2014

What Is This For?

I was trying on all the neat things Delgada can make when I came across the instructions to make Argent Shoulders. I'd heard of Mooncloth and Ironweb Spider Silk, but what is a Guardian Stone? Of course, WoWhead is always open on my other screen, so I went to find out. The only information I needed was that it dropped in Un'Goro Crater and I was off.  Stone drops from stone, so I went looking for the stone guardians I knew used to wander near Marshall's Refuge.  Well, they no longer patrol below, they now populate the whole area that used to have quest givers like Muigin and Larion and Linken. It as a little sad going there and not seeing all those beloved old video game friends and quests. The only quest left there is a grave for the pack kodo that loved bloodpetal sprouts. I took my anger at the loss out on the many walking rocks there, who were nice enough to leave behind a good amount of the last item I needed to make those shoulders. I got so many, I decided to see what else I could make or have made with them. 

Argent Shoulders and Boots.
These are the two items that I can make as a tailor. If you were fortunate enough to open Knot Thimblejack's Cache as a reward for freeing him from the ogres of Dire Maul before Cataclysm, he also had a rare pattern for a Cloak of Warding. Transmog enthusiasts need not weep, the thing was UGLY, and was really only worth anything to tanks for its high armor rating and dodge. The shoulders are cute, aren't they? The boots aren't fantastic, but if you are hiding them under a robe and need something that color, why not?

Golden Mantle of the Dawn and Dawn Treaders.
Leatherworkers can make these.  I haven't gone looking for gold and silver transmog items for my rogue, but now I know where to find the boots and shoulders! 

Black Obsidian Mail and Blackguard.
Blacksmiths have three items. The two pictured above are epic patterns.  The sword is a unique looking model and I would want it for my warrior! The chest piece is forgettable, and the same art as the Wicked Chain Chestpiece, so if you had to pick and choose how to use your materials, I would choose something else.

Hammer of the Titans.
There are four other hammers that share this artwork, but this is the only golden one. If I had a blacksmith, I would try to sell this for transmog purposes.

That's all I have on this odd crafting material. As I go through my recipes and find things to craft, I will share some other odd resources and the great things they make. Until then, I'm going back to pick some bloodpetal sprouts for Dadanga. See you in Azeroth!


Unknown said...

I've been puzzling for months over why an altoholic like me doesn't feel like leveling alts anymore and after reading this it finally came to me!

"not seeing all those beloved old video game friends and quests"

That's it! I avoid most of Kalimdor now. So many of the places I loved to level through have changed so drastically it is sad to go through them. Boy, I'm dense, don't know why I didn't see that.

ShawndraKai said...

Some of the new content is great, but I miss the old stuff. No Linken quest chain really blows it for me. I am leveling a mage right now almost exclusively through dungeon finder and I hate it...HATE IT.