Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm A Lumberjack...

The easiest things to make in Northrend tailoring are shirts. The trainer gives you the green workman's shirt and the yellow lumberjack shirt recipes. There are six more recipes dropped in Northrend that most people blowing through there won't have. If you don't have some of these, I would suggest killing two birds with one stone, possibly even three. Work on Argent Tournament dailies, get cloth, and get drops all at the same time! These patterns drop from about everything level 79-81 in Northrend.

As it turns out, to even complete this post the way I like to, I needed to do exactly that, so I flew out to the Argent Tournament and grabbed some dailies. I refuse to do the jousting quests, because no loot! After doing all the non-vehicle quests (kissing frogs, unlocking cages, killing lots of undead), I still didn't have enough Frostweave. I mounted up and flew to the best frostweave farming area I know, southeast of Corprethar near Icecrown Citadel.

Lots of Frostweave in here!

Clearing the level 80 elite mobs in here nets me between 25 and 40 pieces of cloth, a lot of greys, and sometimes a green or three. They respawn rather quickly, so you can get what you need in a few minutes. The only downside to this location is that EVERYONE knows about it.  I was thinking about sticking around past filling my need for cloth, but as I waited for the next respawn someone materialized in front of me, probably with the same intentions. I left with what I had, but I will go back again when the need arises.

Another item that is fairly easy to make is the Cloak of the Moon. There is another that shares this art, the Cloak of Frozen Spirits, but it takes one more bolt of Frostweave, so why waste the cloth?

These are just the easily made items from Northrend. Tomorrow I will look into items that take a little more farming or some auction house luck. Hope you are raking in the gold faster than I am!

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