Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spider's Silk.

There are many types of spider's silk in the game, but today I was mainly interested in one, the plain old level 20ish Spider's Silk.  There are many items that use this as part of their pattern, most of them tailor patterns. There are three that interest me for transmog.

Robes of Arcana.
 These robes used to be an item necessary for a warlock quest, which from what I can tell is also no longer in the game. The pattern is no longer available in game, but the dress is if someone has the pattern or, if you are horde, I guess there are a couple of quests to get this same color and design as a reward.

Lesser Wizard's Robe.
 Who wouldn't want a rich looking robe like this?  I'm hoping to sell this for about 150 gold, but may go as low as 75.

Spidersilk Boots.
These boots are the same model as the Silver-Thread Boots, but a lot easier to get. There is a whole set that really goes well with these, but they are also great for their deep black color to just peek out from under a robe.

Spider's Silk is best farmed in the Hillsbrad Foothills from Forest Creepers, unless you are Alliance, in which case you can kill ALL the spiders in the zone. Two of the three most plentiful spider types in the area are Undercity faction, and friendly to the Horde, so Delgada ignored them. The drop rate is rather low, even in this zone where it is highest at about 5%.  Forest Creepers can be found around the edges of hills and near trees.

I looted some fun items while I was farming up enough spider silk to make these items (well, and a few extra for later, too!). Here are some of the notable items I looted.

Bandit Boots.

Darkweave Brieeches.
The boots are a pretty hot seller on most servers, being very black, leather, and they go all the way up!  The pants may not be a huge seller, but the color is gorgeous and they are a rare drop. I also picked up most of the Shimmering Armor set, a few other greens that I listed at really low prices for leveling characters, and a lot of Gooey Spider Legs, Crunchy Spider Legs, and Small Spider Legs, which probably will end up being vendored, since hardly anyone levels cooking in the lower levels these days.

What's next? Fun with Netherweave! Stay tuned...

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