Sunday, May 20, 2012

Littlest Pet Shop Is An Understatement.

number 148

     Delgada has finally collected enough pets to be recognized, again, by Breanni.  She was so happy with our efforts to house such a menagerie, she sent along a Celestial Dragon to add to our collection.  We like him well enough, but he likes to do weird acrobatics around our ankles, and since they are original parts, we are a little leary of the booger, so he stays stabled more often than he gets to join us on our journeys.  Maybe 149, the Guild Herald, or 150, the Armadillo, will be better while we are hunting for 152 and 153.  After all, we still haven't got all the whelplings, and 148 is a little lonely.  Then, those could also end up being a lasher pet and a Hyjal bear cub.  Or an Argent Tournament pet that hasn't been bought or earned.  Or even, if our real life person wins a lottery, one of the cash shop pets that she hasn't flirted for or won her way into.  Oh, and we have dipped our toe back into doing Tol Barad dailies, to save up for a seagull, and maybe luck our way into a Fox Kit dropping. We are also always digging, digging, digging, hoping for a shiny weapon or maybe a creepy hand to come out of our endless drudgery.  Then, there are all the Darkmoon Fair pets, of which we only have the zeppelin, to collect.

     Do you think they will come out with another achievement with Mists of Pandaria for us obsessive pet collectors?  I think the title Zookeeper would be fitting...

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