Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebrating 85, Again!

Halinka at 85.

Finally took the time to get Halinka to 85.  Went to the auction house and bought her a few pieces of inexpensive gear, then transmogrified it all.  Here is her list of fun, mostly pink, clothes.

There are probably better matches out there for shoulders, gloves, and belt.  I was watching some transmogrification pageant on Twitch TV the other night and someone had a neat looking belt that looked like gold chain with a green gem, which would have been better than this, but I couldn't read what it was.  As for her weapons, her Spire of Defiance already had many of the same colors in it, but her wand was awful, so I tried to find something similar to her weapons and not her attire.  

This outfit is still a work in progress, since I am not altogether happy with the gloves, belt and shoulders, let alone the weapons that just barely match.  But at least she has a look put together!  Happy 85th, Halinka!

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