Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I got it!
It took me so long to get this!  Thanks to the buff, I got my last two Titan Runestones, killed Lei Shen for his heart, and visited all the Celestials for their blessing yesterday, then tried to beat both Chi-Ji and Yu'lon's challenges. I failed, and flailed, and muttered, and stomped away defeated.  I went to WoWhead and read through the comments. I looked up Chi-Ji's challenge on Youtube (thanks Cymre!) and decided to try Yu-lon again later, resigning myself to farming for brews on the Timeless Isle to help me today.

It worked! The first try was a repeat of yesterday's failures. Today, however, I had the help of many people in the Pwny Express Mumble server giving me tips, cheering me on, even laughing at me when I would answer "Busy!" when they asked me what I was doing. Thanks a lot everyone, especially Todd with his great idea of buying the Celestial Offering for the additional buff.

How'd I pass the challenge? I started the fight with my shadow fiend and faded, then when he was about to disappear I summoned a tank and dps to help me, fading when I could, using mind sear and halo to get rid of the blobs, and using my speed enhanced bubble and once even dispersing to keep from losing too much health. During the mirror phase, I used halo and mind sear to quickly get rid of the copies, refreshed any dots when I found him, and used tendrils and fear and....whew! What a crazy fight!

The next quest was easy, as like anyone at this point in the expansion, I have more Timeless Coins than I need. No one was available to help defeat the Celestials, but an hour from then was our normal World Boss Wednesday, and I knew that I would get my chance then, so I "twiddled" around in Blackrock Depths until raid time.

Delgada, Champion of the Horde.
The cinematic on turning in the quest is so great. Delgada was made out to be so much more of a heroine than she ever makes herself out to be. I watched the whole thing, then went outside to take a picture of Delgada on one of the pillars, only to find her tossing fiery stones around, perhaps enchanting her new cloak?

Ruining a photo opportunity.
After I finally got a picture, I was reminded to find an Ordos group before I logged out to get my changes loaded up for Mr Robot. I am so glad I did, because I got a warforged headpiece! I am now ready to do regular raiding with my guild, so long as I have the time, which I have for about a month and a half more. Yay!

Now, all that is left is to defeat Garrosh and turn in the quest from the last time I defeated him (that'll teach me to leave before looking at my quest log!). Delgada will have, for once, completed a whole expansion before it was over!


Erinys said...

Congratulations :)

bbr said...

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