Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Shaman Buffs Murlocs.

Three Fabulous Prizes for Three Wins!

I have been limping along with an almost done shaman murloc deck for a while now, and I really wanted a legendary that I didn't get because I went somewhere or bought something. I have been following the advice of someone out there that mentioned that there is more bang for your coin in arena than in just buying a pack. So, I had a smallish stack of dust from rewards and a few extra cards that were disenchanted.  I went to Hearthhead to see which murlocs I was missing from my deck, and I was only missing the Coldlight Seer. I had enough dust to make him and get the achievement, which gave me Old Murk-Eye! Here's my deck. I'm no expert, but this is so fun to play when the cards draw right!

The murlocs are easily explained, because this is a theme deck. I chose Lightning Bolt for taking out low health raptors and Earth Shock to silence annoying taunts and abilities. Hex is awesome for taking care of the really nasty cards. Buffs help with the army, because most of them are low damage dealers alone. The Master Swordsmith is more fun than useful, putting a little RNG into buffing, where Windfury and Rockbiter Weapon help buff a single specific minion to maximize damage and help in board clearing. Bloodlust is great when I have placed a small army on the board. I have my other legendary, Elite Tauren Chieftain, out for the RNG chance of getting the I Am Murloc card. The Shattered Sun Cleric could easily be swapped for a Raid Leader for more group damage. I like her because she gives one of my low health annoying minions a little health boost with the damage.

Any of you that play Hearthstone regularly see anything I can do to make this deck better? I don't have many legendaries ( I can see how Gelbin Mekkatorque could be a useful addition, if he played nicely). I welcome your comments!

On a slightly related note, there is this neat-o card back you can get for playing with more than 2 real people in a shared wireless area. I have that many in my house, but I wanted to do it with lots of people, so I mentioned it on our Inland Empire WoW Meetup Facebook page. Our fearless leader thought it was a great idea, so I scheduled an event, listed in the Liquidhearth's forums and pending listing on their event list. When is it? It's Friday the 9th of May at 6:00 Pacific at the Panera Bread in Redlands, California. The details are in the forum post, if you or someone you know wants in on the fun. We'd love to see you there!

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